About the difficulties of buying a Saab 9-5

It's autumn 2019. I'm strolling through the Saab hangar and making plans. Paul is parked there and he is supposed to be sold next year. A 9000 also has to work, probably the white CS. But then? Isn't it getting lonely, a little too heavy on the Saab 9000? Probably! Variety would be good!

From the difficulties to buy a Saab 9-5


I confess to being bored. Prosperity problems plague me, my company car is not that exciting. Maybe the almost 10 years of Saabblog are to blame. They spoiled me for modern cars. I think the SUV wave makes me yawn, I know digitization professionally. I deal with her, day after day. I don't have to have any of that in the car. As long as it remains possible, I want to drive independently and with as little supervision as possible.

My idea is that my company car will not have a successor. Not one that is modern. It should be an older, analog car. One with manageable technology, a bit of style, comfortable and not badly motorized. I classify that as sustainable. Cars that were made a decade or two ago have been using the most resources for a long time. Continuing to use them is a responsibility towards the environment. If you take care of them, move them carefully and keep them in good condition.

It has to be a Saab, that's considered set. For a short time a Volvo 850 and a W124 went through my head. Both ideas were rejected again. Too much Saab man ...

Dreams and compromises

Buying a Saab is not easy. Or? Since 2008, the planet has received fewer and fewer vehicles from the factory. 2011, in spring, was over. What had been a trickle in the last few years dried up completely. With this in mind, it could be difficult to find the right vehicle.

Still, I have a plan. The basic requirements are fixed. Some are negotiable and some are not. At least that's what I plan to do. I'm looking for a Saab 9-5. The old generation, not the last, legendary. The old one is more compact, better suited for my everyday life. Its technology is more manageable, and it looks even more relaxed with the spare parts.

It should be a limousine.

Because I didn't have that yet, I did have the station wagon. The sedan is more active to drive, but never fitted into my life, although it is the more elegant choice. The 9-5 station wagon is a victory for common sense, with a guarantee that it is compatible with work and family. The following key points are clear: automatic, the 2.3 liter engine in any power level, and a bright interior are non-negotiable.

The mileage? Please below 200.000. For readers who do not surf the Saab universe every day: With normal brands, this corresponds to the status of a leasing return. And please, no maintenance backlog that extends from here to the horizon. Optional, and therefore desirable, are a sunroof and a muted exterior color. Otherwise everything goes. Whether Vector, Arc or Aero. I am completely flexible.

So a simple thing. Choose a car, look at the car, buy it. After all, the Swedes have pushed really large numbers of the 9-5 times into the markets. But it won't be easy. On the contrary, it gets complicated. In autumn 2019 I have no idea that this idea will occupy me any longer. The difficulties are only gradually revealed. Then there's this virus from Wuhan and it's not just sabotaging me. It paralyzes half the world.

But I really can't foresee that at this point.

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  • Of course, young people also drive a 9-5 as a limo. Why? Apart from the fact that a station wagon looks more like Pampersbomber, a 9-5 for a Saab is designed for the masses, offers a lot of performance as an Aero, is not traded as an 8th hand and up and is outrageously cheap to buy. If I want the same package from a German manufacturer, you have to dig deeper into your pocket or be satisfied with a tinkered part with residual TÜV. Nothing that I imagine as a young person.

  • interesting to read his own story here…. In autumn 2019 I bought a 9-5 Aero Bj '99. in Svart, with a dark interior, only 119.000 km on the clock and automatic ... A great vehicle and long distance is a pleasure.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and have fun ... I'm looking forward to more reports

  • @ Ken-Daniel / Market situation SC & limousine

    It's an interesting development. A few years ago there were still a number of good offers for both models with low mileage.

    They were apparently bought for everyday use and, as with the new registrations 6 to 9 years earlier, the practical SC was by far the favorite on the used market.

    This was drastically reflected in the prices. Unheard of Eros as limousines around 100.000 km were given for € 7.990 for free.

    A comparable SC cost at least € 12.990.

    How do I know and still don't have a limousine next to my SC in the yard? I like to know it, too. Nice stupid of me ...

  • I'm looking forward to the sequel!
    The thought is tempting, but so far, when it comes to the everyday vehicle, reason has prevailed for me. On the one hand, because you have to rely on a competent mechanic who will repair your car promptly if you are not able to do it yourself, and on the other hand, because it is becoming increasingly unlikely that you will only go to the workshop once a year have to.
    The conviction that a Saab has finished the running-in process with 200000 kilometers on the clock unfortunately disappears more and more when I have to find out from advertisements and conversations how many vehicles of the late years of construction (even diesel) have an exchange engine or are well below this limit had to get a general overhaul of the engine - but maybe that's due to a lack of service and / or bad treatment.
    The whole thing should be all the more exciting for us as readers: Good luck!

  • The limousines have become really rare, as it is becoming more and more difficult to find a good course on a good course, a well-worn Combi can be got. In Europe the proportion of combis sold was also higher, wasn't it?

  • Dear Tom,

    It is always a pleasure to read a new post. Thanks for the entertaining blog.

    I was lucky again last year. I found the Saab (9-5) that should no longer exist. Mediterranean blue, inside beige-colored leather, 2,3 LPT, automatic with SSD. A previous owner, full service history only at Saab with 70.000km. Condition: very good. No rust. Nothing.

    At the Taubenberberger, I allowed the Saab to flush the transmission and clean the oil pan. The car was free of oil sludge.

  • @Volvaab Already a trend for Saab standards. Is it really, as I could hear on the phone with some workshops. Young people and Saab 9-5 OG (mostly aero) limousines. That fits!

  • @ EF-elch Thank you very much for the great offer. But I confess that I don't find the spoiler on the sedan's rear end that appealing. Tastes are just different.

  • First Hans, then Tom

    How do you rate that in the small Saab world? Is there a new trend emerging? Or is that already a mass movement?

    The first 9-5 as a sedan seems to be on the rise. I look forward to see the continuation.

  • Today I drove around 260 km through Switzerland in my sky-blue 9-5 3.0t V6 built in 1999. What a pleasure to drive this car. And because of the strict speed restrictions in CH, there is simply no hectic. The sonorous sound, the gentle gliding along and the very comfortable seats contributed a lot to this beautiful driving experience. And of course the wonderful foothills of the Alps in Switzerland.
    Blue heaven, sky blue the car. Fits!

    Tom; I wish you good luck with your 9-5. I too think the limousine is just great.

    Something else on the side; On these 260 km I actually only met one Saab and one was still in a parking lot. It is slowly getting dark around Saab. Just sad.

  • I would then like to sponsor a 9-5 LIMO rear spoiler if necessary!?!?

  • That sounds like the start of an exciting story. Probably not without complications? Or? Anyway, I'm curious.

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