The disaster. When Talheim becomes Waterloo.

Christmas is considered the quiet, quiet time in Bavaria. At the turn of the year, Corona still seems far away, and I use my free time to think about my 9-5 project. The Saab is safe in Talheim, I plan for January. In principle I like the Arc equipment a lot, only the front is a bit conservative.

No Saab from Talheim

I have in mind a conversion to aero optics, it would make the Swedish sedan appear sportier. I search and surf, discover at Aero World Germany a used front mask. There is a special discount over Christmas, the price is okay at just under € 200,00. On December 26.12th the Aero Front is ordered together with a steering wheel. I get the shipping notification on December 30th, processing is quick.

The goods arrive at the hangar a few days later. The condition of the front, which is described as good, is not entirely confirmed, the part has already been filled and repainted before. But the very fast processing and the special price at Christmas make up for it completely. All good!

The days are passing slowly, I'm looking forward to my new Saab. Every now and then I look on the internet. Yes, it is still there, everything is as promised. It's childish, but men and their toys are always something special. January 7th is finally on the calendar. I took the following Saturday off and hired a friend as a driver to pick up the Saab.

And then, out of the blue, the tranquil Talheim suddenly becomes my Waterloo. The disaster begins with a phone call.

But no Saab from Talheim

The 1st attempt. I can't get through to Mr Lobmüller. The boss is not in the house, the employee tells me. I'm supposed to try again in an hour. The 2nd attempt. The boss is here now. But not to speak. And besides, the lady continues on the phone, the Saab has already been sold. To a customer. Thanks and goodbye.

No regrets, no explanation. Hung up. So that was it. I'm speechless and pretty pissed off. Maybe I've been too spoiled the last few years. So far, the Saabblog team has been well served by Saab workshops, sometimes even the virtual red carpet is rolled out. In the Lobmüller case, I deliberately avoided the Saabblog stuff. I wanted a real life story. Unfiltered and such. I have the receipt now!

To be clear: there was no contract between Lobmüller and me. Just a phone call and an arrangement. The right to sell the Saab anywhere was in Talheim at any time. And of course you can forget something, especially over the holidays and New Year's Eve. An apology, a "sorry" on the phone would have been good to save the situation. But as?

I am frustrated and angry

Angry at Lobmüller and the ungodly manner. Frustrated, because I keep looking and can't find anything. It goes like this in January, and in the meantime Corona is spreading across Europe. People in Germany don't take it really seriously yet. That will change soon. At the end of the month I find an interesting 9-5 on the net. In principle, it is too beautiful to be real. Of course there is a catch again.

Because the Saab is not sold in Germany. And black corona clouds are gathering on the horizon.

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12 thoughts on "The disaster. When Talheim becomes Waterloo."

  • @Mr Hirsch / Volvaab Driver:
    I don't read the blog (with great pleasure) in order to judge. On the contrary, my comment was meant to provide more relaxation, precisely because we do not know the reasons on Lobmüller's side (whom I also got to know as a calm, committed flag holder (and more than “just” that) - very factual, very calm 🙂

    (I would also like a phone call if you cancel; communication is what defines human interaction and, in my opinion, is one of the cornerstones of real togetherness and not just side by side)

  • @all In principle, one must not forget that it is actors like Lobmüller who write the story. I'm just telling them. If Lobmüller had only had a hint of regret towards the unknown customer, I would have checked again and (presumably) brought the story to an explanatory, conciliatory intermediate result.

    And nobody regrets it more than me that we don't have a positive Saab story from Talheim on the blog. Because on previous visits I got a very good impression of a small, committed car dealership.

  • The high court (@ Saabansbraten & Roland)

    I understood Tom's article differently. It was certainly not about discrediting a Saab dealer or service in order to make another appear all the more glamorous.
    There are too few for that and the republic is too big.

    Every car dealer has guaranteed that there are also unreliable and unpleasant buyers.
    And without a down payment and a signed sales contract, a reservation is not worth much - in any case less than a specific buyer waving cash, standing in front of the door with positive pressure.

    But how else should the experience have been described? And what exactly stopped the dealer from investing a short phone call in the last concrete prospect?
    Would have been nice and fair, wouldn't it?
    No more & no less ...

  • As people reading along, we don't know the reasons on Lobmüller's side and it would be rash to judge it further. I think every dealer - including those who continue to wave the SAAB flags - is happy about a real purchase and budget that can be worked with. In the case of a customer who has made a firm purchase and then possibly stays in their own company (as well as a workshop customer), this is the desired state. Unfortunately, Tom had the not so good cards at this point 🙂

  • Even if it wasn't nice, maybe you can give a Saab dealer a bad day.
    Otherwise this is a very nice and competent dealership which takes you on a journey back in time to the time when Saab was more or less successful.
    There are also some very ugly stories about a merchant in the far north of the north that is always mentioned here as very laudable ...
    Where there is a lot of light, there is always shadow

  • If the buyer was a blog reader ... would he report here?

    • @ Ken-Daniel Seems like he's not. In any case, it has a very nice and neat 9-5 arc. I give it to him.

  • This is really extremely annoying. If even a down payment doesn't do anything to substantiate your intention to buy, then I don't know anymore. On the other hand, I don't want to know how often car buyers act with phone calls and then never get in touch or at least have the decency to cancel.

  • When I hear it like that (Tom & Aero-9-3), I'm really glad I didn't experience it myself. Or did I just successfully suppress such an experience? Could also be ...

  • Unbelievable this behavior. Dan gets really angry.

  • That was a very nice ………. Feeling. How cruel.
    The “without a contract” has bitterly avenged ... Are just (car) dealers. The Hanseatic word probably only applies to merchants.
    I've also been through a situation like this: I made a binding reservation for the SAAB at the dealer, even offered a deposit, which was kindly declined and announced my coming for the next Saturday. My gut feeling told me the Friday before (3 days later), call again and announce your coming again tomorrow (!). Answer: the SAAB is sold. A dealer with a trailer was there yesterday and immediately took the SAAB away. Speak to you soon. Period, off the mouse. I was pissed off. Probably similar to Tom ...

  • Oh dear, that can be really frustrating. Real compassion - but maybe something better will follow?

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