Former works car - Saab 9000 CS Aero

Another very interesting Saab found its way to the last Bilweb auction of the year. An early Saab 9000 CS Aero that began life as a works car. Its exact history, however, remains somewhat fuzzy. What is certain is that he was registered at the factory in the Stallbacka.

Saab 9000 CS Aero 1993
Saab 9000 CS Aero 1993

Saab 9000 CS Aero 1993

It could have been a press car, its equipment speaks for it. Perhaps, and this is unconfirmed, it was presented at an event in England. It was later taken over by the then Technical Director Stig-Göran Larsson and driven for a few years. Today it is in the Saab Museum's depot, from which it can also be picked up after the auction.

The history is a bit vague, but could be researched with a little commitment. It is clear, however, that the year of construction and the equipment are correct. The Saab 9000 is a very early aero and its equipment is consistent and complete. That alone, and the fact that good Saab 9000 Aero are now difficult to find, makes it exciting.

The mileage is low, the speedometer reports 121.656 kilometers. In general, the 9000 Aero is in good condition, with signs of wear. The Saab was driven and serviced, but until it was put away in the museum's magazine, it was not a vehicle enthusiast that was allowed to experience excessive affection. There is a lot that speaks for the Saab.

It's the car they say in Trollhättan is the way Saab always wanted to build it. Without compromise, and without anyone having put the red pencil on. The design of the body comes from Björn Envall, who learned his trade at Saab mold designer Sixten Sason. The 9000 is a sharp wedge that has not lost its appeal even with age.

Still good performance today

You can still drive a 9000 in everyday life today. It is economical with fossil energy if you do not constantly demand the turbo. It's big, comfortable, and has plenty of room for friends, family and luggage. In the meantime it has also become noticeable. Hardly anyone knows the model series and in parking lots and at petrol stations there are big eyes and sometimes questions.

As an aero, it has an additional appeal. The engine conjures up 226 hp from 2.3 liters, its acceleration from medium speeds is still impressive even today and brings many SUV drivers back to reality. Because the 9000 is lightweight by today's standards and a reminder to all designers who consider plug-in hybrids with an empty weight of around 2 tons to be normal.

The striking sports seats are controversial. They give good lateral support, but are too much of everything for the aesthetes. You love them or reject them. As simple as that.

The price of the Saab 9000 Aero could be exciting. Model year 1993, an early Aero, a past as a press or factory car. You can pack a few kilometers on top. That sounds interesting. The Auctioneers see a possible revenue between 130.000 and 160.000 Swedish kronor. Converted, plus the premium for the auction house, we are in a price range of approx. € 12.700 to € 15.600. Too Much or Too Little? We will see! The final hammer falls on November 26th.

With pictures from Bilweb (12/12)

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    Volvaab - chrome glasses

    So take good care of yours up to the H-license plate (at least)! 😉 And maybe also buy a stylish hatchback (9-3 I or 9000) or maybe a 9-5 NG?

    Have a nice weekend!

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    The result is not that bad ...

    As a consumable and disposable item, it was probably not auctioned at the price. Well, it's at least something.
    He's definitely got into good, caring and appreciative hands. At least that's what I'd like to believe.

    It is probably the chrome glasses that are currently the least valued of all Saabs ever built and are the fastest disappearing?

    At least that's my subjective impression and I think we'll miss them a lot at some point.

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    and now it went for around 12800,00 euros. Is it good?
    I would have taken him for this money, if it weren't for the distance to Sweden, the space and the dear woman ......, that means good she is there and tells me that five Saab are just enough. Is it somehow true?

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      @Hans S. Too little - in my eyes. In the last few months, more money has been put on the table here (Germany) for less than 9000. But maybe it's a Corona thing that makes the distance to the north even bigger. In other words, there was probably no international bidders.

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    I already had an eye on the red one from Halstenbek. I like red 9000s.
    This is a special model from the beginning of 97, 2.0t with fabric seats but BBS rims, the good sound system and automatic air conditioning. I have the same in midnight blue as the Daily Driver from 03/97, they are great. I converted mine to leather. A loyal companion for eight years, “at home on long journeys”!

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    This 9000 looks really special. Just for the Ecosport-related rear spoiler something for collectors. I am curious what price he will achieve.

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    @ Gi.Pi:
    Thank you for the comment, which, as so often with you, contains various interesting background information.
    I think the Aero offered in the auction is a special car - it is not an off-the-shelf car that could be ordered that way. Many peculiarities are like the 9000 Eco-Sport prototype, some details are closer to series production (the Eco-Sport prototype, as a model year '92 example, still had 9000CS on the boot lid, the auctioned one already bears the Aero designation).

    I hope he will come into good hands! Obviously it's not the eco-sport prototype with 17 "aero rims that belongs to the museum. That calms me.

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    Another red 9000

    And here another red one, in Cayenne red (is that the same color as the one in the Swedish auction?), No aero and no leather, smaller engine, but younger, with white indicators, even with a few kilometers, first Hand and complete history - delivered as a new car and now for sale again at Etehad in Halstenbek (near HH). And less than half the price.

