A man, a dog and endless spaces

November. The days have become shorter, the temperatures noticeably lower. The November blues are in the air. Social contacts are reduced, restaurants and cafes remain closed. If you live in the country like me, then it is also the conversations between neighbors about the fence that become less frequent.

Evening - the fog creeps from the valley
Evening - the fog creeps from the valley

The plots are quite large and the spaces between the houses are generous. It can happen that you don't see anyone for days. At some point it goes to the substance. It gnaws at the psyche. Not so much that you have to go without eating in the restaurant. Or not meeting friends for coffee.

It's like lead in the air

But the situation in principle. The eternal caution, the keeping of distances. The discipline with which one observes hygiene rules. Already for self-protection. Lockdown 1.0 was even more playful. A new experience mixed with curiosity and some adventure.

Lockdown 2.0 is darker, harder, like lead in the air and over the land. That has to do with the coming winter, with the November blues, which one has more or less every year. What helps is running. Get out into nature whenever you can. In any weather and regardless of the time of day.

Frieda dog with safety vest - just in case
Frida the dog with a safety vest - just in case

I like running in the early evening. When dusk comes, the mist creeps up from the valleys. It is the quiet time. Most of the walkers have disappeared and are at home in their warm apartments. Then you have the world almost to yourself. A man, a dog and endless spaces.

Drive away the November blues

Running helps. Clear your head and straighten out the November blues. Our time is anything but easy. That is clear. Social contacts cannot be reduced permanently. Man is a herd animal. Only very few can be alone with themselves.

In addition, there may be economic fears, concerns about health and about friends and family. At some point you catch yourself dreaming of masks and minimum distances at night.

A car comes out of the valley - otherwise it is lonely at this time of day
A car comes out of the valley - otherwise it is lonely at this time of day

To get through time, it is helpful to recognize what you have. Almost everyone has had dark moments in life that were harder than what we have to go through today. The personal challenges, the feeling of standing on the edge.

It was exactly 10 years ago that I had such a moment. I was in the hospital. A major operation behind me, an extensive ordeal ahead of me. Not great prospects. Coupled with a feeling of helplessness and powerlessness. In the morning, when the day slowly drove away the night, I could watch workers from my bed on the roof of the building opposite.

November - loneliness - freedom
November - loneliness - freedom

It was just getting dark when they were already there. It was cold outside, it was drafty. November in Upper Franconia, which is harder and rougher than on the climatically spoiled Lower Main. The workers, who probably came from the Balkans or from eastern states, renovated the opposite roof. A backbreaking job and not one that you really want to do.

In those days, it was the best job in the world for me. Because I would have given everything if I had been able to leave the station and refurbish the old, ailing roof.

And today?

Well, my private contacts are limited. Eating out, meeting in the pub, drinking coffee. Everything is obsolete. But i am free. A man, a dog and endless spaces. In the twilight in the country, where the fox and the rabbit say good night.

And seen that way, that's amazingly good.

5 thoughts on "A man, a dog and endless spaces"

  • Province versus city (@ Bergsaab),

    we can be happy that there are big cities and people who don't want to live any other way. In terms of culture, knowledge and economics, we would only be provincial without metropolitan areas ...

    And in Germany with 233 inhabitants per square kilometer it is essential to stack people on top of each other. That's only just under 4.292 square meters per head. Know people who have more. Purely private.

    It is the stacked city dwellers who leave us space for everything we absolutely need - be it infrastructure, economy or nature. You can personally reject this lifestyle (I do that too), but you should keep in mind that the province in which you live sellber would be quite densely populated without the city and townspeople and completely deprived of nature ...

  • Hi Tom,
    Very nice pictures, very sensitive, positive sentimental written, very private and yet
    everyone can identify with it because they have experienced something similar. It helps out of the
    Experience knowing that life is always changing. It also helps
    to be able to appreciate small things again. It helps show the nice side of the
    to recall past life.

  • Yes, after long glossing over the dense city, we are learning to appreciate the advantages of the province again!

  • Sensitively written and consistent pictures!

    I've lived in Africa for a few years, Ghana and Kenya, sometimes quite lonely, a dog was always with me!
    Are simply true companions.

  • Hi Tom,
    good that we can go outside and go running or walking there! Don't want to live in the built-up city. The time without social contacts will also pass!


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