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There are new releases that we are particularly excited about. When the Swiss manufacturer DNA Collectibles announced the Saab 9000 Aero, my expectations were high. On the one hand, because I'm a big fan of the series. On the other hand, because the Swiss have been able to raise the bar with every new model this year. Would that also be the case with the 9000?

New release: Saab 9000 from DNA Collectibles
New release: Saab 9000 from DNA Collectibles

In every new miniature of DNA First there is a lot of time. It takes about a year until a new model is ready for production. The effort is expressed in the many filigree details with which the 9000 Aero can also inspire.

Saab 9000 Aero in Imola red

Oh, it's really red. The rich Imola red, a legendary color shade from Saab, already catches the eye when unpacking. Just beautiful! When the limited miniature is then on the table, you discover many details. The 16 ″ Super Aero rims have the Saab lettering on the covers in tiny tiny amounts. The brake calipers and discs are hidden behind the rims, just like the original.

And otherwise small and smallest details are implemented great. The exterior mirrors with their special design, which Saab had protected, the Saab-Scania logo on the hood or the 3rd brake light. You could go on writing there, talking about the air outlets on the C-pillar or the Turbo logo. The praise continues in the interior. The unique aero seats are well made, as are many other really small details.

The miniature is pleasing to the eye, and of course you are especially pleased when the original from Saab is parked in the garage. The Saab 9000, which Keil drew Björn Envall, is very well implemented on a 1:18 scale. Perhaps, so the hope, it will not just stay with the Aero version in red. An anniversary and other colors would certainly be possible without too much effort.

Of course I also find two things that could have been improved. Maybe, because this time it's the search for the crumbs. So complaining at a high level. The dashboard has a red cast, which is not quite as optimal. However, this must also be said, some wood inlays had a tendency towards the color red.

All that remains is the cover of the hold. It has been faded by the sun, as is the case with many 9000 today. That arises unconsciously from reality. A minor blemish and the last bit of gripe I can find.

A candidate for the desk

In fact, you should get this Saab 9000 home. Definitely. Because it's just well done. And because as a Saab 9000 fan you never know if anything will ever follow. Because Saab is exotic, and the 9000 in particular.

The 9000 Aero costs in DNA store € 149,99. Price and quality are right, also because the Swiss have indeed been able to raise the bar again. In addition, there is the self-restriction on a small, exclusive edition.

The review? In this case it is easy. The 9000 has a place on my desk. And that is really the absolute exception.

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    Really chic and a great color! I also agree with Chris and I really hope for a convertible of the last series, so Griffin and maybe even the Independent model (with an engraved number in the rear side window 🙂 and the chic seats with median strips). I would get weak immediately. And the same with a 9-3 III SportCombi!

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    I ordered immediately. I have the original in the garage!

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    Very nice model

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    Another great model. I'm always happy about my AeroX and the 9-4X. Christmas is just around the corner ... ..!
    Very nicely written Tom!

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    Looks really good, even if I'm not a 9000 fan, they did a great job to recreate the model as closely as possible to the original. I'm curious how long it will take you to bring out a 9-3 Cabrio (Independent Edition or Aero from 2008) or a 9-3 Sportcombi (from 2008) or even a 9-3X.

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    As an absolute 9000 fan and driver for well over 30 years, I got goose bumps down my back when I slowly and carefully pulled it out of the box - perfect! I only noticed tiny little things that probably couldn't be better realized. By far the best 9000 model on the market.

    Now there are three super chic DNA SAABs, two of which are no longer available 😉

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