Is he chic? A Saab Cabriolet with less than 10.000 kilometers!

This is the stuff automotive dreams are made of. A Saab Cabriolet, hardly any kilometers, good equipment. You could get weak there. Because this open Saab is definitely not a bland used car. It exudes the flair of a new car and it promises many years of driving pleasure.

Rare - a 9-3 anniversary convertible
Rare - a 9-3 anniversary convertible

Saab convertibles are stable in value

There is one thing that Saab Cabriolet drivers hardly know about. The word depreciation. An open Saab is stable in value if you drive the right model and the right year of manufacture. The second edition of 9-3 has never been in the valley of tears. Although the first years of construction are not as popular as later versions, there are small differences here too.

As was customary at Göta Älv, Saab maintained the model range in meticulously coordinated doses. The cabriolet shown here is one of the sought-after intermediate models. The exterior design corresponds to the subtle, original shape. In the interior, however, the tidy dashboard is installed. It ended the button war in 9-3, which some fans regretted at the time.

But the technology behind it was even more important. The old bus system flew out, corporate technology flew in, the Saab got rid of its teething problems. In addition, there were other measures that improved quality and noise comfort. From the 2007 model year, the 9-3 is considered really good, although the predecessors were not bad.

A Saab 9-3 anniversary model

Saab celebrated its birthday in 2007. 60 years of cars from Trollhättan, there were gifts for the fans again. Saab 9-5 and 9-3 were offered as anniversary models, this convertible is one of them. Easily recognized by the special rims, the Saab lettering embossed in the bi-color leather seats, and the iconic ice blue paint.

The 175 hp 2 liter turbo provides the drive. One of the recommended engines for the convertible, which is strong and yet frugal. With a little effort he can give the Saab wings, he is the optimal basis for the deer performance increase. The earlier one works out of 175 hp Saab factory tuner 195, from 265 Nm it turns 310.

This means that no more performance requirements remain unfulfilled, and the optimized engine management system also reduces consumption. The performance cure from Switzerland would definitely be a recommendation, because it also tunes the automatic 5-speed transmission more harmoniously.

Why this convertible?

Less than 10.000 kilometers are a rarity. To describe the equipment as coherent would be too little. As an anniversary model, the open 9-3 is of course a very special temptation. If you like the automatic and there is little to say against it, then there is no detail that goes against this Swede from the Magna plant would speak in Austria.

Because the small, fine trivialities are also right. The turbo needle in the dashboard, for example. It is always included in the Aero models, but is missing in the basic versions. And is missed by the real fans with a crying heart.

The Saab is for sale in Hilden. The only thing that remains is the price. Almost €30.000 can make your heart race at first glance. But it's not a very unusual price if you take a closer look at the current price level. You can still negotiate. And what is money if you can drive a Saab anniversary model for it?

Pictures: AG Autopark Hilden

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    Number games

    First of all, for 30 K I think it is set too high and I said that one way or another.
    But as Alter Schwede correctly writes, such cars with 100 to 150 thousand still cost around 10 K.

    Something like that, I see it for this Saabrio too. This is exactly where it could land once with the same mileage. Then you would have a loss of value of 15 to 20 cents per kilometer - and that is the negative scenario.

    Less is quite possible. The maximum (20 cents) is set. For this you would have to buy the vehicle without negotiation and sell it again for € 150 thousand for € 0.

    So one can hope that it will also be cheaper.

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    I may be (gladly) wrong, but I don't think the car, as beautiful as it is, is worth the asking price. I also do not think that it will trigger such a desire as a collector's vehicle that is wrapped in someone in a hall. These models are there to drive and enjoy, whether daily or as a seasonal vehicle, it doesn't matter. You belong on the street! And there is also one with 100 and 150 thousand KM, for just under 10 notes.

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    @ Ken-Daniel S & saab_owl,

    I don't understand the arguments. Why is price a reason not to drive this Saab?
    Wouldn't one then have to put away almost every new car, every day and short registration?

    Most of them are much more expensive and are still driven. And, as a rule, they also lose value while standing, which is why hardly anyone would think of putting them away ...

    Perhaps this is potentially a little different with this piece of jewelry? Perhaps. But its relative rarity and exclusivity also allow many kilometers with a comparatively small (!) Loss of value.

    Hardly any Audi, BMW or whatever else is currently rolling off the production line without limits and speaks more for driving pleasure - a relatively inexpensive one at that ...

