Saab for 40 years - from the 99 to the 9-3 convertible

Once Saab, always Saab! From the 99 to the 9-3 convertible - a completely satisfied Saab story. When I was faced with the decision to buy a slightly larger and faster car in 1979, I was initially at a loss. The premium brands from Germany did not affect me, because until then I had always used my automobiles from the 58 Beetle to a Bulli T1, Bulli T2 and Golf and bought them cheaply (which corresponded to my financial possibilities at the time).

Saab 9-3 Cabriolet - my best Saab
Saab 9-3 Cabriolet - my best Saab

An acquaintance at the time drew my attention to the fact that a questionnaire was printed in the FAZ that analyzed which car would go with one. My result was: Saab. At that time I still thought it was a Czech make, then I did some research and asked a Saab dealer in Freiburg about used cars.

I went out with a Saab 99, five-door with double carburetors in "nesquick brown". The car was a stunner. Spacious, quiet, sporty to drive and wonderful for long distances. The fact that the double carburetor always forced you to go into the workshop was manageable - the pleasant aspects outweighed by far.

But this piece of jewelry was getting on in years and was more susceptible to repair, so I parted with it with a heavy heart and bought a used “Ikea” Saab 80 (“Ikea drives Saab”) in white at the end of the 900s.

In the 90s a Saab 9000i CC followed in blue, then a metallic green 9000 CS, both vehicles that I was very satisfied with and that strengthened my bond with the brand. An unused leasing vehicle in my company then forced me to take over a Mercedes C-Class for a year - no comparison.

Not only that the automatic immobilizer made every start a tremendous game, the space, comfort and road holding were far behind my Saab-spoiled demands.

At the first opportunity in 1997, relieved again to my brand and a new 9-5 in blue. A new limousine driving experience, even quieter and more powerfully motorized, it lay steadfastly safe on the road at any speed. In the infancy of mobile communications equipped with a hands-free system, which was probably responsible for a number of interruptions in the ignition at full speed, I remained a satisfied Saab customer and had four more Saab 2009-9 follow up until 5, including a Sportcombi 3.0 TiD.

Apart from problems with the ignition box, which made me stumble twice abroad - but could be resolved relatively quickly thanks to the friendliest Saab workshops, I was completely convinced of all the characteristics of the brand and the driving comfort. In the meantime, two of my best friends had taken a liking to the brand from Trollhättan.

My dealer at the time said when I wanted to drive a convertible: One time 9-5 - always 9-5! Nevertheless, on the occasion of a workshop visit, he gave me a 9-3 convertible for one day - I immediately had a lot of fun with this car.

Due to the somewhat limited suitability for families, I had to postpone this request until 2008 and in April 2009 I received my 9-3 convertible in iceblue-metallic.

In the middle of GM's decision to turn the tap on Saab, I was still happy about the fulfillment of my long-awaited wish and can now say a good 10 years later that the convertible is the best Saab I have ever had. A new battery and otherwise breakdown-free 190.000 km (I know that this actually counts as an annual car) and lots of enjoyable trips, where the Saab convertible drivers seem to greet each other more again.

The former Saab workshop no longer exists, but a free workshop in which Saab experience and manpower is available, but which does not have to carry out more than the inspections and wear repairs. I'll drive this car as long as I can - the fleet has now been expanded to include a converted T6 Bulli, so the following applies:

Holidays in the Bulli, all other trips in the incomparable Saab convertible!

Text and image: Michael Broda

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    Elvira & Michael B.

    That's funny! The Saab fans with the same rare surname from the far north and the deep south are not related, not even known to each other, but drive the same beautiful convertible? 🙂 Great thing! There are many funny connecting stories among Saab fans!

    PS: Maybe all Brodas only drive Saab ??! 😉

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    Actually I'm just the silent reader of this blog, but the same, very rare name and also the fulfilled long-term dream of driving a 9-3 Aero BP convertible make me answer this great story from the far north. Have been a SAAB driver since Nov. 1976 and I hope I can drive this car until I hand in my driver's license.
    Elvira Broda

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    Very nice story - for me it's 30 years since I fell for our old Swedes ... just great cars that are cherished and looked after, but run in everyday operation ...

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    Volvaab - Jürgen (?) - Saab virus without an antidote for lack of interest from the pharmaceutical industry 😉

    Yes, that's right, that was a very funny comment that I also miss and whose author I don't remember. But since andreas61k fortunately also referred to it, it must have been Jürgen (?). I just “didn't get my neck full” 😉 and started another - unsuccessful - attempt to see if the author might not have more photos of this wonderful convertible in front of this wonderfully colored backdrop, not only from the back, but also from the front or the side. But “what not is is not” 🙂 😉

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    @ Ebasil (missing comments),

    I especially miss the one from the “other reader” and unfortunately I have also lost his name.

    I remember that this comment, with a wink of the eye, referred to the devastating effects of the Saab virus and a possibly economically justified lack of interest in the pharmaceutical industry to develop a vaccine against it for a small group. That was the best comment ...

    My own related equally to yours and the beautiful car and successful photo. It's just great how the heavenly color is reflected on the top left and bottom right, how the sky and the car are reflected on the natural diagonal in the picture. I can't get enough of it….

    Thanks again to the author for participating and congratulations on this beautiful Saab, which is even more beautiful than some other beautiful Saab.
    It is impossible to deny this to the heavenly.

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    Oh, thank you, then I'm reassured! 🙂

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    Where are the - really harmless - comments from Volvaab, another reader and me? 🙁 You were standing here yesterday.

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      @Ebasli We had to import a backup yesterday, about 6 hours of conversation were missing.

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    We also have such a convertible (same color combinations and engines - but with a deer), and it is absolutely reliable. My wife regularly receives compliments for this beautiful vehicle - from non-Saab drivers.
    Have a good trip, Michael!

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    Many thanks to Michael, he speaks from my soul!

    And as for Jürgen's comment - I also got infected at some point, and when the disease really broke out (about 10 years later), it could only be cured with the purchase of a Saab.
    What does healed mean here? I still suffer from the 'disease' today, it is also called passion! Because driving such a Swedish quality product on the streets is and remains a pleasure ...

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    And again a reminder of me to post my SAAB story here. This report also awakens the motivation to finally do it. 🙂

    The long-term loyalty to SAAB across the model series is well described and shows the fact that I was able to order a new SAAB at the time. Unfortunately, I missed this opportunity or did not have the financial means to buy a brand-new SAAB.

    Let's see if I can have at least 40 years of brand loyalty. From my point of view, nothing stands in the way 🙂

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