Short break - we'll quickly build an aero

The conditions in Spain are difficult. Corona and the lockdown make any planning impossible. The Saab is in the garage in Barcelona. In the meantime it's April, I really don't think we'll get the car this year. A little distraction as a short break. Because the Aero bumper is still in the Saab hangar.

We'll quickly build an aero

Actually I had them out for the 9-5 Arc Talheim Bought. I didn't get it after all, the dealership just sold it on. A holdover from this unfortunate act is the bumper. It can't be used for my new Aero, which is in Barcelona. It is from the first series, the bumper for the facelift.

But the aero design is popular, and a part like that doesn't lie around forever. A good friend drives one 9-5 arcs, we had it together a few years ago Kiel fetched. The Saab is great, comfortable and reliable, and has now been converted to run on gas. But there is one thing that bothers you from the start.

Saab and the grandpa look

We agree on this point. The arc front is boring. A pensioner's car, which the Swedish limousine was before. A fresh aero look would do the car good. I had the bumper with me at Christmas time Aero World Germany Bought. Not a particularly good part, it has already been filled and repainted, but the price and the good service of the provider matched.

Now she should upgrade the arc. Such actions can be expensive. Especially in Germany, where the painter is more a supplicant than a customer. Especially when it's only about small parts like a bumper. Then the situation is particularly difficult, or rather, costly.

The forge in the country

For cases like this, we have a workshop around the corner. The famous forge in the country, with a coachbuilder and painter. One street away from the Saab hangar, our secret weapon when it comes to Saab passion. She has often helped us, even in the current case she does not disappoint.

The condition of the bumper is worse than feared. It also has a crack that has to be glued, the amount of filler is enormous. But after hours of sanding, a number of curses and careful filling, it is then painted. Looks like new and comes with used fog lights that AeroWorld delivers, assembled in very good condition at a good price.

Some fine-tuning is required to adjust, but this is not a problem for workshops in the countryside. They repair and fix everything that is put in front of them. From the combine harvester to the Saab. And at a more than good price.

The result is convincing. The 9-5 Arc looks much fresher with a new look. Operation successful! Now all that's missing is the matching 17 ″ rims, then the Arc drives up very sportily.

And what is the project doing in Barcelona?

The aero tinkering was just a distraction, but Juan at Berma was also busy, the Saab is parked in Lizi's garage. We have made great progress, and if it weren't for the lock down and travel restrictions, then the Saab 9-5 Aero could leave for Germany.

But there is still no sign of relaxation.

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    @ Ken-Daniel S
    In terms of lighting technology, the Aero was available in three versions: Bi-Xenon with headlight cleaning or H7 with and without headlight cleaning

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    A great action! And beauty is known to be in the eye of the beholder. Here I see it similar to Hans S, that I like the simpler shape better. It was / is the same for me with the 95 NG, I find the simpler bumper more elegant. But what I would definitely change would be the tires / rims, they look really pensionable on the car.

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      Exciting answers. I didn't expect so much popularity for the classic Arc Front. I saw the aero version up front. Fortunately, tastes are different, otherwise it would be boring.

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    The new front looks good on the car and makes the car look younger. But to be precise, did the original Aero also exist without xenon at the time?

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    I also prefer the classic apron.

    Btw: does anyone know how complex it is to retrofit fog lamps on the 9-3I (also in terms of costs)?

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    Front & rims

    Now looks much more dynamic & younger - probably also because it is silver and the contrast to the black inserts is high.
    With dark paintwork, the operation would have been less worthwhile if the aero apron hadn't made such a positive impression. But as? Great result ...

    7.5 x 17 for 235/45 tires, 5 twin spoke (12757104) in good condition, including steel valves and hub caps. Would look good on the car. And I'm bursting at the seams. 4 wheelsets for a 9-5 are one too many.
    For 250 € plus shipping, if applicable, I would hand over the set, send photos if you are interested. The blog has my e-mail through the comment function, I assume?

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      He has. Alu 62 are beautiful, the price is fair. I pass that on. Thank you!

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    Now he looks somehow younger, firmer. In any case, the new front looks great. After all, the Talheim disaster was good for something in the end. If not for Tom, then for his buddy.

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    Well, does he look better now? In my opinion, the front was a no-frills, cool Scandinavian design. I like it better. (but maybe just because my 9-5OG doesn't have an aero bumpers either 😉

    But it's a nice car and with other rims it looks great. And moving a 9-5OG is a real pleasure, because I'm one with Tom.


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