Saab Talladega Workshop - Bad Homburg 1996

Our project to digitize old Saab films also brings out the unusual. The Saab Talladega Workshop, which took place in Bad Homburg in 1996, is a historical document. He deepened the events in Talladega in front of the assembled press representatives. And shows a person who has a certain influence on the fact that the blog project even exists.

Saab 900 Talladega Workshop Bad Homburg 1996

Talladega Challenge 1996

10 years after the long run at Talladega Speedway, Saab made his way to the USA again. If in 1986 the aim was to prove the reliability of turbo engines, the reputation of the Saab 900 II should now be restored. He had suffered from a few problems at the beginning of his career. Wrongly, as was found in Trollhättan.

In contrast to the event 10 years earlier, the manufacturer relied heavily on the involvement of press representatives. Journalists drove on the speedway and reported live from the USA. The media coverage for Saab was huge, and it was good. To deepen the events, Saab Germany organized a workshop in Bad Homburg.

Workshop in Bad Homburg

Parts of the Talladega team traveled to the Taunus, bringing vehicles from the challenge with them. Saab 900 II were ready for test drive and Saab Germany presented the 900 II Talladega special model. The effort was enormous, but it gave Saab even more attention and presence in the media.

The film allows a look behind the scenes and shows the press work of Saab Germany. In terms of contemporary history, it is an exciting document for the fans. Not just for them. At the end, the journalist Rolf Peter Bleeker also briefly comes into the picture. He is the author of “The Spirit of Saab - more than a car” (I.SBN: 9783720516990). In the 90s, Saab new car buyers received it as part of the welcome package.

The entertaining, humorous Saab stories by the unfortunately deceased author were very different from the auto literature of the time. They fascinated me and are one of the reasons why this project exists. Today the book is only available as an antiquarian, this is a good source ZVAB.

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