It's rolling - Saab car transport from Spain to Germany

There is this point where one can only wait. The Saab is on the van in a distant country. It then rolls off. In the direction of Germany, one hopes. And wishes that the 9-5 would be well received. What remains is just patience and the nervous calculation of when the Saab could arrive.

The Saab is charging
The Saab is charging

Mid-June in Barcelona. Everything is going very quickly now. Lizi has found a Polish freight forwarder who can take the Saab to Germany. A place on the trailer is still free, the price for the transport is within the normal range. We accept!

The departure is supposed to be on a Thursday and we're discussing where to deliver the 9-5 to. To my home or to the hangar? I'd rather have my home address, the driver prefers the hangar. This is a little closer to the autobahn and Frankfurt. The detour to the Bavarian province would involve a detour of a good hour.

He doesn't like that, he has to earn money after the lockdown and he finally wants to go to Poland. I understand that and it helps to have a good relationship with the carrier. Departure from Barcelona Thursday, arrival in the hangar on Saturday evening - before the driving ban on Sunday applies.

We think…

But as always, things turn out differently. Transport is not making headway in Spain, a public holiday slows him down, and so it will be Friday before he arrives in Barcelona and can charge the Saab 9-5. On Friday afternoon the time has finally come, the 9-5 is on the trailer behind a Nissan. At least one nice car on the van!

It's about to start and the waiting begins
It's about to start and the waiting begins

But the wonderful plan is obsolete, and all arithmetic doesn't help. The Aero will never arrive in Hessen on Saturday. If I calculate the Sunday driving ban and the statutory driving times, then I arrive at an early Monday around 3 or 4 a.m. If that were on my doorstep, I would have no problem. But already now. Because it takes me around 30 minutes to get to the hangar. And no idea when the transport will really arrive.

I have a slight crisis. And I'm not alone with this.

Lizi has them too. The pain of parting plagues him, and somehow he doesn't like to let go of the Aero that he has taken care of for so many months. In fact, I get an email from him regarding the right of first refusal if I want to sell the 9-5. Sure, he gets it, and if the Saab ever leaves me, Lizi has preferred access.

But it hasn't landed on me yet.

The driver progresses slowly but surely, keeping in touch with Lizi, who luckily speaks Polish in addition to his many language talents. It comes as feared! Somewhere, far from Frankfurt, the journey ends on Saturday evening. The arrival on Monday morning remains an approximate, the driver really doesn't want to or can't commit himself.

Still, it's good to have friends. A good friend lives in the vicinity of the hangar and he offers to pick up the Saab. No matter when, he says. No stress, no uncertainty and no arrival in the middle of the night. A weekend goes by very, very slowly.

In slow motion.

With waiting for a car that is on the road somewhere and that I bought months ago.

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    @Volvaab Driver:
    I no longer have the dealer's estate in my head, the 9-5 TiD (with deer ex works) was a leasing car with me, we then took it over and parted with it after a total of 6 years and 256 tkm.

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    I am glad that I bought my 9-5 Bio-Power-Kombi in November 2009 ... HU just happened without any defects.

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    @ Thomas Zecher,

    may you ask what it cost? 2009 was a completely crazy time. From my trust I had 2 outrageously cheap offers for the last 2 9-5 SC available for D.

    If I have it right in my head, then it was 2.3 t BioPower, each already deer and inside and outside including almost everything and everyone - be it a sophisticated sound system, leather, metallic, beautiful rims, detachable towbars or whatever else ...

    I didn't even try the list of surcharges, didn't calculate any further. Even so, it was clear at a glance that both offers were very, very far below the list prices.

    After a good 11 years, I still bite my butt almost every day that I didn't hit me, that I didn't secure either of the two. Perhaps you happen to have one of these two whose equipment lists are still on my computer in the Saab folder?

    Anyway, always have a good trip and a lot of fun. Of course also for Tom & the gentleman, who will hopefully have arrived safely in D next Wednesday ...

    If the gentleman were a book, I would have read it in just one night. Exciting.

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    I also know this wait: I ordered my last new Saab car (9-5 station wagon) shortly before the first plant closure in 2009. It was then produced during the restructuring phase and then somehow disappeared from the screen until it reappeared on a car transporter in Belgium and from there found its way to Germany and finally to me. In total, I think that was a waiting period of four months. After all, I then had one of the last station wagons produced.

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    More exciting than any thriller

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