How about some retro ideas for the Saab comeback

Victor Muller does. The former Saab CEO revitalizes Spyker. It's retro, like everything about the vehicles - apart from the probably outstanding performance. The interior design of the Aileron C8 pays homage to an era that is long gone. The handpicked clientele will not be deterred.

Saab 96 retro idea from Bo Zolland
Saab 96 retro idea from Bo Zolland

But on the contrary. Because retro is in.

An Aileron C8, in Manufacture work manufactured will not be particularly cheap. The prices are not yet known, but if you are interested you could put a 7-digit amount aside as a precaution. Attractive retro design is also available a little cheaper. Swedish retro - brand new launched last week.

Volvo P1800 cyan

A Swedish sports car, an icon, celebrated something like its rebirth. The design of the historic P1800 S from Volvo has been redesigned and molded into a carbon fiber body. For this purpose, Cyan Racing, formerly known as Polestar Racing, took simple but spicy ingredients from the technical kitchen. A 2 liter engine with a turbocharger has an output of 420 hp and delivers the power conventionally to the rear wheels. Thanks to its lightweight construction, the Volvo P1800 Cyan weighs only 990 kilograms. The performance will be outstanding.

Swedish retro - Volvo P1800 cyan
Swedish retro - Volvo P1800 cyan

Otherwise, however, the Swedes surprisingly held back with their retro project. No assistance systems on board, no online car was created here. Even the ABS and ESP are missing, but could be on board in the customer version. Cyan will produce the Volvo P1800 in a small series. The prices are unknown, but should be somewhere between $ 400.000 and $ 500.000.

DS Grand Palais

It can be tastier and cheaper. Gérard Godfroy, a former designer at Peugeot and Venturi, built the car that never came out of the factory. A Citroën DS Coupe, only better and more beautiful than anything that has been seen before. The result of his work is a retro coupé based on DS. In terms of design, workmanship and the choice of materials, the DS Grand Palais surpasses everything that has been seen on this topic so far.

La DS Grand Palais by Gérard Godfroy
La DS Grand Palais by Gérard Godfroy

The Coupé is the best and safest DS of all time, and probably also the most beautiful. A retro one-off piece that will not remain one. Perfect design lines and individuality cost around € 150.000. However, approval in the EU must first be clarified.

Three examples from different countries. Germany with Spyker, France with the DS Grand Palais, Sweden with the Volvo P1800 Cyan. Examples that are costly and individual. The trend is evident and will not stop at costly retro thoughts. Volkswagen will play the electric retro story in the next few years. The VW Bully comes back, a buggy should come. The idea of ​​resurrecting the VW Kübel in a new and electric way has been abandoned for good reason and with a view of history.

How about a retro Saab

The electric car age would make it possible. A modular platform that companies like VW offer for small series manufacturers. Nicely packaged with a retro design body. Maybe a Saab 96 electric at the start? As an agile, emission-free car for the city. A cute, plump, popular figure at an affordable price.

Johan Wejedals Saab 96 retro idea
Johan Wejedals Saab 96 retro idea

Several thousand units produced per year, possibly parallel to the Sion by Sono Motors in the former Saab factory. Or at Valmet in Finland, where so many Saabs rolled off the assembly line. Later a new edition of the classic Saab 900. As an electric car with a slightly longer range, the comeback of a Swedish icon.

There are possibilities. The investments would be manageable if one were able to use a group's electrical kit. Or one of the large suppliers, some of whom were playing with the idea of ​​their own electric car before Corona, could warm up to it.

Saab back as an electric car and a retro brand? As BMW once demonstrated with the Mini?

Opportunity and zeitgeist or just scavenging for corpses? I look forward to hearing from the readers.

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    Retro design with new technology has always had its market, regardless of whether it is two or four wheels ... the price is decisive ... every lover of the brand is certainly prepared to pay a few euros more for a new daytime driver than for mass-produced goods from VW & Co ., but no 6-digit amounts

    Thanks Tom for the once again great article

    PS: the sun beckons on the weekend ... time to drive open again

    so have a nice weekend everyone

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    @ StF,

    Thank you. I did not know. Very charming. Worth seeing.

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    Retro street

    Above all, I miss the roads that are still really fun.

    Bad pavement or completely unpaved with little traffic. It was part of everyday life for old Volvos and Saabs at the time and they were really good at it.

    I have had the pleasure of driving different old cars on roads like this many times, but not often enough.
    You can't get enough of that either.

    This is a wrong world. You are flying at 120 km / h over a dirt road and the very last thing you would miss is a modern car or more horsepower.

    They are heavier, lie deeper, hit through, hit the ground, swim wherever they want on their wide tires and can only go there with max. 60 to 80 km / h can be moved without being damaged or even worse, ending up with the occupants in the forest.

    Whoever had the pleasure knows what I'm talking about. A field or forest path in an old Sweden is really fun.

    Otherwise I see it in a very similar way to everyone before. The DS is incredibly beautiful. With the P1800 (cool thing) I see more of a modern replica than a retro design in the style of New Beetle, New Mini and New Whatever ...

    Staying close to the original is spot on. Burners, no assistance, no pacifier. Simply good.

    And still I would have more fun with the original on an old, unpaved road ...

    125 PS and 120 km / h easily feel better than 420 PS and 250 km / h on a clogged motorway.

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    An interesting thought that opens up. Retro would not only be the design, but also the production, as was very, very much earlier. There was a chassis and coachbuilders “carved” a dress around it. Might work today too. With the low cost of a body, even the smallest businesses could tailor one and significantly increase the variety and individuality on the car market.

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    Oh la la, La DS Grand Palais, what a beautiful vehicle! My old love Citroen is flaring up a little!

    Great contribution, always worth reading what Tom is serving us!

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      Yes, Hans, you can get weak there. The DS Grand Palais is very beautiful down to the smallest detail, a real dream!

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    Basically a nice idea that could enrich the streetscape with charming and special vehicles!

    But the question of whether such retro cars are popular is always one of personal taste. Personally, I find the Mini, Fiat 500 and Beetle (Beetle) retro models very successful, charming and almost better than the originals (even if the Beetle was extremely impractical).

    In my opinion, the Chrysler PT Cruiser (also as a convertible) was a horror counter-example - a prime example of how old and new should not or should not be combined. Maybe it's also because it should be reminiscent of ancient pre-war classic cars and you just can't get it modern or (at least I) almost only associate it with negative things. In my mind's eye I see the worst figures from German history invading European capitals in such open boxes accompanied by large parades. That's why Tom's assessment of the Kübelwagen is very correct.

    ME has the special art of taking up the most formative lines of the older model, but at the same time being modern and really new - which was successful with the Mini, Fiat 500 and Beetle. That's why I don't think the Dutch Saab design is that bad! The DS is of course beautiful, the other two designs (Volvo and Saab) also ok, but personally too close to the original for me.

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    Great! All vehicles have their charm. My hit list:
    1. the dream DS
    2.SAAB 96 or P 1800 from Volvo / Cyan
    and last but not least, the SAAB 96 from the Netherlands. (Is too fluffy for me ... 🙁) Price utopian.
    Interesting, what is happening "by the way" on the europ. Auto sector is doing ... and that analog vehicles get another chance!

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    Simply ingenious and at the same time away from the daily monotony on Europe's roads. Niche products in the form of classics - if it weren't for the “problem” between thumb and forefinger !?

    Still more of it ... THANK YOU

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    absolutely do, there must be beautiful e-cars too!

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