Saab as a basis for business and an object of speculation

In a few weeks 2020 will have passed, and soon it will be 10 years since the last Saab rolled off the assembly line. Really 10 years? The reflection gives me goosebumps, also because I've been reporting on the same topic for almost a decade, with slight variations. Ten years ago, I would never have dreamed that Saab would still be a good basis for business and an object of speculation.

Saab as an object of speculation and business model

The sheet metal dreams are made of

The business with the last Saab models is interesting. 9-5 NG and 9-4x are the sheet metal dreams are made of. Would you have wanted to bet on it, 2010 and 2011? Probably not. Today they are legends on four wheels, and there is no end in sight to this story. This leads to speculation, and it usually works out.

The latest example is a Saab 9-5 NG Aero from Switzerland. Manual transmission, 43.000 kilometers. A private sale and, to be honest, too cheap. The price well below CHF 20.000 made it clear that this car would disappear from the virtual marketplace within hours. And so it was.

One can wait with excitement to see where the car will turn up. Has a Saab fan made a proud booty, has he ended up at a dealer? And if it shows up in the latter, which is not that rare, what will the price be? Of course, a trader also has to make money. It repairs, often warrants, and takes a reasonable surcharge. Reasonable, that is an economically sound calculation that is fun for both parties. Customers and dealers.

How is it when there is no market

Only, the market for used 9-5 NG doesn't actually exist. Not for the people out there, beyond the small world of Saab. Because the Saab microcosm is only designed by a few, actually quite reasonable actors. Back to the Saab 9-5 Aero. It didn't take long since he reappeared. At a dealer in the Swiss Jura, not far from Lake Geneva. The price? Exciting, with a premium that is more than healthy.

The Saab 9-5 NG is the longest part of a Swedish saga
The Saab 9-5 NG is the longest part of a Swedish saga

Well below 20.000 CHF turned into a price idea of ​​just under 30.000 CHF. Oh, I thought to myself. And maybe with me the readers too. Is that possible? But a 9-5 Aero with only 43.000 kilometers is an exceptional car. And a rolling legend, part of a saga. There is a lot going on.

Our world is so poor in stories

Instead, it is rich in computer cars and a lack of affordable, automotive dreams. The lost Saab brand is contributing some of these dreams. The Saab disappeared from the dealer's page quickly, very quickly. Just a few days - and most likely sold. Where? We will see. Somewhere, that's for sure, the Saab will reappear.

What would have happened if Saab had survived and there would have been no dramatic, sad saga from Sweden? The very likely fate can be seen when looking for the first Opel Insignia generation. Technologically, the Opel had to lag behind its very close Saab relative. The strategists wanted it that way back then.

Still, the comparison is legitimate. Used Insignia of comparable years of construction bob about on the used car market. Long standing times, the price level is 40 - 50% of the relationship from Sweden.

Not a big drama, not a saga.

Just an old car. And that's not good for speculation or as a business model.

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  • With such a low mileage, the question arises as to whether to use it all year round in any weather or only use it in good (summer) weather. I would use the NG either way or the latter. I'm curious whether the seller's actual desired price will be achieved, or whether it is not a bit below that and the dealer has still made a profit and the buyer is also happy. Since we Saab fans all regularly check out the known platforms, I think that many then try to negotiate a lot because they know what it cost before. Here in Austria you can observe that some vehicles have a very long downtime when they are bought by a dealer.
    @ Chris. I think the Austrian Saab market is particularly special. Most of the Austrian Saab fans already have at least two Saabs, so they are thinking about buying another one. The KM status and price must then be very low for people to buy. I missed a 9-5NG Vector XWD last year, where it went ... I would like to know.
    As for the convertibles, I think the well-known Saab workshops have to ask personally. Something will rarely appear on platforms.

  • It's very easy. A vehicle, any one, is worth as much as anyone is willing to pay for it. Since Saab's “customers” are pretty thin per se, the market isn't lush either. Most of the Saab fans I know already own their treasures, mostly 3,4 or more cars. So I think the 9-5NG from the Swiss Jura becomes a grandfather clock with this proud price. Too bad.

    The biggest bluff on the car market is the Porsche 911. Or does someone really believe these fancy prices are paid by someone? I tried to sell that from one of the classic Porsche and other sports cars in the greater Munich area. He says the 911 business is over, almost dead.

  • Yes, what if ...

    For a short period I still had the hope that something promising could happen with Sergio Marchionni.
    At that time I also thought of a constellation SAAB / Alfa / Lancia

    Last week I had my 9-3 TTiD SC MY11 at the 120 ′ large service. Car is picobello; no rust (lanolin oil treated) and no other defects; except for a lamp for the license plate.

    My fifth is also my best but also my last SAAB. It lasts for 10 additional years.

  • The speculation seems to work in individual cases. In this case for the responsive retailer.

    Overall, however, Saabs do not seem to me to be investment properties with a return. Besides the return joy / km ...

    What more do you want and what for? Low mileage (and high equipment levels) are the trump cards on the used market. But you don’t make cash with it.

    The less I drive, the lower the loss of value per year - but not per kilometer. For me, the bottom line is that Saabs are still the best when they are driving and you are behind the wheel yourself.

    I would prefer to look for investment properties beyond the Saab world.

  • Well my 900NG and the aero9k were also red, ... it's okay 😉
    But that I put my aero9-5xwd away, no! Fortunately, I earn my money elsewhere and therefore don't have to forego the pleasure of driving SAAB. And when the 9-5ng is shining in the yard at the customer's and the customer asks whether SAAB is producing again, the day is saved, .. unfortunately a sad explanation of the current conditions follows. Thanks to Tom's blog, I am always well informed!

  • I also believe that we have an extremely limited market here. You can see it clearly in the idle times. 9-5 NG where everything really fits are quickly gone. I even think that the price plays the least role.

    Compromises where fittings are missing or the color is wrong, or whatever, they stop and have a hard time. Red, for example - that's one of those cases. Not possible with a big soda.

  • Nice article, thank you for that.
    Apparently the market is really very limited and only focused on cars with a few kilometers.
    If you read again and again about dream prices of 9-5 NGs in the Netherlands, Switzerland or Germany, you can say goodbye to them in Austria in the meantime, not quite as cheap as in the UK or the USA, but they are already pretty “cheap” various 9-5 NG.
    For what feels like a year now, a 9-5NG with 2.0T, XWD, ventilating seats and much more has been standing around on several sales platforms, at least it looks flawless at first. There should be nothing to be done. Just under € 16.000 (that includes the Austrian NoVa) and a red 9-5 with relatively poor equipment, but with a few kilometers for almost the same money. Kind of sad.
    Every well-preserved 9-3 (from 2008) convertible or sportcombi with halfway equipment can easily achieve a few thousand more.
    And I, having a 9-5, ask myself for the coming summer: where have all the beautiful 9-3 Aero convertibles with 2.0T gone? On the platforms you will only find Vectors, Diesel or V6, the classic 4 cylinder with good equipment should still be very popular, more popular than the last 9-5 NG if you look at the prices.

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