One of only 500 - Saab 9000 T16 Sport

The stuff that collectors' dreams are made of? Limited editions and special editions! Saab has a lot to offer. Much more than you might think at first glance. The brand's history is rich in variants, and some models have really made it to collector's status.

Saab 9000 T16 Sport 1990
Saab 9000 T16 Sport 1990

An important basis for arousing desire is authenticity. The model has to fit its time, and when you think of the early 90s, what do you think of? Sure, the key word is: spoilers. Spoilers everywhere, tuners conjured them up for a certain group of people, even on thick S-Class coupes. And even the Swedes from Stallbacka were avowed spoiler fans.

Sometimes more sometimes less. Even the Saab 9000 CC was not spared. With the 1990 model year, the 9000 began to be aggressively fitted with spoilers. That was possible, anything else would have been embarrassing, of course with an increase in performance. The 2 liter turbo made, depending on the country, around 200 hp. And the 2.3 liter, which could not be bought everywhere, had 225 hp.

The harbingers of what would later be called Saab Aero had different names. They were available in France as the “SP 16”, in Germany they were marketed as the “Turbo 16 S”, and the Australians got the “Carlsson”. For Italy they came up with the “T16 Sport”.

Saab 9000 T16 Sport

Of course they only got the 2 liter turbo on the other side of the alpine passes. For tax reasons, and they shared this fate with the Australians. 204 hp were sufficient, other brands no longer served in 1990 either. Only 500 pieces of the Saab 9000 T16 Sport Edition were made, all of which can be recognized by an individual badge on the dashboard.

Noticeably equipped with spoilers, the 9000 made a big hit and left no doubt as to who is in charge of the Autostrada. The extensive spoiler package fits perfectly into the era, today these vehicles are in demand and some of them are expensive to restore. In the interior, the 9000 T16 Sport anticipates the Anniversary models and reveals what the suede inserts in the seats were intended for.

They give the driver lateral support and are really ingenious, discreet, sport seats. Except that nobody can tell at first glance. Its unique design comes from Björn Envall, who was only allowed to design the body for the second 9000 generation. The seats are typical of classic Saab 900 and 9000. However, Envall took the inspiration for the design from elsewhere.

A special story. Who among the readers knows their background?

Number 75 of 500

In Italy, near Modena, there is a beautiful 9000 T16 Sport for sale. Beyond the distiller, in the land of perfect espressos, number 75 of 500 is waiting for a new owner. Only a little more than 90.000 kilometers are on the clock. The condition seems good, downright delicious. It has small signs of use, that's for sure.

The price is friendly, € 7.900 is fair. Really not expensive if its condition is halfway like the pictures. A collector's item from a limited series that has depreciated in value. A candidate who can be predicted to increase in value in the future. In addition, there is the H license plate, which is possible and a fairly safe starting place for all coveted classic car trips.

All that remains is the annoying corona problem, which currently makes traveling south almost impossible. But, and that's the good news, car transport is possible. And phone and internet work too.

With pictures by Grandiparticolari Sas

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  • @ StF,

    many thanks for the answer. Either way, I always enjoy your comments. In terms of language alone ...
    The word “service stalls” alone was a celebration.

    Once again, my deepest thanks.

  • @ Volvaab Driver

    Knowledge / research

    That was such a half and half story. I had read that when I was actually looking for other information about Saab, but now I only had something in mind about seats and the Muppet show. I had to look for the details again first.

    Unfortunately, this is something that I've struggled with a lot in recent years. I still know that I once knew something about a topic, but I have to find out what exactly ...

  • The ingenious 9000 has been sold. It was quick, hard to believe.

  • Spoiler Alert

    The one at the rear may not be original (see Gi.Pi.), but then at least it's well made. Maybe even an upgrade?
    The third light is nicely integrated and the wing looks coherent in color, shape and dimensions and the car is the perfect zeitgeist.

    @ StF,
    funny. Is that knowledge or research? I'm looking forward to Tom's solution to the sitting puzzle ...

  • The story goes around that these seats are said to be modeled on Miss Piggy's spaceship service stalls. I don't know if there's really anything to it.
    One can ask why the inserts in the cover weren't made of frog skin? On the other hand, there were other pigs in space ...

