Lottery win and new car condition - Saab 9000 CSE

Win a car in the lottery? Who hasn't dreamed of it? In 1996 this dream became a reality in Kalmar, Sweden. A Saab 9000 CSE went to a couple who already owned a car. What do you do if you suddenly have one too many cars in front of your house? There are a few options. For example, you sell one of them, or you keep both.

Saab 9000 CSE from 1996 in a new car condition
Saab 9000 CSE from 1996 in a new car condition

Or only drives the Saab in summer

Maybe because it's the nicer of the two cars. Maybe because you are connected to the brand and it became apparent as early as 1996 that there would hardly be any more hatchbacks. We don't know the reason, but the car from the lottery was only moved in the Swedish summer from 1996 to 2010.

It won't have been long distances. 19.600 kilometers came together, each of them driven in a stylish car. Then the owner died and his wife put the car away. The 9000 CSE was put in the garage until August 2020.

Now the lottery profit is to be sold

These cars that you keep in garages and put away are the real gems. No sun, no aging. The Saab, writes the auction house, feels wonderfully fresh. One likes to believe it. Few kilometers are in no way a problem with a 9000. The technology is so robust and oversized that a 9000 will survive any hibernation. Of course, you should change all fluids in the waking up phase.

If you don't do it, it's not a problem either. The Saab will still run as long as it finds some gasoline, oil and water in its veins.

A potential long-term car

If you think about the future, about the future of your mobility, and decide to stay analog, you should put this 9000 on the shortlist. The CSE equipment offers more than you really need, the 2 liter soft turbo is a pleasant companion. Manual gearshift is an advantage because it is easy to operate in the 9000. Better than the classic 900, more precise than the 9-5. It enables fabulous consumption values ​​that are below the norm from when the Saab rolled off the production line in Trollhättan.

Why you couldn't buy it

To stay in reality: The Saab should not be particularly expensive from the court of the Auctioneers roll. It's a 9000 CSE, not an Aero, not an Anniversary. With the Saab fans, only these words ignite what is wrong. Because just the normal, not at all spectacular 9000 drives better and more comfortably through everyday life than all Eros and Anniversaries combined.

Only in Saab circles will never admit that. What could seriously speak against the Saab is the color combination. You have to like a light exterior color combined with a light interior. It can be a knockout criterion, because the 9000 CSE does not meet the taste of the majority. That doesn't change anything about its inner values.

The September action of Bilweb runs until September 17th. Only a short time to decide whether the 9000 could fit into mobility planning.

Images: Bilweb 6/6

10 thoughts on "Lottery win and new car condition - Saab 9000 CSE"

  • As a collector's vehicle, I find it very interesting. A little too good for normal road traffic, even if it would certainly do it well.

  • I don't think that a weakness for SAAB always has to “pay off”. my 900 turbo certainly doesn't pay off either, but the joy of it is priceless - my own satisfaction is still of the highest value for me.

  • I drove a 9000s myself for a long time, with a 2l machine. Even under full throttle and 200kmh on the needle, it NEVER consumed over 10l. No one after him could do that, regardless of make. By the way: never had a vehicle again - before or after - that had not required any unusual breakdowns, breakdowns or even workshop visits for years. Just unfortunate that the days of such cars seem to be over. In any case, my next 9-3 Diesel was on the other hand ... I prefer it.

  • Leather seats, colors and Eros or not, if you don't have a (better) 9K in the stable, you are now watching mental cinema - in the main roles you or yourself and of course this and no other 9K ...

    Dreamlike. Thanks Tom.

  • Exciting price development, let's see what he's going away for. Let me put it this way: The more electric cars are turned on the people with all their might, the more you look for old boxes without a lot of electronics.

  • Another great article, thank you! I have been driving around in exactly this color combination with my 4CS for 9000 years. When I saw it for the first time, I also thought: “My goodness, everything is terribly beige!” - but it's citrine.
    I bought it anyway and have no regrets: it really couldn't be more comfortable and with automatic and 2,3 LPT my version is even more confident. As a “Swiss Edition” it is on par with a CSE in terms of equipment, only leather was not available with this special offer from March 1996.

    It's just like that: you become a happy 9000 rider even without Anniversary or Aero.

    Manuel, Bern

  • Definitely not. We have been supporting our own projects for years and will continue to do so in the future.

  • When it comes to profit, I think of “Paul” again.
    Wouldn't Paul be a great win for the oldtimer market's fundraising campaign for children's cancer aid and good advertising for Saab?

  • @Reinhard Mann The price development is surprising and at the same time gratifying. Of course, the 9k is no longer cheap.

  • Inexpensive? Well, the bid is currently € 8640,00. That doesn't pay off in the long run if you don't just have the money!


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