The one who was late - Saab 9-3X 2.0 Turbo XWD

Some things just happen too late. The lost time, you never catch up again. One of those that was definitely late is the Saab 9-3X. This is unfortunate because it was an attractive model for the niche and could have polished up the Saab image. But he was late. By 10 years to define it more precisely.

Saab 9-3x 2.0 Turbo XWD 2010
Saab 9-3X 2.0 Turbo XWD 2010

Volvo showed the way

With the 1998 model year, Volvo defined the category of off-road station wagons. The V70 XC came onto the market, and Audi followed suit with the Allroad two years later. In Trollhättan, the new Saab 9-5 station wagon was pushed onto the stage, saw the opportunities and also planned a trendy off-road variant.

A Saab from a collection is offered in the Netherlands
A Saab from a collection is offered in the Netherlands

It was planned for 1999, but it never came, there were only a few pictures and announcements. The small but fine segment of long-legged premium station wagons was played by other brands from now on. It wasn't until 10 years later. With the 2009 model year, Saab presented a lifestyle version of the 9-3 station wagon. Provided with off-road typical attachments, a fresh design and, with the gasoline engine, with XWD all-wheel drive.

Saab 9-3X an exception

It is well known that if things go wrong, things really go wrong. This is what happened with the Saab 9-3X. Not only was it late on the market, it also appeared at an inopportune time. Owner GM expected the brand to go into bankruptcy with subsequent restructuring. Shortly afterwards the final end, which first ended in an abandoned sale to Koenigsegg, and then in a takeover by Spyker.

The equipment is very good, the Saab checkbook is well maintained
The equipment is very good, the Saab checkbook is well maintained

That was too much for the workforce, dealers and customers. The Saab 9-3x, which should have deserved the attention, went down in the disturbance from Detroit. This is a shame in several ways, because the potential customers missed an individual car from Sweden.

Saab 9-3X 2.0 Turbo XWD 2010

These vehicles are accordingly in demand today. They are continuously traded at high prices and the price level occasionally prompted dealers to import vehicles from southern countries to Germany. The 9-3X, which is offered in Belgium, does not come from the hand of a commercial supplier, but from that of a lover.

Sunroof, all-wheel drive, 6-speed automatic
Sunroof, all-wheel drive, 6-speed automatic

The vehicle is remarkable because it is very well equipped. Sunroof, bi-xenon headlights, electric seats, 6-speed automatic and as a gasoline engine the all-wheel drive with Haldex clutch, everything is on board. Of course, the all-wheel drive Saab was maintained according to the checkbook. All inspections and also Haldex maintenance are verifiable.

Saab Terrain Belgium

The Saab, whose condition is estimated to be that of a new car, is sold due to the downsizing of a collection. If you now add the low mileage of 76.500 and the Arctic-White color, which is optimal for this model, you might suspect a certain asking price.

The Saab, of course, has its price
The Saab, of course, has its price

One is correct with this premonition. You should only consider Belgium as a location, a traditionally good, but never cheap Saab terrain. As soon as you look, the price tag is already € 23.950.

The discussion about the price can be given away. Vehicles like these are rare, and there is no market price as such.

As a result, the Saab 9-3X is good, debits the current account and strikes. Or let it be.

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    I wanted to get a black 9-3X from this Greek importer (like andreas61k) but then had to do with a titanium-gray 9-3 2.0T AT XWD. Unfortunately, my 6th and currently last Saab didn't even stay 2 years. Despite the best Saab workshop and care, the arm made us. In addition to XWD oil every year (which was OK) but also broken XWD diff, plus secondary pump and other expensive parts (before the running costs) let me separate it because unfortunately a bottomless pit ... What a pity, we all loved that great, comfortable and fast-paced Saab even if it felt like the engine check lamp came on every 2nd start ... If my dream car was I saw a 9-3X when I visited the Saab museum in 2009 ... my heart hurts so much when I see a 9-3X, but it does was almost my ruin…. such a beautiful Saab….

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    As an enthusiastic SAAB driver since 1987 and currently with a 9-3X 2.0 T, born in 2010, on the road.
    For me the best purchase since SAAB exists!
    A note regarding maintenance of the Haldex coupling on the 9-3X:
    My trust garage ( sucks the oil resp. the sump from the Haldex coupling using a vacuum pump. In this way, perfect operation is achieved again.
    My XWD is now 10 years old and can do 180000km!
    Now comes the time again in the snow when a big smile or even bigger smile spreads on my face!

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    I've been lucky enough to have been driving such a piece of jewelery (in pearly black and without AHK) for a few years. Incidentally, it comes from the same dealer who imports from Greece, and back then I paid an acceptable price for very few kilometers (a little over 50 thousand kilometers). Since then, I've always been happy to get in and enjoy the absolutely safe driving experience, whether on narrow, winding country roads or on the motorway.
    At around 10 years old, it doesn't look outdated or old-fashioned, the design, road holding and comfort are still up to date. And the lack of various beeping, blinking and creaking (supposed!) Helpers really spreads “driving pleasure”! Sorry, I know, the original slogan really doesn't come from Sweden, but it fits 100%.
    Certainly it is better to keep a cloak of silence about city consumption, but exclusivity has always had its price and driving sensibly on the motorway you can get under 9 l / km without being an obstacle in the right lane.
    It's a shame that we all know for sure that nothing new will follow.

