Steeped in history - Saab 900 Aero Turbo 16 1984

The last major automobile auction of the year starts in Sweden. The offer includes sheet metal steeped in history, which deserves our attention. A Saab 900 Aero Turbo 16 from 1984 is particularly exciting. It is a very early Aero example and has a direct link to the factory in the Stallbacka.

Saab 900 AeroTurbo 1984
Saab 900 AeroTurbo 1984

The technical director's car

In 1984, Saab's technical director received a new car. The auction house only mentions the surname Larsson. A look at the Saab history reveals that it was Stig-Göran Larsson at the time.

As expected, his Saab was a special car. The white pearl effect paint is a special color that was laborious to paint and expensive. According to Saab records, only 30 Saab 900s are said to have been painted in this color.

Aero cladding is even more individual. The Larsson Saab is not just one of the first vehicles to be delivered with this kit. The color is also special. Saab usually painted the planking in body color in 1984, but made an exception for this vehicle. Allegedly at Larsson's request, the body kit was painted gray. Saab later adopted the design idea in series.

Saab 900 Aero Turbo 16 1984

This special Saab also differs from the series in small details. Although model year 84 it bears the emblems of the following year. Of course, the technical director's car is fully equipped. Almost everything that was available at the time can be found in the 900 Coupe. Air conditioning, sound system and sunroof are on board.

Today the car is parked in the Saab Museum in Trollhättan. There are 6 owners registered with Larsson, and the car is definitely steeped in history. But so far it has not been a collector's item that has been spoiled. It shows the usual traces of use. Rust can be found on the lower edge of the door and on parts of the body. A door could have been repainted. The Colorado red leather shows patina.

None of this is a drama, the Saab is 36 years old after all. The mileage is only 104.342 kilometers. That is little and makes the Saab 900 Aero Turbo even more desirable. The all-important question is what this Saab could be worth.

What is the Larsson Saab worth

Let's summarize. A prominent owner, a vehicle, as it is more or less unique. There is no second one with this equipment. All of this is the stuff an auctioneer's dreams are made of.

That sees between 150.000 and 170.000 Swedish kronor Auction house the value. Converted, this corresponds to around € 14.700 to € 16.700. The auction ends on November 26th. Then you will see what Saab history is worth in Sweden.

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    I'm always happy to see how well Saab and other beautiful cars are represented in films and series.

    Big Citroen used to be very popular with cameramen - first DS, then CX, each with Break. Actually for tracking shots. “Nothing moves you like a Citroen” may not even be a claim of a resourceful writer, but a quote from the set. Who knows …

    I know a cameraman who raved about his CX for years after and although it was simply bent in the middle, much too young, and even though he then bought a Saab 900 Turbo Coupé.

    His verdict: Yes, it's fun, it's the better car, but it's just not the right one for the job. The trunk is too small for him, the roof and wheelbase are too short and the chassis is unsuitable for filming.

    Wonderful time when cars still had (different) characters ...

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    My daughter and her 9-3I were booked for a film in HH weeks ago, maybe that was it 😉

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    I'm curious how much it will go away

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    @ Tom: Do you have more information why the museum is giving this and also the 9000 Aero “prototype” (in ruby ​​red metallic)? How's the museum doing right now?

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      @Saabansbraten: No current information, but you can imagine how the numbers are in pandemic times. Probably bad. Then there is the perpetual lack of space. I'm not sure whether the two vehicles, the 9000 will be the topic tomorrow, are part of the inventory or just parked in the depot as a loan. They are not listed in the list from 2012.

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    Wonderful classics in the crime scene - of course a Saab too! 🙂

    In yesterday's Tatort there were many beautiful classics to marvel at, in addition to longer passages with the Ro 80 and a beautiful red Citroën convertible (when was that about?), A Saab 9000 also made a recurring longer appearance and was even named (“This is a Saab!”).

    In the film industry, Saabs are still very popular, so inspector Brix from the Frankfurt Tatort also drives one and the wonderfully crazy Faber from Dortmund as well, or drove because his 900 in the last Dortmund crime scene, which I saw in any case, in an explosive one Finale was totally wrecked. 🙁 I really hope it was just a trick!

    Across from my office, film recordings are very often made here in Hamburg, as the totally desolate building opposite is apparently particularly suitable for this in the opinion of the filmmakers. In addition to all the technology, catering, toilets, etc. in the courtyard, the cars of those involved are then parked on the entire, blocked-off opposite edge of the lane. When the recordings a few weeks ago were about 10 cars 3 Saabs of different years! I was happy like a snow queen! 🙂…. and kept looking out the window!

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    A very interesting history and the red leather is a dream! It's a shame that it didn't last until the end! An absolute dream station wagon for me was the 900 convertible with wine-red leather seats, black hood and white paint (although otherwise I would never buy a white car).

    Hopefully it'll be reasonably priced! Why is it in the museum (even though it was driven)? Hopefully there will not be “mucked out” due to economic problems ??! That would be terrible!

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    I think it will go away dearly!

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