A Saab Turbo rarity with a few kilometers

Strong turbo, rarely, a few kilometers. That sounds like individuality and exclusivity. That's right so far. On top of that, this fantastic car is a Saab and it doesn't have to be expensive. This is possible because the fans are still strangers to the Saab 900 II. A fact that could change when the top model of the series drives up.

Saab 900 2.0 Turbo 1997
Saab 900 2.0 Turbo 1997

Saab 900 2.0 Turbo

I liked him from the start. The Saab 900 2.0 Turbo is one of those cars that I immediately took to my heart. In direct comparison with my 900 at the time, it was quiet, strong and pretty fast. The 185 turbo hp handle the car with ease, there is seldom a desire for more power.

I didn't care about the bad press or the poor performance in the crash test. The 900 drove well, was a real Saab, and I liked its design. In fact, however, the 900 II was never able to completely rid itself of the smell of the Opel platform. It is so to this day.

Turbo rarity and a few kilometers

Because that is the case, the 900 II has become a rarity over the years. Only a few really took him into their hearts and were ready to care for him in the long term. The vehicles were used up over the years and at some point there was only the way to the scrap press or export.

A 900 II, which appears to have been treated well, is on a Swedish Auction offered. Its history is clear, the condition is good. The first owner of the 900 2.0 Turbo was an elderly lady, born in 1935. She treated herself to the 900 II as a new car in 1997 and drove it until her death in 2009. Her son took over and sold the silver semi-wagon, just like the hatchback in Sweden calls to the current owner.

He wants to part with his Saab, which has only 72.160 kilometers on the counter. The Auction house describes the condition as good to new and notes a wonderful leather scent in the interior. Only the status of the automatic air conditioning and its function remains open.

Of course, and not surprisingly, the 900 II followed its Opel relatives and their murky image here too. The Opel platform is given more space in the description than the car itself, some things you can never escape.

Buy or leave?

The question has to be asked. A 9-3 I, for example, would be a much better car, with almost the same body. And a classic 900 much more classic for the soul. One should not be guided by such considerations. The 900 II drives much better than everyone thinks and the powerful turbo engine is just plain fun.

The minimum price, converted into euros, is less than € 6.000, but you get a lot of car, a good condition and the top model of the series at the discount price.

With images from Bilweb (6/6)

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    It may be that the very first ones were knitted with a hot needle, but the 97 900 II are of the TOP quality! - just like the late 9000.
    At the time I was often on the car transporters of a Hamburg importer. The ship's management reported that even in the port area, if everything was not as it should be with a Saab. The look in the car decks and the smell ... that was a dream.
    I've had the 19 convertible 97i from Uusikaupunki (Valmet) for almost 2,3 years and the 97 coupe 2,0T for four years. They drive well and safely and are really easy to care for for almost 24 years. I can confirm the 9 liters of ThomaSaab in daily use of the B204L. On the line, however, a 7 can easily be placed before the decimal point.
    The 900 II offered here is a great opportunity to secure the outsider among the Saab.

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    @Hans S…. I bought exactly such a 902 in 1998, this was my 2nd SAAB after the 901 Turbo from 1983.
    He was always reliable, breakdown-free and beautiful ... Unfortunately he had to leave us in 2004 because I got a company car.
    Today we enjoy a 96 902 Turbo Cabrio in the beautiful scarab green, this one will never leave us again 😉
    For me the last typical SAAB ...


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    Even if I repeat myself at this point…. I like my rough Saab - convertible with V6 - very much. Its clear design, handling and, last but not least, its typical Saab quality. If given the necessary attention, he will be no better or worse than anyone else I am lucky enough to have in this regard.

    Greetings to the community.

    The Lizi

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    After a pair of chrome glasses 2,3t and a 900 OG turbo, I got stuck with a 95er 900 NG turbo. The car is not perfect, but it is quite easy to repair and a small space saver with 3 doors. Spare parts is also reasonably relaxed. The 204L engine is OBD2 compatible and runs with almost 9 liters / 100km every day.
    The brakes could be better for performance though.

    6000 € for this 900 are worth considering in my opinion. Such vehicles are unlikely to get any cheaper.

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    Very (cherry) hearty

    For me, 900 II & 9-3 I are still or already an expression of unadulterated, Saab-typical virtues and qualities. If only because they are the youngest hatchbacks ...

    The vehicle is relatively slim (that's why it's elegant).
    5 adult passengers, full use of the rear seat bench is not advisable. But I've always seen it and its trunk as a relative space saver. I like him, like him a lot.

    Regardless of the GM discussions, I can't think of a Saab that is younger and, in terms of the Saab DNA, more traditional than a 900 II / 9-3I ...

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    The shape of the 900NG or 9-3I is timelessly beautiful! I remember the cresht test differently. There was even a special print from AMS issue 23/1993 at SAAB, “The crash in numbers: the best in class Saab900 and Mercedes C180). At least in terms of braking behavior, I can confirm that the distance between the C-Class and my 900 series did not get any smaller when we both braked hard to avoid parking on the truck that changed lanes without blinking.

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      At the beginning there were contradicting tests, we had the subject at the Videos had about it. In fact, Saab reacted quite quickly and corrected some weaknesses.

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    Precisely because the Saab 900II is said to be unsavable, I just invented it, I would take another step and then look for one with a V6 engine. Although I would like this one too, because of the low mileage

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    Interesting - but what makes the (almost identical) 9-3 I a “much better car”?

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