The Flag Project - Jacob Dahlgren meets Saab

Arts and Culture. More valuable and more important than ever in our time. Because, in an atmosphere of loudspeakers and a crisis, something threatens to go under. The soft tones, the beautiful things. It is increasingly difficult for them to assert themselves. And isn't it precisely art and dealing with it that defines our culture?

Swedish car culture in the Kunsthof
Swedish car culture in the Kunsthof

Jabob Dahlgren meets Saab

The Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren presents “The Flag Project” in the Kunsthalle Göppingen. In the tradition of constructivism and minimalism, Dahlgren deals with the city's public space. The art gallery becomes a production facility that invites visitors to create their own abstract designs.

The drafts become reality. On site, flags will be sewn from them, which are to spread out from the Kunsthalle throughout the city. Before the exhibition opened, there was a preview and a guided tour of the exhibition exclusively for the Saab friends from Stuttgart.

Because what fits better than Swedish art and Swedish cars?

A Saab, especially the classic from Göta Älv, is an automotive asset and Swedish design at its best. So it is fitting when Swedish cars park under Dahlgren's flags and celebrate and discuss in the Kunsthof until late at night. About art, artists, the Swedish language and of course Saab.

It has something of Scandinavia, Stockholm, of Midsommar in the middle of autumnal Baden-Württemberg and of freedom in Corona times. Of qualities that you can of course experience and enjoy with a mask and with care.

And should definitely not be taken.

Jacob Dahlgren's “The Flag Project” is in the Art gallery Göppingen and to be discovered in the urban area until November 15th.

3 thoughts on "The Flag Project - Jacob Dahlgren meets Saab"

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    It was a very nice event, thanks a lot to the organizers.
    The flag project with the positive colors, very beneficial in these times.
    The long journey was well worth it.

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    SAAB is ART we always knew it! 😉

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    A very nice idea especially now when the art and cultural scene is having great difficulties. I also notice that in my environment. Smaller stages or online platforms are now an important support. Art connects. Art and Saab have even more in common.
    And if anyone is interested in classical music from a Saab driver, here is my mother's YouTube music channel:… / UCHADe4GiXGLSFBBc0pQUecw / videos

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