    Who would? 🙂

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    @ Ebasil,

    I see that just like you. There is a lack of color. The youngest 9-3s (their convertible & SC) are ideal and can just carry anything. The secret is the shape, color and size of the lights.

    Old cars with tiny taillights and small indicators at the front could do that too - so they could wear any color that women or men find beautiful.

    And it speaks for Saab and its designers that they recently got back there with modern means and despite large-area lights.

    They recognized the problem of disharmony between paint and light elements early on and addressed it well. Other manufacturers and brands still do not.

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    My 9000 has the color code 242. Looks exactly like the photo. There was also Cayenne red, code 256.

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    How many shades of red were there for the 9000? Don't know if it's the photos, but the red 9000 Aero from Czech friends is more laser red than this one

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    Is it about the then newly introduced mica metallic color ruby ​​red, maybe even with the body code 199 as a so-called test color, can you find out more?

    Because before the introduction of the 9k Aero, probably in the summer of 1992, such an Aero was presented to the dealers at the then importer Scancars, so the description of the press vehicle could match (whether it was this vehicle, I don't want to remember, is back too long and I don't know if I still have photo material of it), as an answer from the ruby-red 9k-ECO-SPORT which was presented shortly before at the various motor shows around the world.

    A few small details were strange when the Aero was introduced in 1992, had exclusive Rocky blacks and electric sports seats with memory function on both sides, nor normal 16 ″ Aero rims (because the homologation of the 16 ″ Super Aero was still missing at that time , since originally 17 ″ were originally intended because of larger brakes, which was ultimately not introduced for the series Aero or removed by GM), a bridge rear spoiler and at the time it was officially only homologated as a 4-seater.

    The colors are generally an individual matter of taste. Basically I don't like red, but the mica metallic colors were different because they were extremely light-dependent, the color change appeared from medium-light to extremely dark, so the ruby ​​red was one of my favorites.

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    Volvaab - color issues

    Yes I agree with you. I like the seats and the red does indeed “bite” with the indicators and the rear lights. For this model, the red is certainly problematic, although I think the color itself - a matt, not too “tomato” red metallic - is wonderful.

    I regret that until 2012 there were hardly any real colors for our Saabs in Germany, but actually only black-white-silver-gray-shell. All a matter of taste, of course, there should have been something more “cheerful” in addition to these dreary colors, which of course have their justification. We already had that topic. The laser red was personally too Ferrari-like for me and just not metallic (that too, of course, a matter of taste, but I'm always happy when I see a Saab in this rare color).

    And that's why I always find it nice to see any Saab in a “right” color, although I was a big fan of medium blue tones (Cosmos blue metallic, Fusion or sapphire blue metallic, Skyblue metallic), none of which have existed for a long time. Such cooler and fresh color tones would certainly have suited the 9000 very well, I agree with you!

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    I'll come out. I think the seats are great. What I don't like is the color, not about this car ...
    A 9K Aero looks much better when it is cooler. It then appears more technical, modern, more dynamic.

    Anyone who buys it should at least convert to white turn signal glass. Orange and the paint bite each other. The red tape bites in the rear, but there's nothing you can do about it - except repaint the car.

    I'm sensitive to red tones and rear lights. In particular, such a large-area and creatively dominant band as on the 9K should either be clearly contrasted or blend seamlessly into a signal-red painted car.

    This is put into perspective with older vehicles with smaller taillights. Or with framed taillights. Here, however, surfaces come together seamlessly, which are brutally not coordinated in terms of color. For me as a designer, that's really tough stuff - no matter how beautiful the car is otherwise ...

    Therefore, I would clearly prefer the Italian. That the Export Aero only has 2.0 liters? For free.

    I'm curious to see what the result of the auction will be during the Corona period.

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    A beautiful color!

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    It's great what kind of cars Tom is presenting here!
    Of all of them, THIS is the absolute favorite for me, followed by the Italo-Aero 🙂

    To this day, driving 9000 is just getting in and feeling good for me. Fortunately, I can enjoy it every day.

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    For me it is still one of the best / chicest cars that SAAB has ever built - (m) a dream of the automotive world 🙂

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    Yes, the aero9k for me is still the SAAB by which all other upper middle class cars have to be measured. Even the SAAB9-5aero6xwd has some points where it lies behind the 9k, starting from the tailgate and rear window wiper (unfortunately this does not have it here either) to the auxiliary heating in the blower train. Yes, and Tom is right, since our red aero9k is often out on the road with our son, he is spoken to every now and then and gets interested looks, the buddies are also enthusiastic. The rear spoiler is somehow different here on this one, and the front spoiler is nice and intact, the front one is somehow a construction site for us and is no longer so close to the bumper.
    By the way, we are still looking for two replacement wheels for our 9k donation vehicle, if someone has to give one or two! 😉

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