A long forgotten prototype Volvo P172 Coupe Concept

In history, forgotten prototypes appear again and again that one would have loved to see on the road. One of them is the P172 Coupe from Volvo. It's fantastically beautiful, one can wonder how his career would have gone if it had been realized in Gothenburg.

New from AutoCult is the Volvo P172 Concept
New from AutoCult is the Volvo P172 Concept

In spring 1965 there was a Facel Vega HK II in the Volvo design department. The Gran Turismo der Facel S.A was considered one of the most beautiful cars of its time. A luxurious car that was very well received by celebrity customers. For Volvo designer Jan Wilsgaard, the GT was the inspiration. The Norwegian shaped the design of the brand well into the 90s. The angular, angular design was understood by him as a reduction to the essentials.

The Inspiration, Facel Vega II (HK II)
The Inspiration, Facel Vega II (HK II)

Jan Wilsgaard created design icons.

Like the Volvo 164, which was considered to be one of the highlights of his work. The P172 Coupé could also have become one. Wilsgaard took the inspiration from the Facel Vega HK II and implemented the lines in his own calm language of form. The result was the design of an impressive luxury class Gran Turismo that could not deny its French inspiration.

Wilsgaard is said to have seen a possible successor to the P172 in the P1800. However, the design would have been positioned higher on the market. A six-cylinder engine would even have been available as a befitting drive. Volvo had a 3 liter for the 164 in development, it could also have been used in the coupe.

A 1: 1 model of the P172.

In September 1966 there was actually a 1: 1 model of the P172 in the yard. It gave an impression of its beauty but was not ready to drive. Because both the engine and the entire interior were missing. In the meantime it was also clear that Volvo would not build this car. Its costs and the possible selling price were well above the market level. It was of little use that Wilsgaard drew an open variant.

Newly interpreted as the Volvo P172 Coupe
Newly interpreted as the Volvo P172 Coupe

The P172 Coupe would have been a first-class Gran Turismo. A year later the project was put aside. The prototype did not survive, Volvo scrapped the 1: 1 model.

The German provider AutoCult has the P172 in 1:43 new resurrect to let. As part of its Avenue 43 series, the Swedish GT is now coming onto the market. Limited and made of resin. A miniature for collectors and a tribute to the designer Jan Wilsgaard, who created so many automotive icons.

Images: AutoCult (2/3) - FACEL SA (1/3)

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  • @ Black Swede,

    touché. The AW is plausible and by the way, I now feel infinitely old ...

    On the other hand, humpback volvos, Amazon and Co (the round faction) were still very present at least in S and DK in the 1990s. And the last time I drove an Amazon myself was this year.

    In theory, I could be under 30 and still have commented verbatim. So, now I'm better again ...

  • @Volvaab

    It is precisely the impression of youth that is dominant. The square one back then was a Volvo. Amazon and P1800 weren't there, long gone. This is how you classify a brand.

  • @ Black Swede,

    In 1966 there was still no angular Volvo. I see the P172 against a different background. And not the 1800 as an outlier. Before it got square and maybe also clumsy later, there was also the Amazon ..

    You should locate the P172 chronologically / historically correctly. Then this study is astonishingly plausible.

    You shouldn't think backwards from the 740. Then it seems completely unlikely ...

  • @Volvaab Driver

    Yes, the 1800…. But otherwise quite angular and above all practical. Not the discipline nice. But everyone has their own taste.

  • Learned something again, here again and, of all things, from Volvo. Thank you Saabblog.

    There is a P164E in the yard, I thought I knew all of the studies and projects in Volvo at that time. But the P172 is actually new to me.

    PS (@ Black Swede)

    Not trusted? I think that's a little unfair.
    With the P1800 (especially the Shooting Brake / Snow White's coffin), Volvo had proven that it could build beautiful cars. And it wasn't a study, but ran off the production line ...

    I see no reason why the study for the P172 (potential successor to the P1800) could not have been trusted by Volvo or a Jan Wilsgaard ...

  • Elegant design, I would not have believed Volvo at that time. Too bad the study was scrapped.

  • A very nice, Swedish story. The view over to Gothenburg is almost as exciting as the stories of Trollhättan.


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