The Spanish side of life? Just an interlude?

A Saab is being sold in Spain. In principle, it is too good to be true. An aero of the first series, less than 80.000 kilometers on the clock. Light interior, midnight blue paint. Midnight blue! My favorite color when it comes to Saab. The Saab comes from a collection, should cost € 6.900.

A Saab 9-5 Aero on sale near Barcelona
A Saab 9-5 Aero on sale near Barcelona

He's parked in some small Spanish town whose name my Teutonic tongue can't pronounce. A quick look at the calendar makes it clear to me - a flight to Spain is not possible. It's February, just before Corona, and I've been running at 120% professionally for months.

I decide to forget about the Spanish Saab.

But forgot midnight blue? Is that possible? A few days later ... This vehicle won't let go of me. The color combination is too beautiful, the range is right, the price is too good. In Germany it would probably cost € 10.000. I keep looking at the ad. The location of the 9-5 is near Barcelona. Barcelona - there was something. One of our readers, based in Frankfurt and Barcelona, ​​had one Post published on the blog.

I am sending Lizi, as the reader is called, an email. Kind and careful. Maybe he would like to take a closer look at the Saab? He cannot do more than rejections.

One morning in February near Barcelona.

Lizi finds my mail in his mailbox. He knows the ad. The 9-5 Aero has been advertised for some time. Months ago, he himself became aware of the Saab. Because the key data were unusual. Year of construction 2000, not even 80.000 kilometers, beige interior. Very good condition, offered in its neighboring village. In addition, there is the special design of the advertisement. Two 9-5 Aero, silver and blue, in one photo. That is noticeable!

However, the asking price was still quite ambitious at the time. As he says, he kept his distance out of reason. In old age you would be more sensible, and 4 Saabs is really enough.

But Lizi wants to look at the Saab. He immediately agrees and makes an appointment with the owner. And I'm sitting in Germany very excited and waiting to see what happens.

Lizi meets Daniel.

When two Saab fans meet, it becomes entertaining. Daniel comes to the meeting point with his silver aero. It is also in impressive condition, very sporty and equipped with all accessories. Hours then go by in what are called gasoline conversations. Then finally the two of them talk about the Saab on offer.

The key data: Bought first hand about 3,5 years ago. Actually, the automatic is not Daniel's thing, but he wanted to own a “flawless and original” Saab. Since then, it has only driven 500 kilometers with it, and more and more vehicles have been added in the meantime. Now, for budget reasons, the midnight blue has to go.

Sounds exciting and unusual. Off to a test drive! Lizi's expectations are exceeded. The Saab 9-5 Aero is waiting under an original Saab protective tarpaulin. It airs, the paint shines in the evening sun. And when Lizi gets in for a test drive, the scents of new cars beguile his senses. I guess at that moment everything was already over.

The test drive was beyond his expectations. A really like new Saab that is 20 years old. The list of defects is short. Pixel error in the climate display. A few quirks in the paint that I noticed in the pictures. The shift gate cover is torn. That was it!

Due to the shortcomings, Daniel reduced the price. He calls out € 6.500, wants to check the car and change the oil. As a bonus there are 4-month-old Michelin tires that he mounts to replace the outdated tires.

Lizi is, as he later says, completely “high” from the test drive. Meanwhile, I'm waiting impatiently for his call in Germany. The hours go by and I hear nothing. Because Lizi first phoned Juan von berma, the Saab workshop in Barcelona. He knows just about every Saab in the area.

Will Juan find the 9-5 aero good?

Text: Tom & Lizi

7 thoughts on "The Spanish side of life? Just an interlude?"

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    Corona ...

    maybe doesn't belong here? But maybe?
    I have the dull feeling that the pandemic still plays a role in the Gentleman project.

    And I miss Tom's Corona columns from the beginning. In its unexcited and at the same time thoughtful manner, I have almost felt it as an anchor.

    When I couldn't bake pizza or bread because others had been crazy about flour, yeast and everything else possible and impossible, these columns and the comments on them kept building me up.

    It was like reassurance. There are still very many who refuse to face the pandemic with irresponsible denial and ignorance, but also refuse to flutter through supermarkets as headless chickens in panic and selfish fashion.

    In the meantime, I am so annoyed by Corona that I myself no longer know what I want to hear from whom and when on the subject. All I know is that I found the columns and comments great and helpful, and that the current situation in Berlin autumn is terrifyingly similar to last spring.

    We'll see how we all get through fall and winter. In any case, many thanks to the blog and readers for spring. It was mental support for me to find a different approach to the topic than in the supermarket or in the ÖR ...

  • blank

    It's great when you can help each other like that, that's the SAAB

  • Even if the 9-5 sedans don't suit my life, I always find them fancier! It's hard to believe that they are already young timers. It's an incredibly timeless design.

    I look forward to the continuation with this particularly beautiful copy ...

  • Menno, interrupted again at the next exciting point ... The tension continues to rise
    : )

  • blank

    That sounds too good to be true! So I hope that the midnight blue beauty finally made it to Germany - thanks to the help of Lizi and a positive assessment of the Saab fan workshop in Barcelona! Probably as a “remote purchase” and arriving in D only months later because of the lockdown.

    I like Tom's disc narrative technique, it's incredibly exciting! And it turns out that the saying “who knows what it's good for, something better will come” is mostly true. At least it was like that with all Saab purchases. And applies here already with regard to the silver snatched from under the nose in January. (And if the “Spaniard” doesn't get it, something EVEN better is sure to come.)

    It's great how the blog manages to turn virtual connections between Saab fans from different countries into real personal contacts - over thousands of kilometers! One of the blog's many wonderful effects!

  • blank

    I keep my fingers crossed …

    Tom & all readers including myself that it somehow works. Despite Corona ...

    I'm afraid it won't be that easy with the gentleman this time either. And what does simple even mean at this point in this saga?

    It is certain that it worked somehow, somewhere and at some point if I understood the teaser correctly.

    The way to this longed-for point in the story is obviously long and rocky ...

    But it's already cool to see the persistence shown and that the international community is so closed and helpful.

    I am happy to take this core message from the episode with me today and I am excited to see how things will continue after the latest Cliffhanger, whether and how often Tom Torture servant will let us stew on a low flame before we finally get to know the gentleman.


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