How many Saab Independence convertibles were built?

366 - that was the plan. One convertible for every day of the year and one for every year of independence. A thing for the heart and soul, which unfortunately already got into the problem zone with its first edition. In the spring of 2011, the situation on the Göta Land Canal was already so precarious that nothing came of the beautiful idea.

Saab Independence Cabriolet

The recipe for the convertibles was impressively simple. Saab did what you have to do when you are small and have a limited budget. Well-known elements such as the dashboard and the leather equipment from Hirsch, the boost pressure display of the Turbo X, modern rims from the shelf of a well-known manufacturer. In addition, there was an upgrade with special leather and color accents, a special paint and a limited edition.

The Saab Independence Cabriolets were ready

Behind the limitation and the daring, modern colors was the idea of ​​bringing Saab back to its roots, which with the entry of GM from 2000 more and more withered. The brand became increasingly gray, the inspiration was lost. That should come to an end. The convertible was just the beginning.

Unfortunately, in the spring of 2011, the money was already missing

Instead of building 366 convertibles, only 38 rolled off the production line in Trollhättan. Germany received 6 pieces, 2 of which went to the Frankfurt branch.


Number of pieces







The Netherlands






* Sweden includes cars for “normal” Saab dealers, internal cars for Saab Automobile AB and 4 originally destined for other markets but sold from the bankruptcy estate with Swedish registration.


Number of pieces









38 or 39 Independence Cabriolet?

According to official statistics, there are 38 convertibles. But there is a gray area around the bankruptcy of the brand, which is only slowly being dealt with in Sweden. Some 100 new cars were scrapped even though they would have been for sale. Other vehicles disappeared and have not appeared to this day.

Another Independence Cabriolet was located in this vortex. It was put away as a new car and has been parked somewhere in Sweden ever since. The likelihood that it will hit the market at some point is high.

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    Ken-Daniel - How Many Real Griffins?

    Exciting question that - as the owner of a real Griffin convertible 🙂 - has long been of great interest to me. Markus Lafrentz said that fewer than 1.000 Griffins had been built, a third of which were station wagons, sedans and convertibles - so around 300 each, worldwide! The Griffins, referred to as MY 2012, were only built from April 2011 and then production stopped constantly and at the end of 2011 it was 🙁 over for good. That is why I have never seen another one “in the wild” besides my own.

    Exception: at Lafrentz in Kiel one is currently for sale, a silver Aero with a gray hood. 🙂

    If the blogger has more precise numbers and possibly information on the whereabouts of the Griffins - please let us know! 🙂

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    Do you know how many real Griffin convertibles there are? Or how many were built after Graz then back in Sweden?

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    Georg Fluvius & Jan HH

    Thanks for the interesting insider information! Sounds like a thriller! And I will interview Rostock H&B about the story of No. 20 on my next visit. After all, I bought my Griffin convertible from them too! 🙂

    And yes, I'd like to see one in person - especially to get an impression of the color. I just can't make up my mind about it from the photo. Maybe there will also be an opportunity in Kiel. Lafrentz also regularly has one in maintenance, as they told me.

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    The # 39 and a few hundred new cars ...

    Perhaps and hopefully more was put away than previously known. In S, their VINs would be blocked and the Saabs would not be eligible if I understood correctly?

    Perhaps Saab fans in D can still buy a few new cars in the coming years and should also allow them here?

    Perhaps the # 39 in D will replace the # 14 sold abroad? Who knows what's coming?

    Still amazingly exciting, this never ending Saab story - all the years after the bankruptcy ...

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    Of the 15 RHD convertibles, 10/11 convertibles have been sold in England. The exact allocation cannot be precisely quantified here either due to the bankruptcy and possible scrapping. No.37 / No.35 / No.34 / No.33 / No.30 / No.24 / No.19 / No.17 and the numbers 8 and 9 probably all went to England at that time. The remaining RHD convertibles must therefore be in other countries with the appropriate traffic (Australia, Malta or Cyprus?!) If I am correctly informed, then the Independence convertibles must also be the last convertibles from Saab that are the "factory" in Frickeboa have ever left.

    The convertibles are actually very impressive. Was allowed to park next to two representatives from S and DK at last year's festival. One of the two was number 36
    Numbers 6 & 8 were for sale in France and the Netherlands in 2018.
    So we're slowly getting closer to the matter 😉

    The fact that there are a total of 38 convertibles is also new to me. I was always of the opinion that officially there were only 37.

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    At least one of the six German vehicles has returned to Sweden. This is No. 20. It was primarily delivered to Dresden, but then handed over to Rostock and also sold there. In 2017 the car then went to its home country. Mileage 65. (Note: no number is missing here). Incidentally, the car was also deer, although officially there was no deer tuning for this engine of the 9-3. This was only possible because the same 9 HP heart beat in the 5-220 and thus gave the car 260 HP / 400 Nm.

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    Tom - No. 14 - and how many are still "alive"? And where?

    And is it also revealed which country No. 14 is going to? 🙂

    It's a shame that you won't see it again in this country. I would love to be able to marvel at one in person.

    It's unbelievable what secret sources of information our blog has! Great thank you very much! So I dare to ask again which number the put away has - and above all, how many there are now where. ?? 🙂

    All Saab fans have a nice weekend and sunny greetings from the parched HH - where it has unfortunately been far too hot for weeks to (open) convertible driving ... 🙁

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      The following applies to all questions: Is it in the "dry tissues" will be read about it. Please be patient and understanding.

      I don't know where all the convertibles are, and which ones have survived (I hope they are all). Maybe someday someone will create a register of all Independence convertibles?

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    Whatever. Too few were built. Anyone who has one is lucky.

    @Tom: Has number 14 been sold?

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      Yes, it's sold. Went quite briskly, number 14 leaves the country.

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    Volvaab - sentence

    Yes, I agree! And of course the martial punishment increases the more victims! No upper limit! Huh !! 🙂

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    @ Ebasil - should be punished

    I think so too, but please not only for the destruction of the convertibles. For (for example) a 9-5 SC the penalty should be the same ...

    Speaking of the sentence (@ Tom), is it exhausted that the VIN in S is no longer eligible? Or do the protagonists of illegal but morally justified rescue operations in S have to reckon with sanctions? I think it's an exciting question ...

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    PPS: Do you know how many of the 38 saved copies still exist? And where are they allowed now? There are always some in Holland.

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    Another great story, very interesting! Thanks very much! I love the last convertibles! Do you know which number the "secret" and hidden Independence Cabrio has? This has to be etched into the rear side window.

    PS: Anyone who is responsible for the fact that even a single such brand-new convertible was scrapped should be punished with…. 🙁 (I would rather not say more details here!)

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