  • A beautiful car, whether 100% original or not. It's good that Italy is far and almost inaccessible.

  • @ Gi-Pi, what a concentrated knowledge! Thank you for participating!

  • Beautiful!!!
    It's lucky that it is so far away, otherwise I couldn't guarantee anything!

  • Hi Tom,

    A real rarity, but some details do not match the original of this limited T16 Sport Edition.

    I doubt the rear spoiler to be from Saab, unless it was a pre-series test vehicle like the red 9k T16 Sport currently in the Czech Republic, which was originally from a Saab employee. Originally, this sport edition had either a flat, discreet rear spoiler in the style of the later 9k CS version in body color with a black upper lip or a significantly higher bridge spoiler with 2 center bars from the official accessories of the Airflow range, whose bridge spoiler is also attached to the side was. For the bridge spoiler there was a 3rd brake light mounted separately on the trunk lid (at that time it was still market-dependent, since it was not allowed or even mandatory everywhere), whereby it was the same 3rd brake light as that of the 901-CV, which is clearly not with this copy the case is. The number plate decoration on the Sport Edition was originally the accessory version in the color of the rear light from the Airflow range that was actually originally installed on the Sport Edition ex works. Presumably painted white on this copy, as this red-orange-white decor unfortunately faded in color. A special feature of this sports equipment ex works was the specially tailored spoiler cladding exclusively for this sports version, which was extremely similar to the Airflow kit of that time (the Carlsson edition was equipped with it, among others), but not in detail on the outside, it was mainly the front spoiler; ie all parts had different material numbers.

    It is true that the 1989k-CC with sports equipment could be ordered from autumn 9. This had a market-dependent performance increase ex works with an exclusive single-tailpipe sports exhaust system in connection with the performance increase (in the accessories program there was only the two-tailpipe sports exhaust, among other things the supplier at the time, RAY-Metallwaren, known as the manufacturer of the SIMONS sports exhaust systems) OE Sachs sports suspension (blue not red version), its own aerodynamic kit (body spoiler) consisting of integrated bumper front + rear apron as well as fender flares and deeper side skirts under the doors, including the brand new aerodynamic 16 ″ aerodynamic sports rims, leather-covered gear levers -Cuff handle and sports steering wheel as well as special leather seating with alkantara inserts, black framing of the side windows. This sport version was officially delivered in the paint colors red, black, white and Odoardograu-met.

    The 9k-T16-Sport was deliberately presented in the then new color Talladega-Red, it was a plain paint with a new process of a more transparent clear coat and a colored intermediate coat that achieved a more intensive depth effect.

    Actually, when I was presented at the time, I remembered that this limited sports edition, i.e. with a numbered badge, was manufactured or delivered exclusively in Talladega red and that it was exclusively the most powerful engine in the Saab range at the time, in the version without a catalytic converter.

    Correction of the engine at that time:
    As the MY90 with a 9k steep schnauzer, there was still no engine type “M” (B234), only appeared as the MY91 with the inclined schnauzer known from the CD, which was also available in a sport version. Accordingly, all sports equipment as MY90 ex works was only equipped with type “L” engines (B202L) with a performance increase (code 09 can be seen in item 8 of the engine number). Special feature in addition, all without Kat versions were equipped with the new Mitsubishi turbocharger TE05 at that time, with this being used from 98-Oct. actually made up to 204PS / 150kW; exclusively those kat-loses for the UK market that were deliberately introduced with the then new Garret T25 turbocharger, despite 98-Oct. only came to 195PS / 143kW. The Kat versions of this edition were only designed for lead-free October 95 and thus only achieved 177PS / 130kW.

    Greetings Gi-Pi.

  • What else should you say - the pictures speak for themselves :-))
    Just so much - the seats of the 901 and 9000 are from my automotive “experience” to this day car seats something absolute
    Has set standards !!
    Many manufacturers can only dream of this today ...

    The same applies to the AERO rims of the first generation with the polished rim - timeless sporty elegance

    Can I have some more, please …
    Nice WE


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