Preparations for the trip and a COC for the Saab 9-5

It is now May. Lizi and I practice optimism. The number of infections is slowly falling, and the situation in Germany is easing faster than in Spain. We are preparing to transport the Saab 9-5 Aero. We have since discarded the idea of ​​transferring it on its own.

Saab 9 5 Aero 2000

The end of the freedom to travel

Europe has become a patchwork of regulations. What has become of the freedom to travel and this liberal continent? The virus is destroying our freedoms. A tough lesson that will make us realize what we had and took for granted.

If you start your car in Barcelona in May, you have no way of knowing when you will arrive in Germany. Adventure is good, no question about it. But too many imponderables take away the pleasure.

It is agreed that we will hire a freight forwarder. We ask for prices. Lizi in Spain, I in Germany. A forwarding company a few kilometers away has specialized in transports to Spain. I put my hope in them. It quickly becomes clear that there are enormous differences in price.

From Germany everything is 20 to 30% more expensive than the prices asked in Spain. Lizi takes on the task of finding a suitable freight forwarder as soon as the limits open.

Saab COC from NEVS

Meanwhile, I apply for a COC for my Saab. Saab Service Frankfurt asks the VIN in Sweden, gets the green light. After a week I can pick up the document that I will need for admission in Fechenheim. To my surprise, the COC is not from Nyköping, but from Trollhättan. NEVS issues the papers again. The story is not cheap, but without a COC there are no German license plates. And for the first time, I'm happy that NEVS exists.

In fact, the COC for the Saab comes from NEVS
In fact, the COC for the Saab comes from NEVS

It's the beginning of June. We are tackling the next bureaucratic hurdle. The Saab 9-5 Aero is still registered on seller Daniel. A change of registration to Lizi has so far failed, the authorities are closed. Before the transport we want to create facts, which is not easy.

There is the way through a notary, then the administrative act takes place promptly, but is expensive. Or you can try it online. At this point in time, this is more theory than practice, because the Spanish bureaucracy was also hit hard by Corona. Since the notary fees are high, we go this way. We decide to carry out the re-registration digitally, but we don't yet suspect the leisurelyness of the Spanish authorities.

A few days later.

The borders are opening, the restrictions are gradually being lifted. At Lizi, offers for transport arrive in the mailbox. June! Not December! I hope to be able to ride the 9-5 Aero in the summer. It is the Polish freight forwarders who are revitalizing Europe's lifelines with their vans.

I've never been as happy as at the beginning of June that it exists. Serious prices for a transport with freight documents, they vary between 670 and 790 €. What is much cheaper, and there is, has a hint of questionableness. I leave the selection of the shipping company to Lizi and I am excited to see what happens.

He cares and organizes. And suddenly gets the crisis.

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  • Interesting that NEVS manages the COC papers

  • As life goes ..., incredibly exciting and varied in the various possibilities. How will the SAAB story end? Hopefully (!) The driver of the tractor is responsible ...

    Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, I think in 1990/1991, a sprinter with a car trailer overtook me as a cyclist near Potsdam. A 7-series BMW on the trailer. When cutting in, the wide trailer got into a pothole or something on the unpaved shoulder. I never forget what was going on in front of me: the trailer sways up, the driver steers against it or tries to stay in lane ... in vain. The trailer stands sideways and hits the BMW against a stable road tree. The trailer comes off the sprinter (thank God) and the sprinter comes to a stop. My wife and I stopped and watched from a distance (powerless). Again, thank God, no oncoming traffic in this short period of time. The driver gets out of the Sprinter and examines the outcome of the drama. Then his legs slump ... we rush to him, provide first aid and have the ambulance called.
    Fortunately, nothing, nothing serious happened to the driver. The 7 is gone. Total loss. The tree was hit with the B-pillar and almost completely split the vehicle.

    Therefore, the story is still not over ... I sincerely hope for a responsible freight forwarder!

  • June! That's how long the story goes. I would never have kept the wait. Now I hope for the continuation and a good transport to Germany.

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