Review of the 2nd Saab-Ausfahrt-Rhön on September 12, 2020

The meeting began on Friday with a “thunderstorm” in the form of Ulli's roaring 900 convertible: during his 300 km journey from Bad Oeynhausen there was a “smooth breakthrough” in the exhaust pipe in front of the silencer.

Good advice or quick help was expensive on Friday afternoon.

We put out our feelers in the direction of the local youngtimer scene and, after forwarding them twice, ended up with a small auto mechanic in Fridritt, who agreed to take on the subject. So, with Formula 1 sound, drove 15 km to the workshop (passers-by sometimes put their thumbs up) and there handed the 900 into the hands of Stefan, who had a Saab on the lift for the first time (otherwise more like a BMW affine) - but exhaust is exhaust!

The right piece of pipe and the right place were found, it was sawed and welded, after all, this part of the exhaust was so well repaired that Ulli will have rest - in the truest sense of the word - for the next 20 years.

So we could still spend the evening in a friendly get-together.

The exit was of course also subject to the Corona rules, which were then in Bavaria: Only groups of a maximum of ten people are allowed in public space. On this basis, I agreed a hygiene concept with the health department and limited the number of participants to 20 people (2 groups) from the outset.

We would have reached this number if there hadn't been two rejections shortly beforehand, both due to illness. Therefore I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the best to Christina from Dautphetal and Susanne's husband from Wächtersbach, who unfortunately could not come.

I had also asked participants from the previous year's trip and had some surprises: A then ardent Saab fan had meanwhile sold his 9-3 Turbo X, the convertibles of two other participants were offered for sale on the Internet two weeks before the trip, which also included them eliminated as a participant.

Well, nothing is as constant as change.

Finally, on Saturday 9 vehicles with 14 participants came to the agreed meeting point in Ostheim vdRhön. There were nice group photos here.

Group photo Rhön exit
Group photo Rhön exit

Since 5 of the 9 vehicles were convertibles, they were able to head for the first destination in the best possible weather: Our lunch, which we ate in the restaurant on the Lichtenburg on the terrace.


The actual journey then followed and led us on the Bavarian side along the former inner-German border into Thuringia, here then the driveway to the parking lot of the 813 m high “Ellenbogen” with its striking observation tower “Noahs Segel”.

Back at the parking lot, there was a small award ceremony.

Actually, I wanted to award a "classic" award for the longest journey and the oldest vehicle, but then I would have had to shower Ulli with prizes because he had the longest journey, the oldest vehicle, the best sound (at least until Friday afternoon) and the vehicle with the fewest gears (3-speed automatic transmission). So I rescheduled without further ado, as there was still an “honorary prize” to be awarded.

Prize winner Ulli
Prize winner Ulli

Ulli received a bottle of Pax-Bräu and a Rhön calendar for the longest journey.

Prize winner Konrad
Prize winner Konrad

Konrad received a bottle of Pax-Bräu for the second oldest vehicle (900 year 1992).

Honorary award for Tim
Honorary award for Tim

Tim received another honorary award because it was a real surprise for the participants (when registering, I don't know who is coming): Tim is 19 years old and after passing his driver's license he bought a Saab as the first car: one 9-3 (BJ 1998) with a proud 310.000 km and beautiful 185 hp - in top condition.

That deserved a lot of recognition and Tim received a giant bar of Marabou chocolate and a small contribution for petrol money, after all, he came from near Heilbronn.

Then the journey continued, with a wonderful view of the entire Hessian Rhön, into Hesse and then over the Hochrhön Strasse (a "must" when driving through the Rhön) back to Bavaria, where we held the event over coffee at the Thuringian hut and let the cake fade away.

End in the Thuringian hut
End in the Thuringian hut

Finally, I would like to thank Gunther from Krombach, who captured the entire tour with his good camera.

I'm already looking forward to a meeting next year, the route is already roughly planned!

Text and images: Thomas Zecher

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  • Also from me again a thank you to the organization / Thomas for the nice (and my first) trip, but I would also like to thank you for the many positive comments about me / my age / my enthusiasm for Saab ^^ I am happy if Nobody looks at me strangely for driving a Saab instead of an old Golf or BMW 3 series (also common as a car enthusiast youth). With people of the same age you notice again and again that they have nothing to do with the car when I tell you about it, until I say that it has 185PS, with most older people who can do something with Saab I get puzzled looks and the question "How are you coming on the funnel? ”(Through a neighbor of my best friend in 4th grade, who has two Saab cars in his yard until today, and when I asked me what kind of cars it was, me in many details all the interesting peculiarities list and also told me about the dubious future of the brand back then (2010 or 2011) ... well, history for itself) And here I get a car that is three years older than myself and 307tkm had a positive response when I bought it , a welcome relief. I had a lot of fun with the car for the last 14 km, except for wear and tear (I also include porous rubber hoses) and I still like the car. I know that 14tkm is nothing in the Saab universe, but it's an interim report. And while some think I'm stupid to buy a car with the mileage, I find it rather funny to let people guess who ask me about the car (would never happen to me in the white Golf4 or (rust) brown Golf3) and to see the surprised faces.
    And yes, you can also maintain the car as a trainee in the social field, it actually doesn't eat you up, no matter what many think. The repair list of my half-brother's leased Dacia is longer.

    So, after I've written half a novel here with maybe funny or interesting, but mainly unnecessary anecdotes about driving Saab as a beginner .. I wish everyone who made it this far, best regards, and I'm already looking forward to the next trip, hopefully in one better situation, without Corona, and to other interesting articles on the blog about an actually "dead" brand.

  • In the final layout, the winners' captions are reversed: the first “portrait” shows Konrad, the second Ulli.
    Actually I wanted to add a photo of my dog, but then the association with Tintin would have been perfect

  • Very cool story and very strong to support a young Saab colleague. It's also nice that you could help Uli on a Friday, a breakdown is always annoying, even more annoying when it happens at or at the Saab meeting, but we Saabists always have an idea for such a situation

  • It was organized very well and we are already looking forward to Rhön 2021.

  • Thank you again for the great organization. It was nice.

  • @ Ebasil,

    they also? It was difficult for me not to include a bitch in my comment 😉
    But we have controlled ourselves ...

  • Petrol money & chocolate

    Great. Tim bought the right car and took a ride with the right people. Can't imagine this beautiful story with another brand. Thanks for participating.

  • Thanks for this great report with the beautiful photos with wonderful weather! That sounds like a great trip in a nice community. Very sad that several alleged. Saab enthusiasts have said goodbye to these great cars forever within a year. So I'm all the more happy about Tim's decision for Saab - reason, taste, enthusiasm and heart are completely independent of age! Great that it was awarded, double thumbs up !!

    The landscape photos and especially those of the cake are great - you want to bite into them right away! 😉 Maybe I would have liked a few more photos of the automotive beauties.

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