A friend, a good friend - Saab Aero has landed

2020 is drawing to a close, and our not entirely ordinary Saab 9-5 Aero project is also heading for the finale. 2 or 3 more posts, then the story is told. There will be a long break afterwards. I will tell you why in the last part of the current series.

Finally landed! After months, the aero is in the hangar!
Finally landed! After months, the aero is in the hangar!

A friend, a good friend

In the morning at 05 a.m. in Germany. Normally, my good friend would already be on the way to work with his Saab. In a federal agency he ensures that Germany works. But now he is waiting for the van from Spain, which drives up 00 minutes later with the Saab on the trailer.

The 9-5 is unloaded and parked in the hangar. The takeover is acknowledged and the first glance shows that everything is in order. The Saab is a little dirty from transport, but without any visible wounds. A short text message and a few pictures on my smartphone, everything seems to be OK.

The long story that began in 2019 seems to end in June 2020. But, as always, life brings in little complications. It's Monday, and I have so much urgent work on my desk that day that I can't leave the office. That fits in with the project, which has always been more complicated and protracted than any previous project.

And once again, good friendship helps. While I work to save the gross national product of the year, my friend is taking care of the Saab. The rims, originally built in 2000, are no longer so beautiful. I want to have it refurbished, so he has it dismantled. Our workshop around the corner takes care of it, the Spanish sedan receives rims from the Saab accessories for the transition.

They are actually for the 9-3, suit the aero and look better in nature than in the pictures. Just a temporary solution or something permanent? And then I would have an optional 18 inch set of turbine rims. But 18 ″ on the youngtimer? What does it look like and how does it work?

While I can't get away from work, everyone who sees it is excited about the Saab. My friend thinks it's great, as does the workshop that has got used to my old Swedish sheet metal. Only I really have to wait 3 full days until the appointment calendar releases a slot of a few hours.

Aero here, papers in Spain

Then the Saab 9000 will head towards the hangar and finally, after months, I can drive the Aero. The tension is high, it's a bit like getting a new car. Because when was the last time I drove a Serie 1 9-5? That was really a long time ago.

And while the car is parked in the hangar and waits for me, the papers are still in Barcelona. Affected by Corona, the authorities are working slower than usual. The re-registration to Lizi seems to take an eternity, after all, I would have copies of the papers in my car. Special times, special situations. Would the law enforcement officers see it that way too?

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    A beautiful Saab! I'm looking forward to the photos from the inside, etc. after landing in D. 🙂

    Regarding the rim size: I share Volvaab's view. My taste is rather reserved anyway, maybe also feminine. I prefer smaller rims, especially for older cars, for driving comfort anyway. My SC is 16 inches in summer and winter, the convertible is 17. I think that's nice and suitable! For both of them I prefer the classic spoke design, for the convertible it is Alu 66. Anything over 17 inches is too "grumpy" for me. But, as I said, a matter of taste. The main thing is Saab. And that tuned and "souped-up" Saabs have their justification, there is a certain (younger) scene for it, we learned recently.

    Every Saab - however embellished or individualized - that is cared for shows the appreciation of its owner and that's a good thing!

    I'm looking forward to the pictures and the decision as to which “feet and shoes” the gentleman will get.

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    Gentlemen & Rubber

    It's nice that he's here. And I share Tom's caution with the rim size. It's not an NG. The old 9-5 has a typically smaller size and diameter of the wheels.

    At 18 ″ that is a hell of a lot of rims with very little air and rubber around them. You may like it, but there is also a lot to be said against it, be it optically or a loss of driving comfort.

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    Congratulations, she looks very good. Hopefully the papers will come soon but the car is already there.

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    Congratulations on landing the dream AERO!
    1x through the car wash ;-), then everything is chic :-).
    The "borrowed" rims also look good on the gentleman ...
    Much (driving) joy with the noble SAAB!

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    I am happy for you that the car has finally landed safely, if I had not read that the rims are from the accessories, if I had used them for original Saab rims, the car would look good. Paul drives to 18 inches right?

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      Perhaps it is misleadingly worded, is from the Saab accessories. Yes, Paul goes to 18 ″. I'm not sure if it would suit the sedan, which is more delicate than the station wagon.

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