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    After I did not reach some construction sites in the Winterlische Gebirge, after the turn of the millennium, the desire for a four-wheel drive vehicle also matured in me. If the 9-3x had better been a 9-5x sooner, I would probably never have had the idea to buy a 9-7x. ... but then I would have missed the V8 in the SAAB dress! 😉

  • blank

    Thank you Tom,

    I'm afraid that's exactly what I meant. When I see the pictures like this (e.g. with foil in wood decor), I almost wish I hadn't said anything ...

    But only almost. Is of course no comparison to or even an insult to the 9-3X, what you see there.

    Be that as it may, it is interesting what was going on in the USA back then and that valid approaches can actually be found in the horror cabinet. Good design and smart engines were definitely not one of them. But the crossover / SUV was probably invented there.
    Or the small car with a 5.0 liter V8, whose meaningfulness and validity one can confidently doubt, but whose existence again is not. Fascinating.

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    Do you know WHY the diesel didn't exist as an all-wheel drive? Completely incomprehensible! Only with regard to the typical Saab petrol turbo fans? The normal 9-3 station wagon sold very well as a diesel, of course with a turbo. The consumption of a gasoline all-wheel drive would keep me away and would definitely have opted for a diesel - if it had existed. Would have ... typically Saab, you know ... 🙁

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    @ Freising 86,

    we Prussians understand that. The proverbial hot cakes are no longer an export good. It has long been lingual national common property.
    The North German alternative might still be for something like freshly sliced ​​bread to sell.

    Nobody here believes that rolls or even rolls could compete with the bread roll ...

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    The later the evening ...

    Really wonderful. White is also my favorite color for the 9-3X. And the 2.0T is my favorite because diesel with XWD never existed ...

    Unfortunately came too late and a little half-heartedly. As Ken-Daniel said, good Diesel and XWD would have been attractive right now.

    By the way, there was a model for this genre long before the XC or Allroad from Volvo or Audi. Unfortunately I didn't research it right away, but in the USA there was a compact and long-legged station wagon with all-wheel drive after the oil crisis.

    This is probably the first vehicle of its kind that I have encountered at least three times on German roads and fascinated me every time.

    At the first contact I suspected an individual modification / tuning. But this car really existed in series. It disappeared several years before European manufacturers would take up this charming idea again,
    quite simply back into oblivion. Possibly plain and simple because the oil crisis was over and no second was on the horizon.

    In the USA, the oil crisis was probably one of the most creative phases in the national automobile industry. Just think of such legendary and bizarre small cars as the AMC Pacer. If I'm not mistaken, the 9-3X, Volvo XC and Audi Allroad have a model that dates back to the late 1970s and the USA. Maybe the all-wheel drive box that I was looking for but couldn't find an AMC?

    • blank

      @ √olvaab AMC made what would be called a crossover today. Of the Eagle was a pioneer there.

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    Hi all.
    It is definitely my dream car !!!
    Add the 9-4X and I would do without a 9-5NG ...
    Greetings from Oldenburg
    Andre T

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    If I remember correctly, a dealer kept bringing 9-3X from Greece to Germany. The prices weren't without it either, but things went like hot cakes. (That's what they say in Bavaria. For the Prussians: rolls or something)
    I think the 9-3X is currently under the radar (pretty low). While the 9-4X and 9-5 NG still make eyes wet, nobody has the 9-3X on their wish list. Or hardly any ...

    @ Ken-Daniel: It already existed as a TTiD, only without four-wheel drive - unfortunately - and incomprehensible.

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    Didn't the 9-3x really exist as a diesel with all-wheel drive? I thought I'd seen ads like this before. I would also be very interested in the numbers Ken-Daniel asked for.

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    The report on the 9-3X is pretty optimistic. For 3 months now I have tried to sell my great 9-3X XWD with Hirsch Performance and other HP goodies, with automatic, with a meticulously kept service booklet, with only 93000 km for 17900,00 euros! Resonance? Two people were halfway interested in the X, that was it. Why is this great car not generating more interest? I don't know, but I decided to keep the X, because as the report correctly states, such a 9-3X is a very fine and rare car. Good for the one who has 🙂

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    In my opinion, the TTID motor was missing in the 9-3X, which would certainly have led to higher orders in Central Europe at the time. Diesel automatic A little more ground clearance with all-wheel drive would have been a top combination.
    It just didn't exist, but there are now some beautiful collector's vehicles. When did the Turbo4 engine come into the 9-3X? And do you know how many 9-3Xs could ultimately be built including the real Griffin 9-3x?

    • blank

      @ Ken-Daniel With the introduction of the Griffin series there were 2 Turbo4 engines (220 and 163 HP). Only the stronger, optionally with automatic, also the TTiD4, which could be ordered with both automatic and manual switching. But diesel always with front-wheel drive.

      How many vehicles were built eludes me, the transition to the Griffin was fluid. Especially with the 9-3X, what was currently on the line or what the warehouse in Nyköping was still available was installed and combined, so you were creative.

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