Danger for collectors - Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe

Life can be sneaky. Collectors have been waiting for a 1:18 miniature of the Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe for years. Then DNA Collectibles takes care of the problem. And at the same time plunges the collectors into new difficulties. Because the Swiss bring the Saab Coupe in three different colors at the same time.

Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe from DNA Collectibles
Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe from DNA Collectibles

This raises the question of which of the three versions you want to see in your display case. And whether you shouldn't order them all right away. Which might lead to space problems and other imponderables.

As always, the photos provided by DNA Collectibles show the first prototypes. Since it usually takes 12 months for the manufacturer to bring its newest baby onto the market, the model continues to mature in detail in the meantime. In fact, what can be seen at the moment makes you want to see the product.

A lot of the details are well taken, but there is still room for more. DNA promises the visibility of the intercooler, engraved taillights and fabric straps. The Viggen Body Kit and the bridge spoiler seem consistent in detail, in the interior you should perhaps reconsider the very silver color of the dashboard. In principle, this is a successful homage to an unforgettable vehicle from Saab.

Only 764 Viggen Coupes were produced

The 9-3 Viggen, as a coupe, convertible and sedan, was manufactured in Finland. From time to time a 9-3 I Aero was mixed with the Finnish Viggen, which served to better utilize the belts at Valmet. Of the 4.600 units produced, the two-door model is the rarest variant. Only 764 of her were made.

You have some time to think about whether you would order the Viggen in Lightning Blue, Black or Monte Carlo Yellow. The collectibles will not come onto the market until the second quarter of 2. As usual in a strictly limited edition, the numbering will be visible on the floor pan of each vehicle.

DNA Collectibles is again offering early birders a discount of 10% on the retail price. The only thing left to consider is whether one is enough, or whether 3 Viggen wouldn't look much better in your own collection.

With pictures of DNA Collectibles

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  • It doesn't really help to clarify things, but if you want to have a compilation of many possible designations for body shapes, I recommend the article> Vehicle rear <on Wikipedia.

    After reading it, you can still ask yourself whether counting doors is enough, whether you also need English or German names, or whatever ...

  • Hans and Volvaab

    Exactly, total confusion, but never mind - the main thing is Saab! 🙂

  • @ebasil, now we can bring the term sedan into play. Saab itself has named its 4-door 900s and 9000CDs as Sedans.
    Anyway, the main thing is Saab!

  • @ Ebasil (limousine),

    wonderful comment. I feel the same way. I'm just confused ...

    Ever since other manufacturers started building 4-door coupés, station wagons and SUV coupés, I know almost nothing about the body and assignment.

    I can only reliably identify the landaulette and convertible. Some convertibles only when it's open ...

  • There is actually a 1:18 model of the 9-3I convertible

  • Hans - Viggen and limousine issues

    I took the opportunity to look at the ad again and also realized that it is probably not a “real” Viggen, but only with the body and the wonderful color - interesting what the many different variants there were! And what a chic vehicle that will hopefully get into good hands or maybe stay (?).

    It also occurred to me later that the term “sedan” might actually mean the four-door hatchback. In my opinion, this term doesn't fit at all and disguises the ingenious hatchback design. In my opinion, a limousine is characterized by the fact that it has a trunk that is separate from the passenger compartment and cannot be accessed or expanded from there and does not have a large tailgate with a rear window, but only a trunk lid. Due to GM's idiotic specifications, a real sedan in this sense only existed with the 9-3 II and the 9-5, but unfortunately there was no longer a hatchback.

    With the 9000, for example, there was already a variant with and without a separate trunk, but both with four doors. For the four-door variant with hatchback, the term sedan should not have been a suitable name for this ingenious design, right? Because there was also the 9000 sedan without a full trunk - very unpopular at the time, as far as I know.

    When some manufacturers installed two fewer doors in their four-door sedans, the body looked a bit sleeker and the B-pillar was omitted, e.g. earlier Mercedes, they called it a coupé, but basically it was just a slightly sleeker sedan.

    Probably the term sedan is not protected or defined, I haven't looked it up on Wiki, but according to my (personal :-)) idea a sedan is a classic notchback that you CANNOT convert to a long loading area by folding down the rear seats, and without a large tailgate. A hatchback, on the other hand, has exactly this option, so it is basically the longer and sleeker version of the compact class.

    Conversely, a two-door Golf does not become a coupé and a four-door does not become a sedan. I believe that a coupé always just has a slightly sloping rear, two doors and a slightly sleeker appearance. It's the slightly modified form of - whatever. For example, at the beginning of the 80s the VW Polo was regularly available as a box tail, according to today's definition certainly a (small) station wagon, but with two doors. With a sloping rear, it was then sold as the “Polo Coupé”.

    And the 9-5 NG was unfortunately only available as a sedan (with a separate trunk and trunk lid), even if from the outside it looked almost like a hatchback. That is why the, yes, also planned, version as a hatchback, with a large tailgate and huge loading area through conversion, would have been so close.

    And in my opinion the term “sedan” does not do justice to the ingenious and later painfully missed hatchback construction of the 900, 9000 and also 9-3 I.

    I am pleased that I was able to spoil essential parts of the Sunday morning with this highly relevant comment 😉 😉 😉 in the necessary brevity. Somehow I felt a need in these dark times, and such burning questions 😉 are so beautiful!

    With this in mind, I wish all Saab friends a nice, relaxed and possibly relaxed weekend! 🙂

  • @ebasil, the 9-3i offered for sale is an Aero Coupe with Viggenbody, so only 2.0T instead of 2.3T and that makes a difference, especially in terms of torque. (with Maptun the Aero also comes with 250 PS and 320Nm)

    9-3I not a limousine? Then what is the name of the five-door variant? Station wagon coupe? Doesn't really fit, does it?

  • Lighting blue is next to yellow for me the color for the Viggen. With the black version, however, I will probably break my vow not to buy a model car anymore. Probably no 1:18 model will come that close to my 1: 1 model in the garage.

  • PS: The 9-3 I wasn't available as a sedan! (?)

  • Yes, definitely blue !!! Beautiful! Hans is currently offering his 1: 1 model for sale, right? And the silver dashboard was already chic, only in fact a little more matt and darker. Was it later in the Griffin 2012, like mine, simply TODSCHICK! 🙂

    Congratulations to Markus R on purchasing the 1: 1 scale model! 🙂 “Ceramic sealed” - what is it ???

  • If Viggen - then only in the super g ... blue 🙂

  • I agree with Hans S .: Only Lightning Blue… 🙂 🙂

  • Well, I'll make a decision, blue is the only true Viggen color.

  • I bought a 1: 1 scale model this spring and now ceramic-sealed it out of sheer love.

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