75 years of Saab Spirit - Saab Festival Trollhättan 2022

Corona also affects scheduling over a longer period of time. According to plan, the next Saab Festival should have taken place in Trollhättan in June 2021. Actually, because Corona lets the planning for such a large, international event appear in a different light. It speaks for the organizers' sense of reality that they abandoned the plans early.

Saab Festival Sweden 2022
Saab Festival Sweden 2022

Rescheduling will not have been easy for the Swedes. Saab is an economic factor for gastronomy and tourism. The Museum annually attracts thousands of international visitors to Göta Älv, the festival in the preseason is a very welcome source of income. The public is financially strong and often combines a stay in Trollhättan with a longer vacation in Sweden.

However, a vaccine is required for international events. And not only that. It must be available and accessible in large quantities, many people must have achieved immunity. To assume this in the first half of 2021 would be an illusion.

75 years of Saab Spirit

Saab's 75th birthday is a new date. A great anniversary and the memory of what started more than 7 decades ago. Saab Automobile AB no longer exists, but the automotive location still exists. Many corporations are researching and developing in Trollhättan and the surrounding area, perhaps in early summer 2022 we will be able to experience the dawn of a new era.

The festival in June 2022 could take place under old and new auspices. 75 years of Saab Spirit on the one hand, new approaches to mobility on the other. That would also be typical of the city, whose industrial history is rich in fractures. The fans now have at least planning security and maybe a little anticipation.

Never before has the date for a festival been set so early.

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  • I made a note of it and who can I be there. I'm already looking forward to it.

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