Santa Claus for Saab drivers 2020!

Many things may turn out differently this year, some traditions remain! In the foothills of the Harz Mountains, Skandix AG opens its shop for Saab drivers today. With special offers for Santa Claus, novelties and surprises that you have packed into your boot.

Saab Nikolaus at the Skandix AG
Saab Nikolaus at the Skandix AG

When it comes to Saab, Skandix always has an open ear. The company is also involved in our Spanish Saab project and shows how seriously they take customer orientation. As a little teaser for what's to come.

But today it's about Nicholas, about rummaging in the Shop and some fun.

After the many serious topics this year, a change that we deserve. The Skandix team came up with something. The special Nikolaus offers are valid on December 06th and 07th and of course only while stocks last.

Enjoy browsing!

2 thoughts on "Santa Claus for Saab drivers 2020!"

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    @ Ebasil,

    am not an expert on either. Since we already have the 7th today, here's what I dare to say:

    Strut braces are seldom required, but never harmful. Their utility - which they definitely have - depends heavily on the vehicle and the driving style.

    A relatively soft body can noticeably cooperate, twist under high loads and have negative effects on the precision of the steering, for example. Tom reported positive effects of a strut brace on a 9K.

    If you feel that your Saab still has room for improvement, a strut bar could help. Sounds kind of Christmassy too. Strut brace, a fine word.

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    Fire extinguishing system from Skandix ?? Strut brace?

    Great action, thank you very much! I will order “Saab” soul warmers today.

    Perhaps the community also has a tip on a topic that has interested me for a long time. Although I'm definitely not an overly cautious character, it would be the ultimate nightmare if one of my irreplaceable Saab treasures went up in flames. I myself have often seen burning cars on the autobahn. This morning a Mercedes AMG crashed on the A1 between HH and HL on the exit and burned trapped in its car - horrible! It doesn't have to be that bad right away, but it would be better to prevent the fire as soon as it starts, if it starts in the engine compartment, like most fires. That's why I've been toying with this system for a long time:

    Does anyone have experience with it? Or is that total nonsense? I would be VERY happy about your feedback! Thank you very much! 🙂

    And what to think of the strut brace (Nikolausi offer). Sensible or nonsense?

    Greetings to all Saab fans and have a nice Advent (despite everything this year)! 🙂

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