    What I also don't understand is why - if you wanted to put it away - you should drain the operating fluids? I always thought, you do it the other way around, fill everything up to the upper edge of the lower lip so that condensation and rust have as little (play) space as possible?
    And that everything is only drained again when commissioning and exchanged for fresh operating fluids.

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    @ Ken-Daniel S
    This is exactly what drives me. Use as a daily driver? Certainly unthinkable at this price. As a seasonal vehicle? A well-maintained specimen with “normal” second / third vehicle mileage around 100 TKM would certainly be the better choice. If you have the time, you will always find such specimens. So I could only imagine storing such a specimen properly, draining all liquids, temperature-controlled parking space - for a very special event. Maybe someone will put away such a vehicle for the 17th / 18th. Birthday of his child? But who knows what harassment policymakers will come up with over the next few decades and, in the worst case, make releasing impossible. Difficult…

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    If a car has so few kilometers, then I would get a guilty conscience if I drive it more than 3000km a year, even though you actually want to drive more because it's so fun

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    Unfortunately, the special models are always mixed up. Here officially, since I have both catalogs in front of me, the correction, Tom is absolutely right here. I'll limit myself to the 9-3 Cabriolet. The special models “60 Years of Saab Automobile” for the 2007 model year were available in the following metallic colors: ice blue, silver, parchment, sapphire blue, steel gray, jet black, smoke gray. A year earlier there was the special model “Anniversay 2006” with the three colors electric blue, jet black and parchment. If you have any questions about the special models, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    The convertible is awesome, without a doubt. The price too ......

    The bon mot “sporty price” has often been mentioned. Is the price sporty or is it actually pretty outrageous?
    Who could the potential buyers be? The pack of bargain hunters? The major fraction of lessees? Or even the cool young driver? I don't think so. And hand on heart, who will buy a Saab today without being a Saab freak? Just. And with the Saab freaks it is like that, there are not one or two in the stable, no, often there are four, five or more cars. Do you really need one now? Most will say no now.

    Isn't it the case that the Saab star is fading more and more? The “yes but” outweighs and you tend not to buy without ever experiencing how incredibly great it is to drive a Saab. In my around 20 years as a Saab driver, I was able to bring two colleagues to Saab. Many showed interest and ended up buying one, well, you know.

    I think the air for selling this beautiful convertible is very thin. We'll see and I'll be the last one who wouldn't be happy if the 93 comes into good hands.

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    3 photos, 3 colors

    Quiz solved. Thank you, Saabantium. He is chic. Stable value? More like yes and no. Depends on its future use. Even in a collection, it is unlikely to be an investment property with a return.
    What I see is a cool car that you could and should drive with appropriate care with little loss of value. It would be a shame if not ...

    And I also think the price is sporty. No matter how well and professionally it has been stored so far, cars age even when they are stationary and without salt, water, UV, cold, heat or whatever.
    Unfortunately, it is enough for plasticizers to evaporate from plastic parts. A steam locomotive was easier to preserve.

    Well negotiated, I see a fantastic car in the offer that can be driven with little depreciation and great pleasure. That is also an exciting option.

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    Nice car and a sporty price ... more like a car for a collection
    and according to the VIN decoder the color is 'Ice Blue'

  • blank

    Tom - color

    I still have the advertising brochure from that time, according to which the Anniversary Model 2007 was only available in Electric Blue and, for those who don't like color, in black. Should I scan it and email it?

    However, it is really difficult to see in the photo, if at all, it looks lighter than the color in reality.


    • blank

      @Ebasli - I believe you. But I remember, and I am very sure that all colors could be ordered. And ice blue was the special color for the anniversary models. Because back then I had ordered a 9-5 Biopower Anniversary in ice blue. But never get what's another story.

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    Definitely VERY chic! At that time I tried out such an anniversary model, but then ordered the new car in the slightly darker “sapphire blue” (also a great, unfortunately very rare color), which I liked better. I had a lot of fun with the 2007 interim version with the more user-friendly and, in my opinion, nicer, because better structured interior! The new owner of this rare piece of jewelery will certainly feel the same way!

    As the biggest fan of the color blue 🙂, I am very sure that this blue of the Anniversary models was called “Electric Blue”. The “Ice Blue” was much brighter - see the convertible by reader Michael B. presented here a few days ago with the great light blue-green photo.

    • blank

      @Ebasli - I'm not sure about the color, nor was it when writing the post. The pictures are not optimal - the lighting conditions vary. Ice Blue appeared and probably appears to me.

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