The allure of beauty - Saab 9-3 2.0 T Aero Griffin

How do you determine good design? Probably because after more than 15 years you still say, wow - that's a beauty. These icons of good design are becoming increasingly rare in the SUV age. But there is. Also from Saab. And as is the case with beauties, they are forgiven for some cheating.

Beauty - a Saab Griffin conversion

We turn a blind eye

Because the convertible we're talking about is definitely not a Griffin. It was just born too early for that in 2008. The rare Griffin models from Saab were only built for a very short time as model year 2011 1/2. There are probably more conversions in circulation today than there were originals. But that's not a problem, because it's beauty that counts.

Saab convertibles are stable in value. If you have only collected a few kilometers, then the prices are high and are in the regions that appeal to real enthusiasts. Somehow all vehicles with less than 100.000 on the clock seem to be trading at unit prices of around € 25.000. Sometimes more, sometimes less, and the market seems to have accepted that.

Especially when Aero is on the nameplate. In the Netherlands a copy has been on sale for some time that could cause sleepless nights. A Saab 9-3 Aero Cabriolet, a coveted 4-cylinder, not a V6. The open Swede was converted to an exciting look with deer and Griffin parts. White paintwork and beige hood create a classy look, the front of the Griffin models ensures a lot of presence on the road and a modern look.

The deer diffuser at the rear is no longer available for money and good words these days. It just doesn't exist anymore, nobody has ever dared to post it. And if a new part comes onto the market from some residual inventory, then it is worth gold. The design is complemented by the TX package with the corresponding attachments and the steering wheel of the Turbo X.

The combination makes the Saab a beauty that may not be any other. A Swedish icon that rolled off the production line in Graz. You forgive the renovation, and overlook the fact that it is not a real Griffin. Not a real deer conversion either, because accessories are missing. That would leave room for improvement. A dashboard in the deer design, door handles and the bar on the glove compartment and the cover of the center console made of leather. But none of that is any more.

Where there is always hope. Because every now and then someone takes courage and reproduces something or old stocks appear. Like the cover of the seat consoles made of leather for pre-facelift models that were desperately sought after for a long time, and for Stephan Individual are available.

Beauty has its price

A Dutch car dealer would like to see € 23.950 as a transfer on his account. As written at the beginning, this is in the apparently inevitable price segment. The Saab is a delightful beauty, without question. Before you succumb to their charm, you should take a thorough look at them. The quality of conversions depends on the workshop that carried them out.

You should always be a little suspicious of what can be healthy. Because sometimes a completely different motivation is hidden behind the facade. Perhaps an accident that could have led to the Griffin retrofitting. Because original parts of the 2008 model year body were no longer available in Sweden, but Griffin parts were.

3 thoughts on "The allure of beauty - Saab 9-3 2.0 T Aero Griffin"

  • blank

    Add-on parts or not, but the car, like the station wagon, has a much too big “butt”. That didn't really work out optically. The engine is great, the workmanship of the model series is rather well.
    After all, they didn't do the conversion with a diesel ...

  • blank

    Storm Trooper

    I like the last generation of white convertibles. The design is great, timeless and always knows an option, if about so good that it doesn't need color.

    Conversely, of course, it also means that this Saab is so beautiful that it can even wear colors that would put me off on other cars.

    There are just cars and people who always have everything. The distribution of beauty is not always fair.
    With this Saab, the trolls screamed “HERE” very loudly when there was beauty to be distributed somewhere ...

    It's still as beautiful in 10 years' time as it was 10 years ago. The color? Minor matter.

  • blank

    This color combination was already very popular in the USA, and I also really like it. In Europe (unfortunately) more conservative variants have often been ordered. I remembered this one ad hoc and thought I had found the base of the Umabu, but it's a different vehicle: . Remco Veldman (Velteck / Drachten) carried out many such updates in the Netherlands, they also had the parts store for them ... 😉

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