Saab 9000 auctioned in Sweden for a record price

Auctions of old sheet metal are particularly exciting in Sweden. The country is promoting electromobility, banning old cars from metropolitan areas. The Swedes and the love of old tin? You could wiggle. But it doesn't, as the auction that ended yesterday shows.

A Saab 9000 CSE auctioned for a record price
A Saab 9000 CSE auctioned for a record price

Saab 9000 auctioned at record price

The surprise came from Saab. In fact, in two respects. Because two vehicles of this faded brand cleared away vigorously. Whilst all-round offers from Porsche, Volkswagen or Volvo struggled to reach their estimated or minimum price. The secret star of the auction was a Saab 9000 CSE.

The Lottery win, with only 19.600 kilometers on the clock. Swedish media sensed the possible sensation very late and jumped on the media train at the last minute. I was also more skeptical than confident when I presented the vehicle on the blog.

Because the Saab 9000 CSE was nothing special except for the condition and its low mileage. No extremely good equipment, no last year of construction. Of course, no Aero or one of the anniversary models you are looking for. Even the history was not spectacular. No prominent pre-ownership, no pre-production model.

There was also a color combination that not everyone likes

None of that counted. The 9000 CSE earned a sovereign 124.000 crowns. With the auctioneer's premium, the buyer put 130.000 crowns on the table, the equivalent of almost exactly € 12.500. The big Saab far exceeded the estimated price of 70 to 80.000 Swedish kronor. A surprise and a good sign for the first large series of Göta Älv.

The price level for the Saab 9000 is on the rise in Sweden, although this statement has to be put into perspective. Because it only applies to good vehicles, of which there are now very few. They are wanted, change hands in the scene. There is no demand for spare parts carriers and vehicles with a list of problems like the one Britain will get with Brexit.

The perfect Swedish classic

The 9000 combines everything you would expect from a classic today. Space, comfort, flexibility and driving characteristics that make it suitable for everyday use. Not a car that causes problems, but one that solves them. With a large loading area or space in the upper class for 5 friends traveling together.

The technology is robust and oversized, the electronics designed for durability and repairable if something should break. Perfect conditions for a long partnership and more than a short affair. The only question is how do you get a good copy?

Saab 9-3 Aero sold above estimate in 2004
Saab 9-3 Aero sold above estimate in 2004

Another Saab exceeded its estimate during the auction. Not a classic yet, a youngtimer with goodwill. A Saab 9-3 Aero Cabriolet from 2004. One with the bus system that Saab developed and that then caused a lot of trouble.

If you will, this car is the last Saab that really is one

For better or for worse, the series was designed in the Stallbacka. With the first facelift, GM separated what was causing problems and transplanted problem-free corporate technology. The Saab got better, more reliable.

But, well, you already know….

The pre-facelift cars are usually not in great demand. Although they have some positive-specific quirks that are no longer found in the later models. The convertible was estimated at 100 to 130.000 crowns. Before the auctioneer's premium, 175.000 crowns were reached. That translates to a little more than € 16.800 for a 16-year-old red convertible with 100.000 kilometers.

A trend or just an outlier? Or the analogue answer to the pressure of digitization and electrification, which can be observed across all brands?

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    @Andeu: A car is a commodity that is and should be used. There is always a certain “consumption”, no matter how good the maintenance is. At some point you may want to drive something newer and then the old one has to go. Not everyone wants to drive their car for 50 years, not even a Saab. More modern cars can do (almost) everything better ... just nobody wants to admit that with an "older" car. But that doesn't mean they're any more fun.

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    Anddeu puts it casually and concisely to the point.

    The Saab world is divided into two parts. There are models that are stable in value, even increase in value, and still those that are barely appreciated.

    And there are two types of drivers. Occasionally you can even see Saabs with seasonal license plates - explicitly only for winter operation.

    I have come across 900 II / 9-3 I like this several times. They are mercilessly rocked down by passionate motorcyclists with a weakness for the north in wintry German city traffic on short trips.

    The Brot & Butter 9-5 in front of the NG with gaps in the equipment (such as fabric instead of leather seats) are often moved, treated and traded as wear and disposable objects. The prices are in the basement.

    According to the down-rockers, repairs are not worthwhile. A new turbo? A new clutch? Many Saabs are happy that they still get gasoline and when the oil level is checked annually.

    And then, conversely, there are Saab drivers who always do or have everything done, not looking at the current market value because this is not a valid criterion for them, because a new clutch in their Saab has the same utility as in another Car and therefore may cost the same. Just like an oil change or whatever is necessary.

