Please help - Saab 900i stolen in Berlin

Today we ask the readers and the Saab community for their urgent help. On November 3rd or 4th a classic Saab 900i was stolen in Berlin. The five-door from 1991 is very well maintained. The vehicle is easy to identify by a few optical features.

This Saab 900i from 1991 was stolen in Berlin
This Saab 900i from 1991 was stolen in Berlin

The classic Swede was stolen from a parking lot on Hohenzollerndamm between Uhland and Fasenenstraße in 10719 Berlin. He has the registration number B - B 7255. The Saab is black, it has no rear spoiler. The original lettering “900i - 16 Valve” and “Saab” with the Saab Scania logo can be found on the rear.

The D sticker with Europe stars, which is glued on edge, is striking. There is also an antique G-Kat sticker on the windshield and a wooden steering wheel in the interior. The 900i has a sunroof.

Before the theft, the 900i was a Saab specialist Matthias Meise extensively revised. The engine was overhauled and the chassis was repaired. There is a new sky in the interior, the brakes have been revised and rust on the doors has been removed. The Saab was repainted except for the bonnet and tailgate.

The VIN is: YS3AC55DXM7021934.

We don't like it when our automotive cultural assets are stolen! We therefore ask readers and Saab fans for their active help. A Saab 900i in this condition is usually noticeable on the streets.

Please send pertinent information that could provide information about the whereabouts of the vehicle or the crime to owner Wolfgang. Tel: 0171 7040460.

Thank you!

Update - 10.11.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX

The Saab is back with its owner. It wasn't stolen - it was towed away. Explosive: Before filing a criminal complaint for theft, the owner inquired at two different police stations, both times the towing was denied.

One thought on "Please help - Saab 900i stolen in Berlin"

  • blank

    What a hassle

    I hope that a crazy youngster with excellent taste “borrowed” it for a jaunt and put it back undamaged somewhere in the greater Berlin area. I keep my eyes open.

    If so, the thief is a Saab fan and maybe even reading along here, I hope he or she has enough decency to somehow inform the owner of the location.

    If you're doing such a stupid thing, you should at least be smart enough to park the car in an absolute no-parking zone. Then it would be back to its owner.

    But please do not park in such a way that cyclists or pedestrians are hindered. That provokes scratches, bent windshield wipers and other vandalism, would be just the next stupidity.

    I'm afraid the classic is probably no longer in D. But you never know. Open eyes ! ! !

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