From old to (almost) new Saab 9-5 3.0t V6 1999 in Sky-Blue Metallic

Is it worth it with a V6? No, but ... Take a look for yourself. I think the car is looking good and refreshing, it was really worth it! When the "cost pain" is gone, the joy of this beautiful and quite rare Saab remains. And the joy should last a long time.

Saab 9-5 V6 in Sky Blue
Saab 9-5 V6 in Sky Blue

The car is a Swiss import with an initial and proven 85000 km! He was standing a little sad and worn out on the place of a dealer in Friedrichshafen. All four corners had been approached, the interior was a bit tired, but not in such a way that it could be made habitable again with some effort. What was totally convincing was the great substance of the Saab, really absolutely rust-free!

Saab dealer keeps getting sensible Saab (and Lancia) from Switzerland and brings them to Germany. The cars are cleared and handed over with a new TÜV. In my case, a complete ZR and WP change was negotiated, as well as an engine and automatic service. I was able to get the car at a reasonable price, it wasn't a bargain, but I'm not a bargain hunter either, I like to leave that to others.

And then it went to the painter. The color had been fixed for a long time. It must turn sky blue! When I saw two or three of these beautiful Sky-Blue Saab on the occasion of the Saab Festival 2019 in Trollhättan, it was clear to me that I want one too. You have probably already seen the beautiful 95NG in sky blue, be it in person or just in a photo.

Those blue sharks look so good, don't they? The budget wasn't enough for a 95NG and so it became a 95OG. It was a coincidence that the choice fell on the V6. I really wanted one with automatic and a few kilometers. As is well known, the air is getting thin and the offers are sparse. Germany is simply not an automatic country.

While the 95 was at the paint shop, the badly battered rims were completely reconditioned and later refined with four new tires. See the rims, yes, yes, I'll repeat myself, but they look really iconic and cool.

And now it stands there in all its glory and radiates something of sovereignty.

Needless to say, the seats are still made of beautiful leather and are extremely comfortable. Back in 1999, Trollhättan was still using high quality leather. I mean almost, in the SE equipment it was even a kind of Raff leather, so very noble! I have now freshened up the inner plastic parts, as well as the outer rubbers around the doors. A set of new carpets with blue edging complete the beautiful interior.

How does he drive now? Actually no different than before. Simply in blue. 😊

I think the engine is just as great as before. Cultivated, good sound and, if necessary, quite powerful. I mean, who drives a car with four overhead camshafts? Does it really bother you that it is only "half" a turbo? I think that with the turbo for only one cylinder bank is quite clever.

I think the Saab community is currently rediscovering Saab's six-transmitter and is no longer just turning up its nose. In any case, my 9-5 V6 is a sovereign glider and just looks really great. In any case, I really enjoy the car and this pain (what was there?) Has already disappeared!

Good time!

Hans S.

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  • Hans, you did everything right. I imported my Cayenne red metallic V6 station wagon from Switzerland at the beginning of last year (I reported on it in the blog about a year ago) and have driven 66.000 km since then - it's a dream. During the winter break I invested in technology, in the coming winter break (11-02) technology will be renewed again as a preventive measure, work on the body and the dented bumper will be done later. There's no cheaper way to drive a luxury class.

  • @saab_owl, yes, that is not entirely consistent. I will paint the lower part of the rear bumper black, then it will match the original again.
    Thanks for the tip!

  • Congratulations on having the courage to implement ideas from within. In this shade an absolute asset. If I may allow myself a recommendation: either the bottom in a plastic black look or painted in the color of the car, please no mix. The rear bumper is already completely painted, why not complete the look with the Aero side skirts and the front spoiler in body color?

  • @ Ken-Daniel S, I can't judge that. Mine has the 4-speed automatic. It switches ok, but always stops with a little jerk.
    My Saab specialist thinks that the 4-speed automatic is more robust and less prone to failure than the 5-speed automatic.

    Does anyone have experience with both transmissions? What can be said about it?

