In the mood for something special - Saab 9-3 V6 Aero Carlsson

Maybe all the talk about electric cars is getting on your nerves? We have something that is guaranteed to be incorrect, but is fun. The Saab 9-3 V6 Aero in the rare Carlsson version. This particular model flies below the radar even with fans of the brand. One only wonders why?

Saab 9-3 Aero V6 Carlsson
Saab 9-3 Aero V6 Carlsson

Carlsson models for England

Eric Carlsson was particularly popular there and the country was his retreat in old age. A few specimens have also been spotted in the Netherlands, Germany remained the white spot on the map. In any case, the Germans have missed something. Because the Carlsson version is noble and rare. She is also strong and athletic.

The special edition pays homage to Erik Carlsson
The special edition pays homage to Erik Carlsson

The reason for the special edition was that Eric Carlsson won the RAC rally in 1960. Incidentally, he also won 61 and 62 with his Saab 96. Saab honored the former works driver, who was brand ambassador and legend at the same time, on the 50th anniversary of the success with a special series of allegedly only 96 vehicles that bore his name.

The name Carlsson is an obligation

Of course, this Saab had to be sporty. So at Göta Älv they spiced it up with everything that was good and hot back then. XWD all-wheel drive with electronic limited slip differential, ultra sport suspension with level control and high performance brakes met the 2.8 liter V6 turbo. Its terrific warm-up during the morning cold start is of course highly reprehensible from an ecological point of view, but it warms the automotive soul. Its 280 hp are sufficient for sporty driving performance, the bill at the gas station is the immediate penalty.

Interior with premium leather and other nice things
Interior with premium leather and other nice things

In the interior, the Bose sound system and premium leather impress. Door handles, handbrake levers and the dashboard are also leather-covered ex works. When it comes to the exterior, Saab reached deep into the Turbo X box, and in principle the 9-3 Carlsson is a Turbo X with a few slight deviations. At the rear, the name Carlsson is emblazoned as an eternal homage to the Saab legend and in the interior you miss the specific turbo display of the TX. Here the Carlsson has to be satisfied with the normal display of conventional turbo models.

A 9-3 Aero Carlsson is for sale in Essen

At an address that Saab fans know and that is always interesting Vehicles offers. The Carlsson Saab has an exciting history because it was originally built as a right-hand drive and converted to a left-hand drive at the customer's request. His mileage is low, he has accumulated less than 40.000 kilometers.

There should be only 96 vehicles
There should be only 96 vehicles

As always, the question arises whether the Carlsson is a used car, an everyday vehicle, or a copy for a collection. Everyone has to give themselves the answer, the price of around € 23.000 is not a special offer. But this special Saab does not want to and does not have to be. Or, to be precise, he doesn't need to.

It is a piece of driving pleasure from Trollhättan, rarer and more exclusive than a Turbo X.

Pictures: (4/4) AMB Autohandelsgesellschaft mbH

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  • 23000 € due to a lettering on the tailgate? The car may be rare, but it remains a qualitatively unsatisfactory and not very innovative 9-3. Neither premium leather nor the “trimmed” dashboard helps. But I'm sure he'll find a buyer

  • Learned something new again.

  • The hammer, what a splendid sight!
    A super noble SAAB. The new owner have a lot of fun with it :-).

  • Is hot and makes you want to SAAB - especially on a cloudy day like today. Brilliant!

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