Spyker is coming back and producing in Germany

Actually, I thought the topic was over. Spyker is history and Victor Muller is on the way to new ventures. One can be mistaken, and some makes of cars seem to have countless lives. Spyker is coming back and will resume production in 2021. That's the plan. And Spyker will then become a German car brand.

Spyker comeback with the C8 Preliator
Spyker comeback with the C8 Preliator

Since the end of Saab, Spyker has also gone downhill. To describe the route as bumpy doesn't really hit it. It was all much worse. Then in April 2020 it really seemed past to be. The tragic end of a story. But it is not like that. With Russian money, here Victor Muller taps old relationships, the brand comes back.

Boris Rotenberg is the financier behind the comeback. The founder of SMP Bank, President of FK Dynamo Moscow, the SGM Group and friend Vladimir Putin has a weakness for elegant, exotic cars. There is a whole bunch of illustrious companies ready for the Spyker restart, all of which have something to do with very expensive cars and lifestyle. All of them can be assigned to Boris Rotenberg's environment or belong directly to him.

The production takes over R Company in Trier, the racing team from SMP-Racing and BR-Engineering take care of the technology and motorsport. A first Spyker showroom is to be built in Monaco. It starts in 2021, the Spyker C8 Preliator will be relaunched. The will follow later B6 Venator, which premiered in Geneva in 2013 but never went into production, and the Spyker D8 SUV. Its conception is rooted in old Saab days, the idea is around 10 years old.

The vehicles are handcrafted for a select group of customers, and the group also provides spare parts for the 265 Spyker sports cars built so far. Muller remains the front man as CEO of Spyker Ltd.

Of course, a lot of things remain unclear for now. Who will supply the engines that were once to come from Audi and later from Sweden from Koenigsegg? Will the famous Koenigsegg V8 still make it under the Spyker body, or will a revolutionary FreeValve engine come? The very idea that it could be like this is fun.

There are enough questions, but few answers.

Of course, nobody needs Spyker and hardly anyone has waited or bet for the comeback. But, the world with its electric cars and galloping digitization can do with a few hand-built exotic species. Maybe she even needs it. May be more urgent than ever.

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  • @ Ebasil,

    I like her point of view very much. One cannot and should not offset injustices against each other - not for the purpose of relativization ...

    I didn't want to have meant it that way, but it really could be read that way and no other way. I have to see that ...

  • Volvaab

    Yes, everything is correct too, BUT: With the argumentation you can really justify everything, every follow-up and more than that. Very useful when you allegedly have no other choice because the vast majority do business with criminals. I tend to agree with Wolfgang Borchert: Say no! And if all, or at least many, did this, the majorities and power relations would be completely different. That may be idealistic, but everyone always has a choice: money or morals. It starts with the small things and ends with the very large dimensions. To take up the soccer example: As sympathetic as Mr Kl from Liverpool FC and Mr Tu from PSG are to me, you should never have signed with these financiers. But Bayern also do business with Qatar and we don't even need to talk about FIFA.

    In any case, I am in no way able to see a justifying humanitarian, political or economic necessity to get involved with such figures in the case of Mr Muller.

  • @ Ebasil,

    (unfortunately) everything is correct so far, what you write and VM is certainly a soldier of fortune in its own right, not a Robin Hood ...

    But it's also such a small fish that it's not worth the excitement, I think. You could just as easily dump the grievances of this world on the narrow shoulders of any player from the large Dynamo Moscow squad.

    I'm at a loss as to what and how to do it instead, but if I knew, my displeasure would be directed against the people and institutions that are actually responsible for the framework within which a VM or a football player operates. Or a family man who was shot in the back, an Amazon customer - whatever and whoever.

    This is the world Spyker may be building a handful of cars again. It won't make a difference whether you allow VM to do that or blame it.

    It is much more important that the big fish play chess in East and West - while in between in Europe you only play “Don't get angry”.

    The die is cast. That's it then. We haven't been able to do more for a long time. The radiance of democracy and an intact civil society is noticeably dwindling. With fatal consequences for all nations and societies that are in a state of upheaval or change.

    All sad, very sad. But who is still surprised? One must not forget that a German former chancellor is on Putin's payroll. But Putin plays chess. What is the former chancellor doing? Also just a soldier of fortune looking for personal advantage ...

    Should VM do what he can and wants in the midst of this madness. I can't blame him. Not in this world ...

    On the scale of possible misconduct, with his niche products, limited sales, profit and fiscal tricks, he is no excitement anyway ...

  • He does not give up!! And i like that.

  • PS: What about the insolvency claims against Spyker Services BV and the other Spyker companies of the "opaque company network" (see the blog report from the spring)? Does the nice oligarch pay for them at the same time? Hardly - one has certainly counted successfully poor or naked and the creditors sit on it. But that doesn't matter, after all, the main creditors are only the tax authorities and thus the stupid ordinary citizens of the states concerned. Pooh devil again!

  • Interesting article, for whose information I would like to expressly thank you - and somehow also a charming “counter trend”. But with a very bitter aftertaste! I just can't make up my mind! ; - /

    - what or whom I should find more disgusting and repulsive, the Chinese state-Manchester-capitalism-machine (à la NEVS, Hengchi, Volvo etc.) or the Russian oligarchs with a direct line to their equally totalitarian, power-obsessed and corrupt regime. They are anti-democratic, disrespectful of human rights and criminal to the same extent. And Europe goes along nicely so as not to spoil contact with these nice rulers and systems; yes, one even likes to build on it and build everything from it. Ugh devil! And then you get upset again over just one ridiculous poisoning of a regime critic ... The Hugenbergs and hypocrites just don't die out!

  • @ Griffin

    Well - GM, Swedish State Government: Actually nothing could go wrong 10 years ago …….

  • Muller - who never gives up. I keep my fingers crossed, he has my best wishes.

  • Well - let's wait and see.
    Muller, Russian oligarchs: Nothing can go wrong anymore ......

  • Street legal Fabergé egg

    I can't explain it, don't understand it myself, but I'm kind of happy about it. I wish VM and Spyker every success.

  • It shows again: Vitamin B ... (mostly) always helps. 😉
    It's unbelievable where VM organizes its funds ...
    There are certainly (still) some oligarchs around the world ..., for the products, for any "refinancing".
    But: the question of the drive remains exciting ...

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