That's crazy - LVM advertising with the Saab 900

Do insurance companies like Saab? The impression is obvious, because the LVM insurance company is currently advertising the Saab 900 II 9-3 I. In the Rhön a local agency is flying the flag extensively and in several places - for Saab. Or for insurance. And also on the homepage of the headquarters - Saab. That is crazy.

LVM Versicherung advertises the Saab 900 II
LVM Versicherung advertises the Saab 900 II

Of course, it's about car insurance

Autumn is always the hot time to change insurance, which opens the advertising budget for the agencies. It is probably the creative advertisers who like Saab and maybe even move you. At least that would fit into the generally accepted cliché.

In LVM insurance is not the first that Saab has discovered for itself. In 2015, Zurich Versicherung advertised the Göta Älv brand and the slogan of true love (Vero Amore). The Video was a hit back then, it is still available today.

The wonderfully well-kept Saab 900 II 9-3 I in LVM advertising should have survived the campaign unscathed. The white stripe that stretches across the paint appears to come from a paper or plastic roll on closer inspection of the display.

Breathe easy, because the Saab is slowly becoming a Swedish cultural asset. The series drifts leisurely towards the classic status and the H license plate. Even if you don't look at the timelessly elegant hatchback.

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    Well, my sympathy has belonged to the LVM for many years anyway. Not only because they advertise with the SAABs there, but also because obviously far more intelligent people work there than in the Munich city administration.
    Why do I mean that? Very easily!
    The “LIMUX” project, ie the introduction of Linux as the basic operating system, was abolished in Munich on the grounds that most of the employees there did not get along with the system at all. Now the Microsoft company is being thrown back into the throats of millions and it is once again becoming dependent on a quasi-monopoly.
    As far as I know, the LVM has been working with Linux for almost twenty years, and the employees in Münster and the shop stewards in the on-site offices get along very well with it.
    Incidentally, my father-in-law and a friend who is a driving instructor, too, and neither of them know much about computers. But of course that's actually all OT 😉

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    Finally went to the cinema yesterday. You know for sure which car in 'Tenet' plays a role that cannot be neglected in the storyline? 😉 It's nice that in addition to the high density of German makes, a 9-5 NG was not only briefly in the picture, but also had a whole scene ...

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    With the Zurich insurance advertisement from 2015 you can of course see the Saab in all its glory.
    However, Zurich put on a new spot in 2020 and there you can only see the front of the 93 for a very short time.
    The main thing is SAAB!

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    Zurich Insurance in Switzerland also repeatedly advertises a Saab 9-3 convertible in silver. You can only see the front very briefly, but it's clearly a Saab 9-3 III.

    Incidentally, I see it like Volvaab Driver; a Saab is clearly a popular figure and, on top of that, neutral.

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    Sooooi much Saab. Even Saab vs. Saab?

    The LVM spot (thanks again to saab_owl) is really great. And isn't it even 3 Saab within 30 seconds?

    The 9-3 I is set. In the end, a parked 900 (Sedan?) With the dog Rambo “at the wheel” rolls backwards and, if I'm not mistaken, hits a 900 Steilschnauzer whose front is briefly visible on the left edge of the picture.

    Saab experts are in demand here. How many and which Saab exactly can you find?

    We already knew that there is a lot that speaks in favor of Saab in terms of addressing (potential) policyholders. If, however, a third Saab actually appears in the spot and only marginally there, not embodying the LVM policyholder, but an injured party (a case for liability at LVM), then there is a lot to suggest that the vehicles in this production are from the The agency's vehicle fleet, the film production company and their employees come from.

    That would serve the cliché again.

    And by the way, there is the message that the owner or owners have full confidence in their cars. How many agency bosses or employees would their cars, youngtimers or oldtimers of other brands be available for parking bumpers?

    Saab versus Saab = no problem

    Pretty cool.

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    My mistake! Photographer Thomas clearly identified the commercial as a 9-3 I out of 98 or 99. While writing it became a 900 II, for whatever reason. You're right - I'm wrong!

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    Saab density (@ saab_owl)

    This one and another soon. Pleasingly a lot of Saab in a short video. Thanks for the link.

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    In the end it doesn't matter because the body is the same, an early 9-3 😉 looks very similar to the 900 II at that time.
    The headrest, the rear bumper, the radiator grille and the SE logo above the side indicators are clear.
    But one thing is certain, you can't be more neutral. With a SAAB you probably won't step on anyone's feet and it's nice if the brand remains timelessly present in this way.

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    Sure it's a 900 NG and not a 9-3 OG in the LVM commercial? The grille is at least from the 9-3 floor.

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    Isn't that a 9-3 I? Radiator grille and bumper * g * No integrated spoiler at the rear

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    isn't that a 9-3? Grille ??

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    In the spring, MC Donald had the Saab 9-5 in an advertisement and some
    Hotel Portal also had a 9-5 in summer advertising.
    Your heart always opens immediately!
    Super promotion from the LVM !!!

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    An excellent choice

    There are also professional reasons to take this Saab for this advertising. It is so neutral that it functions as a symbol (for all cars) and the entire target group.

    I can't think of an alternative that would do the job just as quickly.


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