Perfect customer orientation - an example from the Saab world

There are days that tend to start with small dramas. The Saab cup, of all things, the favorite piece, falls on the floor. It breaks, the mood goes into the basement, the broken pieces in the garbage. Something like that happens always and everywhere and every day. Sometimes I get a call for help. Because a cup is often from ours Fan Shop, which we closed in 2017.

Saab cup with flag and Saab lettering
Saab cup with flag and Saab lettering

No we can't help.

Unfortunately we don't have any remaining stocks. Almost everything was finally taken over by Skandix, sold to the fans and partly re-produced. A few days ago I received an email from a reader. He drives a 9-3 I Cabriolet with meanwhile almost 260.000 kilometers. His favorite cup with the Swedish flag and Saab lettering comes from our collection. She has been his daily coffee pot for 5 years until a fall ended her life.

A replacement is difficult to find.

The mail is a cry for help. Because there is nothing to be found on the Internet. But a replacement has to be found, otherwise the coffee won't taste good. Of course we try to help where we can. But in this case I was at a loss and recommended a request to Skandix as the last resort. Bloggers and spare parts suppliers maintain constant contact, and when it comes to Saab you always find open ears in Lutter am Barenberge.

Saab cup on customer request - from Skandix
Saab cup on customer request - from Skandix

Skandix and the Gentleman project.

Unplanned, Skandix plays a supporting role in the current one Project gentleman. The matter had developed spontaneously because once again a small thing for the project, important for my automotive well-being, was nowhere to be found. Skandix solved my problem very well - and I was satisfied. Helping a blogger is one thing. What about customer inquiries from anywhere in Germany?

Perfect customer orientation.

The customer seeks and desires. Skandix responds and delivers. Fast and at an absolutely fair price. At the beginning of August the call for help goes to the Harz Mountains, at the end of the month his (!) Cup is in Webshop available. In between there is a lot of nice correspondence between a Saab driver who is just looking for a coffee pot and the company Skandix.

The result is a new coffee cup at a fair price. With Saab lettering and the Swedish flag. The cup is optimized for left and right-handers, it bears the flag and writing on both sides. Germany a service desert? Certainly not in the small Saab world!

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    "SKANDIX, all lines are busy."

    Ever heard of it? Such announcements are usually the moment I turn my phone on loud, leave the office and put on some tea ...

    But that would be a big mistake at SKANDIX, because ZACK is someone's turn. Always friendly and competent. If there are still limits, you will be put through to an expert. If you are “busy” you will get a callback promptly.

    And ZACK (you barely hung up) you have an e-mail of your phone order. There is no time for tea or coffee. It's better to drink it before or after.

    And I made another experience. If Skandix cannot deliver, research is rarely worthwhile. At least with new original parts, new replicas and revised originals, one shouldn't have great hopes.

    In addition to D, I also included the Netherlands and of course S in searches - almost always unsuccessful. Only used parts remain and Skandix has already helped me with contact details.

    Great cinema - genre service

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    Hello Tom, wanted to ask whether my guest article was lost or is it still coming?

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      @ Ken-Daniel - Has landed, will be online for the next few days! Thanks a lot for this!

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    Yes, Skandix is ​​great! Super competent, helpful and accommodating! Last year I bought two such mugs during the Nikolausi campaign. The only downer: On my cups, the imprint is not applied as in the photos, but opposite the handle, so that you don't see anything while drinking, just a white cup. 🙁 Yes, I know, lawsuit on a high level! 😉 Do the cups really exist as shown? Then maybe I could get weak again ... 🙂

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    ... it turned into a nice story
    I am the coffee drinker mentioned here - now it tastes much better than ever before ...
    I would never have expected the absolutely satisfied result!
    My thanks again go to Tom and Skandix for this unprecedented campaign!
    This is what I call customer orientation at the highest level!
    Many greetings from Celle!

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    so much dedication has to be rewarded ... I ordered four cups from SKANDIX ... 🙂

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    Coincides with my experience with Skandix. Just a good shop!

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