Two crazy Saab fans and a garage in Spain

The relationship between the Spaniards and old cars is said to be quite relaxed. If a German comes who wants to have a 20-year-old Saab nice, then that is at least questionable. Just the Germans ... The lockdown in the spring is used to initiate a few things that I'm actually in Frankfurt or Bamberg would have wanted to have it done.

A few extra jobs while we are hoping for the transport
A few extra jobs while we are hoping for the transport

But Barcelona is just as far away as Bamberg this spring, I'm stuck in the Bavarian lockdown, Lizi in the Spanish variant. In total changes Berma all the fluids Dani hadn't already swapped. A few hoses are being replaced, the brake discs are no longer 100%.

The front should be replaced soon, so we'll take care of that right away. I prefer that ATE Powerdisk, OEM quality from Germany. Unfortunately, more and more inferior Chinese quality comes from the Swedish shelves, which does not please.

And because Juan is busy with the brakes, he also paints the calipers. All of this is questionable by Spanish standards. Very strange, very German. I quickly got rid of my nickname “El Mad Tom”. You don't have to explain it. It is meant lovingly, I am assured.

The Aero at Berma in Barcelona
The Aero at Berma in Barcelona

Two crazy Saab fans and the crisis

So I spend money in Spain. For a car that I'll see one day. But it's not my own money. Lizi pays the bills. It's easier and I'm supposed to transfer the money when the project is finished. And so he pays the painter, the motorway toll, the workshop in Barcelona. And he agrees to give shelter to the Saab 9-5 if Berma releases it for collection. 4-digit amounts quickly come together, which he interprets for me.

Is that normal? Or is that the crisis, the cohesion that makes it, and the Saab factor?

Then in May the news that the TÜV was done. Berma has completed all the work. The “gentleman” is not allowed to go to Germany, but finally to Lizi's garage.

ATE Powerdisk - it has to be
ATE Powerdisk - it has to be

But first you have to be allowed to go to Barcelona

And that with the "allowed" is a big problem. Because Spain is not as relaxed as Germany, and the country is not only theoretically tight. It really is - in the stranglehold of SARS-CoV-2.

The restrictions on moving between parishes are still in place. And they are becoming more and more confusing. So confusing that a group of young Spanish computer scientists have put a website online where everyone can check whether they are allowed to move from A to B.

So Lizi is not allowed. Barcelona remains taboo for him. Officially, at least! So creative measures are needed. Lizi makes an appointment with a doctor friend in Barcelona who happens to have his practice near Berma.

Compulsory break - shelter with Lizi!
Compulsory break - shelter with Lizi!

That way, getting in and out of the Catalan capital is no problem. Then with the 9-5. So the gentleman ends up in Lizi's garage again. For a short time, we think.

And while the Saab is parked safely in a Spanish garage, I'm doing a few things in Germany. There was my personal disaster with him Lobmüller car dealership. As collateral damage, Saab parts are still lying in the hangar like an aero bumper. What do I do with it because it fits the facelift, but not the Spanish Saab?

Sell, give away? Or another idea? Better to do something briefly. Some creative Saab work in the lockdown of spring 2020 will shorten the waiting time for the Aero. I already have an idea.

10 thoughts on "Two crazy Saab fans and a garage in Spain"

  • @sabansbraten Watched closely! That with the lettering was of course also noticed in Barcelona without my having to say anything. They hiked where they left the factory.

    The chassis is original and a little higher before the facelift. Aero 1.0 puts more emphasis on comfort, 2.0 from 2001 more on sportiness.

  • Was the Aero lettering on the fender attached to your (@Tom) request above the turn signal, or was it worked inaccurately (I find unoriginal lettering after paintwork quickly smacked of “not much trouble”)?

    In the photos of the very chic Aero Sedan, I notice again and again that it looks quite high - does it still have the original suspension in it, or is one tire dimension too small? I remember the Aero standing there fuller.

  • @Volvaab Perseverance is difficult. But you have no chance - you are practically helpless.

  • From week to week I like the gentelman even better than a week before.

    The first of the three possible fronts for a 9-5 has something. Turn signals, headlights and grill form a shiny, bright band in the dark blue - simple and beautiful! A really good litter ...

    How do you endure having to wait so long?

  • @ Charles I think this Lizi, which is really great, only exists once.

  • That's what I call Saab friendship and solidarity, great. We should all be like Lizi

  • Thanks for the sequel story ... and it's still not over. A happy ending, I hope (and grant)!
    The 9-5 he looks really very, very noble!
    Can understand the anticipation.
    If Lizi and Tom don't know each other ... then the financial management is worth a special CHAPEAU! Great.

  • Would like to have a Lizi for the next Saab purchase! Great guy!

  • The brand emblem on the bonnet urgently needs to be changed!

  • I've been waiting all morning 🙂
    It's really small steps, but it's moving forward - great!

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