Interlude in Frankfurt. Money and plans and a trip.

Thumbs up in Barcelona. Juan von Berma thinks the 9-5 is a good car. Lizi finally calls and tells about the test drive. He's completely excited, so am I. When it comes to toys, it doesn't matter how old you are. The little boy of yore keeps coming through. The Saab, it is something of a hidden treasure.

Interlude - Classical City of Frankfurt
Interlude - Classical City of Frankfurt

In fact, the Saab is a new car.

With small flaws that hardly matter. Lizi was able to lower the price a bit, I'm thrilled. To buy? Yes buy! Midnight blue, beige, great condition. That pulls and must be. Mandatory! How do we do it with the money, I ask? Transfer to the seller's account? And how about the transport?

Well Spain. As a German, how do you buy a 20 year old car in Spain? Money against car. To put it more precisely: cash against the hardware. Step by step. Lizi gets my money, drives to Daniel, fetches the car. Then we'll see how it comes to Germany.

Plans are good, but they don't last.

But Corona is lurking in the background. And I transfer € 6.500 to someone who is still completely unknown. Am I careless, crazy? When it comes to money, I'm cautious, almost conservative. Simply sending an amount around and waiting to see what happens is basically not my thing. Lizi and I - we have never seen each other, only know each other by email and phone. I could write now, in Saab circles you can do something like that easily. You can. Perhaps.

Some things are really different. For example salesman Daniel. He doesn't want a deposit or security. The word is enough for him, he patiently waits until the 9-5 is picked up. But that's not general. There are also black sheep in Saab circles, so the scene is no different from the rest of the world.

It's risky, but calculated. I rely on my knowledge of people. The chemistry on the phone is right, this Lizi from Barcelona is just as infected with Saab as I am. A wavelength to put it in a nutshell. I'm transferring to Spain and I'm excited to see how things develop.

The project has now also been given a name. Lizi calls him a “gentleman”. The name solidified over the next few months and will remain permanent. I reject the idea of ​​looking for a Swedish name for the 9-5. In the meantime, Lizi has the agreed amount in Barcelona.

Just before absolute standstill.

It's the middle of February. Lizi will pick up the Saab at the end of the month. It doesn't work earlier because he's on the go. Flies with the largest airline in Germany. Yet. A few days later he is in Frankfurt. A great opportunity to finally get to know each other personally. We arrange to meet in the classic city.

Lizi comes with his 9000, I with the 9-3 Aero. His 9k is in fantastic shape and if Gentleman is similarly good then he'll be a hit. How is it when two Saab crazy people of almost the same age meet? The evening will be entertaining and amusing. We understand each other, and what was already announced on the phone: we are on the same wavelength.

We use the opportunity to concretise the plans for the 9-5 Aero. The timetable looks like this: On February 27th, Lizi picks up the Saab. Bring him to berma, inspection and TÜV are done there. The paint defects should also be fixed, which is cheaper in Spain than in Germany.

Then, in March, the 9-5 should go to Germany. Theoretically, we have three options to choose from. They sound really good and I feel like suggesting number 1. I'm flying to Barcelona, ​​we're going to eat together. Then departure towards Germany. A long trip through Spain and France, I haven't had that in a long time.

Or plan number 2, Lizi is going on an extensive tour towards Germany. Which he would like to do, as he says.

The third, least of all, the least charming idea is to use a forwarding agent for transportation. But we have a choice. Let us think in our carelessness. Corona is becoming more and more specific.

We have no inkling that in a few days almost all of Europe will stand still!

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  • Cool! Could be the nicer and better car than the one from Talheim, where they didn't want to sell it to Tom. The Spaniard certainly delivers the more exciting story. I'm already looking forward to next Wednesday!

  • Great! I look forward to the sequel.
    How did the assessment of the workshop proceed? Probably still to come ...

  • Old Boys & their Toys

    Nice, warming chapter - even if you are still worried about how it will go on ...

    I give my elder to read. He's slowly going through puberty, losing his childhood and playmates with whom he could push cars over the carpet.

    So he does it on his own, which is a little sad but also very impressive, because after his voice broke extremely early and spontaneously, the engines and exhaust sounds from his children's room suddenly have a pretty cool & sonorous bass overnight.

    He will like the fact that the best is yet to come, that many girls & boys develop an instinct to play together and in friendship again at the age of 18 and sometimes live it out for life.

    The 9K is a dream. Lizi once wrote here that he was lucky if I remember correctly. He's also a helpful one. Really a very nice chapter.

  • very exciting, I'm curious how it will go on. Delivering Saab would be a nice job

  • Good thriller stuff! Tom, your narrative style reminds me of Frank Schätzing's thriller "The Swarm"

  • Nice tension arc :-). The child in the man will probably live forever, which is also good!

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