My Saab moments this week

The week wasn't easy. Corona shapes everyday life, still. And will continue to do so. It takes a portion of optimism to get through the winter safely. Perhaps the Saab moments will help, of which there were a few this week. They're just incidental, that's for sure. But nice little things that make everyday life brighter.

Google advertising with Saab
Google advertising with Saab

Saab advertising on Google

With the departure of Orio Germany and Switzerland as partners on the blog a year ago, some large advertising space became available. What do you do with it? The decision making was not easy. There is no demand from the Saab scene, and leaving it idle is not a solution either. The marketing of all free space went to Google. Since then, readers have seen what the AI ​​comes up with on Google and what it thinks is exciting.

Now Volvo, Opel, or other brands and other things are advertised. What the reader's browser history gives away. Will not have any influence on this. It was all the nicer to see Saab advertising via Google this week. The Garage Jost, successful with Saab for over 40 years, and supporter of the blog project, places Saab advertisements across Europe. For classic Saabs, as a specialist in 2-stroke models.

The Jost family restores vehicles, imports beautiful classics from Sweden to the Alpine republic, and also holds the brand flag high. One of my Saab moments this week.

1 million visitors 2020

The Saabblog project is an interesting advertising base when it comes to automotive dreams. But it's more than that. The popularity is growing all the time. At some point, late Tuesday afternoon this week, the time had come. The 1 million visitor mark for 2020 was skipped. This means that the project is a visitor millionaire again for the first time since 2015. The trend had been emerging for some time, and I'm still amazed in disbelief.

Because it is remarkable because it is almost exclusively about Saab.

A topic that has basically been told out and about which there has been hardly anything to report since the bankruptcy 9 years ago. Even the fantasy that there could be a comeback has meanwhile given up exhausted.

Why is it? The famous Saab factor, the fascination of Saab? Or the Swedish trolls who never give up, and companies like Garage Jost that keep Saab alive in the digital world?


I wish the readers a nice weekend. With few worries and a lot of fun with Saab.

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    Congratulations Tom and all Saabists who also write something here in the blog. More than a million have used it so far.
    Great; that says something!
    Still a daily moment for me, which I value very highly.

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    Yes, the Swiss again. They recognize the value of the brand and the further potential. Switzerland has always been Saab country, so as a German you can be a bit jealous.

    I would be happy to receive a report on the Jost family. Maybe after Corona? (yes, you have to stay positive, even the worst crap will eventually pass)

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    Thanks to Tom, Saab has become a never-ending story. It never stops, the story goes on and on. Who in the world needs a new car?

    I also noticed the Jost advertisement - it warms the heart. And they come in at least two versions.

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    Tom and Aero-93

    Perfectly put in a nutshell by Aero-93, I see exactly the same and probably all other readers too!

    You can / maybe just have to add that the blog satisfies a kind of wistful “longing” for Saab. If nothing is going on in Saab and you will never be able to buy new cars again, then the blog - as the last remaining brave blog, yes as the last Saab medium ever - gives you so many beautiful and interesting things to read about Saab that it makes us all a little happier (or at least a lot less sad). And we can all use that!

    In addition, it also provides information on other generally interesting climate, energy and car topics, impresses with competence, structure (gets to the point), reflected and reasoned opinions and objectivity (which, by the way, also applies to the comments, which is exactly why they are Chats in clubs or similar not really my thing).

    So please keep it up and don't stop! Whereby I sometimes already I have fears that as a one man show you can hardly manage it alongside your job and Tom obviously has no editorial support (?). 🙁

    In any case, many thanks for everything and years of great reading pleasure! 🙂 Not to forget that the blog also creates personal contacts, for example I only came across the ingenious Saab workshop in Kiel through the blog and the gentleman story is a great example too!

    I hope that at some point, after Corona, there can be another meeting of blog makers and readers. I am in! 🙂

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    Congratulations on 1 million clicks! 🙂
    Why is it?
    The brand from Troll City, of course,
    on the “David versus Goliath” syndrome,
    the interesting comments,
    of beautiful automotive SAAB temptations,
    the fascination of turbo power, fed up ... ;-),
    at the presentation of interesting dealer families !!!,
    to fill a car brand with personal life,
    and of course to the people (!!!) in the SAAB blog office!
    The writing style of the “main blogger” makes SAAB addicted ... and text-loving.
    The factual (!) Information content is high, understandable and always exciting.

    All of these individual lists are worthwhile to me to support the blog soon 😉 CONTINUE!
    Best regards from the north of the republic, as well as sunny times this weekend!


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