    I fear that the majority of all currently approved Saabs will leave us before a market situation arises in which almost all Saabs are then only in appreciative hands. And I fear that this will lead to further cuts in the spare parts supply.

    But secretly we have all known that for three days. When I bought chrome glasses in 2009 and had to explain my decision with friends and family, as is usual with cars, the end of the brand had long been in the air.

    With full awareness, I bought a Saab (again) not only anyway, but precisely for that reason. It was perhaps the last chance - and to turn it around positively, where else could you buy rare and everyday new cars between 2009 and 2011 that with all the pros (exclusivity) and cons (spare parts supply) with high probability in fast motion to a classic and a Kind of oldtimer would mutate?

    I had no intention of maintaining a high level of value retention or even an early increase in value. Not a trace of disappointment. I couldn't have been more exclusive and better for such small money in the past 11 years. Everything fits. It's just a shame if many Saabs still get under the wheels.

    I think it is wrong to offset the current value, repair and service costs against each other. The utility value should be the decisive factor. Everything else is a throwaway society.

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    The Lizi - limited city trips only against payment?

    That's unbelievable and totally crazy! What criteria do you have to meet in order to belong to this illustrious circle? 🙁 Under Euro xy? Or is it based on age or CO2 emissions or what ??? And does this apply in all Spanish cities above a certain size? I would be interested in the event that I might go on a tour with the convertible to Spain. Thank you in advance for a short info!

    I wish you a nice weekend with sunny Saab rides in the beautiful Spanish countryside! 🙂

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    I find that formulated pretty harshly now (consumption catches). I think there are also many of the daily users who are passionate about it. But I am completely with you when it comes to freeing the vehicles that are kept in good working order from the clutches of the “consumers”.

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    Congratulations to the new owners. A 9000 in this condition can hardly be found anymore. And it seems like the great vehicle is gradually getting the recognition it deserves…. Some time ago I was lucky enough to find a 9k in incredible condition and 90 thousand kilometers. It would only be desirable that we can drive our treasures for a long time to come…. the regulatory mania is rampant. I will probably have to part with one of my saws in Spain, because soon - due to Corona a little later than originally planned - I will only be allowed into the city 10 times a year. Pre-registered and against payment…. Having to think about which of the treasures to hand over sometimes gives me sleepless nights ... But only sometimes. Happy are those who have such "problems" in this day and age.

    Greetings to the community

    The Lizi

  • That is nice to read. If the (mostly) younger Saab were to come out of the pure “consumption catches”, that would be a good step for preservation.

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    It's amazing. I think that's good. The time seems to slowly come when good cars find their value. However, when I see the 9-3 I Cabrio being traded at soft prices, I have to swallow knowing what I've invested in mine. I'm curious when the prices there will find a reasonable way.

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    ... and again remarkable prices for 2 Saab models. After the 96 final edition in 2018.
    Such a Saab 9000 CSE is the analogue answer to today's overcrowded cars: it is practical, uncomplicated and even clear, all for relaxed driving.
    I only accept digital, out of necessity, for e-cars.
    I will probably never give up my beautiful old castle, a Volvo XC 70, also such an analog part….

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    Yes, for the convertible, especially from the pre-facelift series, it surprises me too - but it's great! I don't find this Ferrari tomato red for Saab convertibles so great either, as Hans rightly writes. There was once a nice wine red metallic that was very pretty! But I also think that the combination of red, black and white (beige) made it so interesting. Although I found this station wagon the other way around great, namely the first 900 convertible: cream-white paint (otherwise not my thing, but sensational), black hood and wine-red leather seats. That was a dream!

    But here it was also these special seats in the black and white combination with a central seam. That's pretty nice. I found this really great idea from Saab of the seat design even nicer in the last models, such as in the orange Griffin Independence convertibles: All black with white center stripes and white seams (dead chic) ​​or vice versa in beige with black (not quite so my case, but prettier than the station wagon on the 2004). But of course it's all a matter of taste and I'm very happy that this darling has been so appreciated and will certainly have it good! If only all the remaining Saabs were able to do that!

    Happy weekend to all Saab fans and sunny rides! 🙂

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    The addition for the 9000 is not really surprising. They are just great cars. And that's practically new.

    With the red convertible, built in 2004 as with my lime convertible, I'm a bit surprised. Red is not exactly the color that looks really good on a Saab and 100000km are not little either. However, it is an Aero and has light-colored upholstery on the inside. Red and light upholstery is a pretty rare combination.
    I wish the new owner a lot of fun with their Saab!


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