Far above estimate - Saab 900 Aero Turbo 16 auctioned

Auctions are a yardstick. Its result shows the condition of a brand in an incorruptible way. Whether it no longer builds cars, like Saab, or whether it produces. With the last hammer blow from the auctioneer, the truth always comes to light. What are collectors and fans willing to pay for automotive history?

Saab 900 Aero auctioned way above estimate
Saab 900 Aero auctioned way above estimate

Auctioned far above estimate

The last big auction of the year for collector's vehicles in Sweden was all about Saab. No other brand delivered a surprise worth mentioning. The star of the auction was an undisputed one Saab 900 AeroTurbo 16. With an appealing story in the background. A rare execution and prominent previous ownership were enough to spark the imagination.

The estimate of € 14.700 to € 16.700 was easily exceeded. In the end, the 26.700 was worth almost € 900 plus buyer's premium. The result was surprising - somehow. Because the 900 is rare, has a few kilometers, but its condition is in the mediocre range. Rust is an issue, pictures may not reveal everything, there is a need for action.

Nevertheless, the Saab could have made history. A record price, by Swedish standards. And this at a time when one can assume the reluctance of international bidders.

Saab 9000 Aero - just reached the estimate
Saab 9000 Aero - just reached the estimate

The second Saab in the Packages was a rare 9000 CS Aero. Unfortunately, its history was not that clear. Its furnishings are consistent, the condition is good, the execution rare. The basics for a good result, but not for a surprise. At around € 12.700 plus premium, the Aero remained at the lower end of the estimated value.

Perhaps too little in principle and there could be several reasons for the result. Unfortunately, the interesting facts that were supplied by third parties for the 900 Aero were missing. A bit of reluctance, a special Swedish symptom, was evident. And possibly the Corona situation and the restricted freedom of movement in Europe also played a role.

Good results cannot be taken for granted

However, you should be satisfied with the result. And maybe even more than that. If you look at the results of the auction, the Borgward brand catches your eye.

Another lost manufacturer surrounded by myths. With the Borgward rebirth and the prospect of a plant in Bremen, the brand jumped out of the grave. The prices for historic sheet metal from Bremen went up, the elderly circle of fans rejuvenated.

A flash in the pan, as you had to recognize. Borgward is dying to himself in China, in September 2020 only 649 people could get excited about a new car with the rhombus. The Borgward euphoria is history.

On Auction a Borgward Isabella TS Coupe was offered. The most desirable Borgward par excellence, albeit in a condition that requires a lot of work. But in original condition, from a collection and put away for 21 years. The coupe from the Weser was sold. At a price a third below its estimate.

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    I would have liked to have had a red 9000 too

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    Hans S. - red 9000 in Germany

    I went to Etehad to change tires today and took the opportunity to take a close look at the red 9000.


    A very nice model with a first-class history. The color is different (than in Sweden), very nice red, it matches the rear lights exactly. Great condition, as far as I could see, more modern engine and - as GP1 already wrote - sunroof, air conditioning, the good sound system, BBS rims.

    Wouldn't the baby be something? It definitely deserves a loving and protective 2nd hand! 🙂

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    @ Hans S. (Approvals),

    my best friend has had good experiences there. He was even able to drive a souvenir from his vacation for a year in Germany with a Swedish license plate.

    Only then did he have to re-register, which was completely problem-free. He had no experience or insider knowledge. He just let himself be taken by the hand in both countries.

    Maybe an isolated case? I only know that everything went smoothly for him and that he was well accompanied by the binational authorities ...

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    It's such a thing with Borgward, I also thought the topic was through. But they still had money for a lawyer and in the second instance they won the case with Renault about their logo.

    Since then, there have been entries on their website again, which had not been maintained for almost 2 years. Just one last twitch before death, or is something moving after all? You will see it or not ...

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    Two nice results. I would have liked the red 9k. I would like to bid, only Sweden is around 2000km away from me. Of course, a stretch!
    What about the registration of a car registered in Sweden? Does anyone have any experience?

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    You can interpret it however you like, the result is great! Sure, you just need a madman who wants the Saab. But then there is a broad impact because the motor press thinks it is strong and you can get it shared everywhere in the network. Saab then has press and attention again.

    What a madman can do 🙂 So, stay positive!

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    I would be a little more careful. Auctions are not that incorruptible ...
    Depending on the type of bidding process and the experience of the bidders, auctions in particular always bloom.
    Often, two inexperienced bidders who have not set a reasonable limit and have made a tactically awkward bid are enough to achieve a revenue / result well above the market value.

    This can only be put into perspective very, very quickly shortly after an auction. One person has won the bid (is taken care of, no longer contributes to the demand).
    The two heat heads can no longer compete against each other. And that's it sometimes.

    An outlier, then, that cannot even come close to being replicated at another auction for a similar object and certainly cannot be achieved on the market. Occurs every now and then.

    I would like to read more, but I've seen the effect described too often for that.

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    Saab is just cool. My 9-3 always attracts attention, but not my colleagues' new and leased cars. What, is he that old? It looks so good ...

    And hardly anyone wants to believe me that Saab no longer exists.


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