Has Corona changed the Saab community?

Actually, a question that can be answered very clearly. I would like to anticipate the answer and answer from my point of view with a decided yes and no! But no fear! I do not want to hold a scientific treatise here on the (probable) bad word of 2020.
Big garden - lots of Saab - ideal!
Big garden - lots of Saab - ideal!

Each of us has certainly had to make his own personal experience with Corona, in whatever form.

So we'll stay with Saab in this slightly different time.

At the latest with the numerous and recurring cancellations of Saab meetings, trips and get-togethers, we all had to find out. Even the always well-filled and visited section of the dates on the blog somehow seemed to have finally surrendered to the pandemic in April.

So also our spring trip of the Saab Friends Thuringia planned for June 7th. With a heavy heart we finally canceled it on March 15th. No matter, the Saab life had to go on and so it was with us.

Daily contacts and messages from our members in our WhatsApp group, technical questions, suggestions and ideas, discussions about our internal advertising presence. The latest Saab vehicle stock entries with us Thuringian Saab friends and much more. No trace of the Saab friends standing still or even dying!

But of course we also lacked the personal and, last but not least, the contacts that characterize a community.

And then it came, the news! At the beginning of June our Thuringian MP Bodo Ramelow announced the gradual easing of the contact restrictions. But that was only the official hurdle that could be taken for our concern ...

No matter - after further discussions and our own deliberations, we decided on June 14th to finally organize a regulars' table for June 20th, including a midsummer celebration. Surely one or the other thinks against all reason?

We didn't make the decision easy for ourselves either. The condition was that everyone who wants to take part is honest with themselves and themselves so that no one shows up with cold symptoms. Of course the mask was also present (but mostly remained in the pocket).

So quickly find a suitable location?

Our good old family garden, which is in deep sleep, was ideal for this. Almost 5000 square meters, so space without end for us and of course for our Swedish Saab dreams. Mow the lawn again and get enough tables and chairs. Decorate everything beautifully Swedish and Saabish and the most important thing for the Thuringian: don't forget to eat and drink.

As for the decoration: Many thanks to Sylvia. Who endures my quirk and always has nice ideas!

Then the time came. In the end, 16 Saab found their way to Marienthal near Molsdorf. With you came about 25 Saab and 2 Volvo crazy people. The latter shouldn't be a problem, what is Mark driving now? (A Volvo - Editor's note)

And many of the crazy people brought along additional delicious food and drinks.

A somewhat bigger problem was the driveway to our property for the lower fraction, as it had poured from buckets the night before. Which wasn't really good for the access road. Yes, the weather was our feared opponent until the end, but everything turned out fine. It stayed mild and dry. After all, we wanted to celebrate midsummer too.

Long story short, it turned out to be a perfect evening with great people and interesting conversations, new ideas and dates for our next activities. Of course with our Thuringian bratwurst (of course not from the supermarket) and one or the other delicious drink.

We then let the evening end very relaxed around the campfire….

Speaking of ending! Mark, please activate the scheduler in the blog again, as we are planning our autumn trip for September 13th - Corona wants.

PS: the quarantine after our meeting was over on Sunday - we are all in top shape. Have fun looking at the pictures.

Text and pictures: Thomas Umbreit Saab Friends Thuringia

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    Many events were canceled, but those that could take place were all the more beautiful

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    Nice to hear something from the scene. Corona has left its mark, events are rare. When will there be another appointment calendar on the blog?

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