Spanish moments - lockdown and new paint for the Saab

Barcelona, ​​the second weekend in March. There is a strange mood in the country. The rumor mill is simmering. A great uncertainty and fear is spreading in the face of the ever worse corona reports. And then it comes. On March 13.03th, shortly before 21:00 p.m., the Spanish President announced the lockdown.

Saab 9-5 under palm trees
Saab 9-5 under palm trees

And he means it very seriously.

As of Monday, there will be an alarm throughout the country with an absolute curfew. Only grocery shopping, pharmacy, doctor visits and justified trips to work are allowed. And we already had the subject of other countries, other customs. Here, too, it comes into play: Tobacco shops are classified as essential and remain open. Vending machines have been banned here for years.

It is very strictly controlled.

The receipt must be carried when making purchases. You may only go to shops in your own place of residence. And there also those in the smallest distance. How narrowly it is interpreted will only become apparent later. According to the media, there were around 9.000 arrests and almost 635.000 fines from 600 euros and up for non-compliance with the curfew during the state of alarm. Depending on the type of “offense”, these could rise up to a mid five-digit amount.

The wonderful planning is obsolete

Because between Lizi and the Saab 9-5 there were 4 city limits. You overcome? Impossible! In Barcelona, ​​the corona regulations are handled creatively during this time. Berma has no employees, the owners Juan and Xavi maintain an emergency operation. They alternate in the workshop, the roller door remains closed.

In the meantime, the 9-5 Aero landed at the painter just before the lockdown. How long will he stay there, when will he come back to Berma? All of this is uncertain at this time. In Germany I see the situation with a certain calm. Rather, I'm worried about Lizi and Juan. The Saab is sure to reappear at some point. I hope…

But Corona is raging in Spain

The reports get worse every day, and the emergency service in the workshop turns into an emergency. Juan's COVID-19 is particularly bad. For a while, nothing works, Lizi and I only find out about it when the crisis is over.

Now we're kidding about the project.

Back from the painter, into the workshop
Back from the painter, into the workshop

When will the Saab come to Germany? On my autumn birthday? Or as a Christmas present? We agree on Christmas, but leave the year unmentioned. But Spain is Spain. On the one hand, very strict. On the other hand, always a surprise egg.

In April the Saab will be back at Berma

The exit restrictions are still in force and nobody wants to know how the 9-5 got from the painter to the workshop. Lizi is still stuck, but receives pictures from the “Gentleman Project”. The Saab now looks like a new car. Class! The completion of the project is still a long way off. Corona makes any transport impossible. If you can't get out of Barcelona, ​​you won't make it to Germany.

So there is some additional work.

Text: Lizi and Tom

7 thoughts on "Spanish moments - lockdown and new paint for the Saab"

  • Rims (@ Alter Schwede)

    Right. But overall, rims are a real Saab domain, I think. Other brands were rarely avant-garde and businesslike at the same time. At Saab, aluminum was seen as an opportunity from the start.

    For many years, Mercedes had an alloy wheel that was modeled exactly on a steel wheel. I didn't think it was bad back then because it looked clean, high-quality and classic at the same time - without any hubcaps or hubcaps.
    But it also manifests itself at the same time as conservative thinking and the missed opportunity to create something new with new material. That's exactly what the designers at Saab did ...

    If you were to film Cinderella with cars, different models from Saab (and of course Italian ball shoes & graces from Alfa) would compete for the main role.

    Almost everyone else has blood in their shoes.

  • Poor Juan! Hopefully he will be better and be completely healthy again! (Even those who have recovered sometimes have to struggle with the protracted consequences of COVID-19 and can hardly breathe, as colleagues of a friend report.) All the best and toi toi toi to Spain!

  • I feel the same way as Ken-Daniel & Detlef

    This chapter is actually even more exciting and I have not been able to differentiate between predecessor and successor model years for many other brands for a long time ...

    I only know that whoever was round & smooth last is now more angular and vice versa. But who does what when and why? ? ?

  • Exciting! And such a timelessly beautiful car in a great driving combination. Great!

  • It looks best with these rims.

  • Wow, that's getting more and more exciting.

  • Due to the successful and somehow timeless design, in my opinion it even looks better than a new car from so-called German premium brands - at Mercedes I don't know whether a current model is in front of me or an older version - the designers there can't think of anything.

    I'm really looking forward to the continuation of the exciting “import drama”.


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