  • does the 4-speed automatic transmission or the 5-speed automatic transmission actually make a big difference in the V6?

    • Whichever way you take it. 1 liter less consumption can be achieved, but the V6 will still not become an economy car. The phenomenon that a 9-5 with 4-speed automatic drives more harmoniously than the facelift with 5 gears is very interesting. The setup of the original model was more successful, although Saab changed some things on the chassis with the first facelift and (actually) improved it.

  • The color is nice, but obviously you're the only one who hasn't had a bad experience with the dealer so far. Otherwise I only know that no promises are kept there and the prices are clearly too high (for what is offered). Anyway have fun.

  • A great project! I have to say very well done. Congratulations to the owner!

  • Actually everything has already been said: a great color, and the rims are also my favorites on the Ur-95. I also have it on my 95 in graphite green metallic (does anyone else happen to have this color?).
    He has already brought the timeless design with him. Nice side effect: 1x less boring leasing silver on the street.
    Have fun with this unique item!

  • Rims

    My heart bleeds a little. I think 380 € for outdated and beautiful originals is far too little.

    But that's the way it is. I had rims overhauled myself for € 500 and on the other hand I bought really good complete wheels with almost brand new tires for € 200.

    My heart is bleeding because the falling prices for beautiful originals are pointing towards a shrinking fleet. Perhaps the fleet is also pleasantly stable?

    An oversupply of used and original Saab rims at least raises questions.

  • @Ebasil and other interested parties; the painting cost Euro 5800,00. I think that was a good price, on the lower limit. Rims completely reprocessed Euro 380,00, refurbished radio and new ACC control in exchange around 200,00 Euro, together with the vehicle price a low five-digit amount. The car runs really well, is smooth and quiet. I think it's worth the cost. What else would I have gotten on the market for a low 5 digit amount?

    To my sales advertisements. The blue coupe is an Aero with Maptun Stage 1, great car. The 9-3x with its 93000km has not even run in properly. Of course, selling two cars when you've just bought and refurbished one is pretty contradictory. I currently own eight vehicles and it's time to part with 2-3 cars because of my age. But the choice is really not easy for me.

    Thanks to the Saab community for the nice comments on my sky-blue 9-5er. He likes it everywhere I go. Many drivers would like the slightly older cars back with a timeless design, without bling, bling and without the flourishes around the car. A first-generation 9-5 is ideal for this!

  • This is what SAAB probably called asymmetrical turbocharging - that is, the exhaust gas flow is only used by the rear cylinder bank for the turbocharger and thus "but," both banks are fired with boost pressure. Simple but ingenious ...

  • Simply great. I would prefer this vehicle to any current 6-cylinder model from other makes - even the lines of current vehicles from Audi, Mercedes, BMW etc. are not my thing. Wouldn't have thought that the color sky blue would go so well with the 1. 9-5 series.

    Have fun with it!

  • Hello Hans S.,

    thank you for the story & pictures. A great pleasure ...

    Very, very nice result. Great color. The rims are my favorites on the 9-5 without glasses anyway. With the spectacled snake there are different ...

    And learned something again. I didn't even know that the 3.0 V6 is half naturally aspirated, half turbo. Interesting construction.
    Somehow typical Saab. Or did GM have the same management for this engine?

    Anyway, always have a good trip with this beautiful unique specimen. I think it's great when people create dream cars in this way (2nd hand + modification). A good statement - also against the throwaway society.

  • BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for the great photos!

    Sky blue is also my absolute favorite color! Maybe, someday, maybe I'll think about it. May you ask what you have to do for such a repainting?

    Does that mean that the (yes, also very nice blue) Viggen and the 9-3X have to go?

    And another very stupid question: How do you freshen up the inner plastic parts? For me it would be a glove box flap that was unfortunately totally scratched by the previous owner.

    Always have a good trip with the heavenly (sapphire) piece of jewelery! 🙂

  • Congratulations on the great car. And the color is just “heavenly”.

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