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Again and again you meet the R900 in Saab history. The sporty special series of the Saab 900 II, which had a background in racing. Because Saab Germany actually built an R900 racing car for Group A with Uli Weinmann. With driver Volker Strycek, they went to the Nürburgring in 1995.

Saab R900

Unfortunately, the sporty use of the 900 was not really successful. An accident cost time and set the team back by more than 2 hours. The end of all hopes for a title and an increase in image. After all, the 2 liter turbo engine last got around 270 hp. Not a bad value for the time.

The racing car from back then discovered we will be back in Upper Franconia in 2013. In the meantime it was at least sporadically on the road in the motorsport scene. But, apart from the commitment for Saab Germany, it was also otherwise not unimportant for the development of the brand.

A Saab 9-3 Viggen would never have existed without the preparatory work from Germany.

A civilian model was also derived from the vehicle for motorsport. That rolled out to dealers in 1996 and was limited to 200 pieces. There was a film for the showroom that was supposed to whet the appetite for the new Saab. That could have succeeded. Because the R900 comes across as very dynamic and conveys the joy of driving Saab.

In principle, the video could still be used today, and current commercials aren't made any better. Maybe even worse. Because somehow the old Saab advertising was clear and conveyed simple messages.

Current advertising is less honest and more manipulative. A current example? A company from the Mittelland Canal tries to convey the reassuring feeling that one could finally drive a car with the brand's electric vehicles without remorse. Sure, the electricity comes from the socket. As soon as the fuel just runs out of the pump.

If solving our problems were actually that simple, then it would be good. And I would buy an electric car right away.

3 thoughts on "Showroom Video - Saab R900"

  • Really cool!

    The side of the 900 II is seldom illuminated 😉

  • Simply pure driving pleasure, no words are needed. Today's car advertising is horrific almost all of the time. I miss the joke she used to have. Where is the self-deprecating VW advertisement, where is the “welcome home” from Mercedes hiding?

    Instead, a bunch of philosophical approaches and the advertising agencies let off steam that it goes black before your eyes.

    People, cars were fun and you felt like buying a new car (mostly Saab)! Get back to your roots while you still have the chance!

  • The message comes across clearly and succinctly, a swift and no-frills automobile is on the move here. Well done!

    Take a look at the latest Audi advertising. They talk about character, about perspectives, about intelligence, about freedom, what a soul!

    And with all today's car advertisements you have a free path, empty streets, devoid of any reality!


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