Report on the Saab Community Ride Upper Austria 2020

I would like to provide you with a small addendum about the Saab Community Ride Upper Austria 2020. After the successful Saab Community Ride near Vienna in July 2020 this inspired Christian Hubauer to organize something like that in his home state Upper Austria.

Saab Community Ride Upper Austria
Saab Community Ride Upper Austria

As a Saab fan who likes to visit Saab meetings and trips, this prompted me to take this trip too, to get to know the Saab scene in the western part of Austria.

The time had come on August 30th. I opened the Diesel Saab early in the morning to check out Marchtrenk to drive in Upper Austria. The trip was in pouring rain, but thanks to the original Orio windshield wipers that wasn't a problem either.

After about two hours of driving I arrived at the designated supermarket parking lot in Marchtrenk, where two Saabs, a 900II Cabrio, a 99 Coupe and a Renault Laguna Coupe (former Saab owner) were parked. I was greeted with the new Corona distance greeting from the participants who were already present and the organizer Christian Hubauer, who stood under the supermarket entrance roof and sought protection from the rain there.

As is customary at Saab meetings, where you do not yet know the participants and their cars, the first thing to do was to discuss the details of the Saabs. We talked some more and after about half an hour we had to find out that we are the only participants of the trip today, despite numerous announcements and promises, we started our trip.

The weather wasn't so ideal at the start
The weather wasn't so ideal at the start

We drove from Marchtrenk over the Scharten and Eferding along the Danube to Niederranna, where we crossed the Danube over the large bridge. On the Mühlviertel side we drove via Lembach to Altenfelden, where we had a little well-deserved break at the gas station.

There the rain subsided and the sun tried to find its way through the cloud, and so we could linger in the dry for a while and take a closer look at the cars. Since it had stopped raining, Christian could even open his convertible roof and I could open my sunroof. So we continued on the B127 to St. Martin where we turned off at the roundabout.

It then went back to Eferding via Landshaag and Aschach. From there we went on to Alkoven, where we went back to our starting point in Marchtrenk via Hartheim and Oftering.

When we arrived at Marchtrenkerhof, we finished the exit. Here we had a good lunch, exchanged our contact addresses and made plans for a bigger trip for the future. Then we said goodbye and everyone started their individual journey home. We hope to be able to meet more Saab drivers on the next trip, whenever and wherever it takes place.

Text and pictures: Ken-Daniel

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    I am happy to agree with that. I also like this openness. And the bond despite the lack of a Saab is remarkable. The only sad thing is the fact that people sign up and then just don't come. Nice that you have defied it and have been driving the tour in a small group. That also speaks for the Saab spirit, just don't let it get down 🙂

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    A few months ago I had a car in front of me whose rear window was decorated with an enlarged Saab logo. It was a Dacia, I think.

    It is also not important which solution is looking for who, when and why ...

    I was as happy as a snow king about this former student. Such gestures of solidarity, support and fraternization in spirit are just wonderful.

    It doesn't exist with any other brand. Saab is just special. A trip with one or more alumni? I think that's right and good.

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