7th International Saab Autumn Meeting in Luxembourg

The meeting is popular and a fixture on Saab's agenda. Even in times of Corona, the 11th international Saab took place in Luxembourg from September 13th to 7th. Of course, under strict hygiene rules and behind a mostly saabige protective mask.

7th international Saab meeting Luxembourg
7th international Saab meeting Luxembourg

None of this did any harm to the fun, on the contrary. The result was a remarkably beautiful video of the meeting. It puts a good mood in all faces, maybe also a little sadness, if you couldn't be there. Beautiful cars are on the move in a wonderful landscape. The weather seems to mean well and with perfect light provides the necessary ingredients for the video. As always, the organizer was Saab Club Luxembourg, which was supported by many sponsors and helpers.

Automobile Saab culture lives on even in these difficult times. The brand and the love for it also connect across national borders and nationalities. And that's the real good news that the video carries.

5 thoughts on "7th International Saab Autumn Meeting in Luxembourg"

  • Thanks to Luxembourg for the good mood video 🙂

  • Simply wonderful to look at. The video whets the appetite for more joint ventures or, overall, for resumption for joint trips!

  • Just beautiful 🙂

  • Great video, thank you for that. It's also nice to discover one or the other friend safe and sound. And the vehicles are all tip top.

    SAAB is alive, also thanks to these meetings.

  • Immediately puts you in a good mood

    The video is shot and edited great. Fascinating and vivid images. Great tracking shots.

    I know the film business from the analogue era without drones. Back then, this film would have cost a six-figure budget with these recordings and this camera work.

    1.000 thanks to Luxembourg for the great pleasure.

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