What happened if? Saab X_Ray Vision by Anders Warming

Oh, Saab. The brand won't let go. She is missing. There are people who want to see new Saab on the streets again. Designer Anders Warming looked into the brand. He asked himself what would be if Saab still existed. What could the vehicles of the iconic brand look like?

So what if Saab still existed?
So what if Saab still existed?

Warming is different

The Danish designer was born in 1972. He worked for Ford, then for BMW and for Mini. The exterior design of the BMW Z4 (2002) was one of his early designs for Bayern. He later shaped the appearance of the brand between 2009 and 2013 with the X1, X3 and X5 as well as other models. The third generation of the Mini, including the convertible, Clubman and Countryman, was also developed under his responsibility.

A spectacular design in 2017 was the Borgward Isabella Concept. It could have ushered in a new design direction at Borgward and a return to old elegance.

Saab X_RayVision

What if Saab still existed? In order to be able to answer the question seriously, you have to free yourself from conventions. And thinking that rolled off the conveyor belt 10 years ago. The times have changed.

Radical, and when it comes to radicalism, they have always been good at Saab. To question things, to redefine them, that was a classic Saab discipline. Warming successfully breaks free. His Saab vision is refreshingly different. The Saab X_Ray design combines tradition and minimalism.

Warming also brings the traditional logo out of the drawer with the airplane. He designs a minimalist front, brings a side front that consists almost entirely of glass, with unheard-of views and a double door. The double doors open at 90 degrees and they fold. That creates space in parking lots and could really be one of those ingenious ideas from Göta Älv. The door sills to the interior play again with the traditional aircraft, as the Swedes did with the 9-5 Series 1.

The rear end with a massive C-pillar takes up the Saab style again, but dispenses with glass in the end. This creates a feeling of security in the back seats.

The materials are simple and authentic. There is a steering wheel, very traditional. And Warming does not pack the Saab X_Ray design with screens and multimedia. The driver receives essential information. Not more. Somebody understood Saab.

Warming design

Anders Warming is currently out of the business with the really big brands. BMW, Mini, Borgward. Interesting concepts and vehicles that have shaped everyday automotive life and still do. Now Warming Design in Munich-Grünwald. The own design studio, whose main client is supposed to be Chinese brands.

This includes Evergrande Auto, the owner of NEVS and the old Saab factory in Trollhättan.

With images from Warming Design

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    Accessible (@ Ken-Daniel)

    You see people with different degrees of walking disabilities and other limitations of the musculoskeletal system everywhere.
    You struggle to get from or to one of the seats, sometimes get help from a (fellow) driver.

    I am not an expert on the subject, but my impression is that low seating positions are a hindrance and conventional doors are even helpful because they are often used for support.

    Cars with a moderately raised seating position are therefore very popular with older people. Also an easily accessible trunk for the rollator or wheelchair. This has earned some models the reputation of being a retired car. For example the Golf Plus or the old A-Class.

    Long story short. I can't see how this warming could sensibly address the needs of people with musculoskeletal disabilities, or that it even wanted to.

    Foldable handles on both sides of the B-pillar (if there were one) would be an idea that would definitely help many people getting in or out of the front or back.
    But they would also be a contribution to the pensioner's image, which manufacturers shy away from as much as the devil shy away from holy water. This can be clearly seen in the history of the A-Class.

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    For God's sake, what did that boy ride? The front and rear look like they are from two different cars. Not even the design of the wheel arches fits together. Has anyone simply tinkered a windowless future SAAB rear onto their existing design?
    For me, that is exactly not SAAB DNA: A collection of impractical and unrealistic design gags.

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    Maybe it's even a little more than the answer to the question of what a current Saab could look like.

    This is how Hengchi 1 could look like, for example, if Anders Warming hadn't had design specifications from Evergrande. Since it should be clear to him that his Hengchi 1 design has been optimized for Asian tastes, this design shows how he would have made a design for Europe.

    He has already shown some of the glass surfaces in his earlier designs, but the transparent doors here remind me a little of Sango from NEVS. The plus his development of Saab design is somehow aimed at NEVS and maybe the Koenigsegg joint venture.

    The fact that he designed it as a rather extreme design study, instead of a near-series concept, suggests that it is unlikely that such a Hengchi 1 derivative is possible.
    On the other hand, he may know that a design line for Europe and North America is also being considered, and that is how he starts talking.

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    Interesting studies, depending on the height, such doors might also help wheelchair users, as you can see with the Model X.

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    Do we think so practically? This is a dream, not a real model that needs to be made directly. Maybe a prototype and we all know that these prototypes are always changed.
    I think this design by Anders Warming is really great and it shows that Anders thinks very modernist.
    The ideas that Saab presented at the time for self-driving cars have already been adopted by other brands.
    Let's continue dreaming and ask Anders that he wants to feed these traumas regularly.

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    Ulrich, I think the design is absolutely excellent, something is finally moving that could become an absolute hit with a hydrogen-powered drive under the SAAB brand. That reminds me a little of the design of the Citroën C9 planned a few years ago, which I cut out while sitting on the plane and kept it to this day. But unfortunately never came on the market.

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    I just don't like these giant wheels, far too many wheels and too little rubber.

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    Oh dear, then the footwell and the seats always have to be tidy (empty), you can't just throw your handbag and other stuff on the passenger seat and the mini-skirt shouldn't be too short either. Uuuu impractical!

    But the waiver of flat screen etc. is pleasing and - as Volvaab rightly states - it is nice that Saab still inspires longings, fantasies and creativity, even outside of the committed Saab driver scene. Saab is missing - but something!

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    Well, all the other reports on NEVS and EVERGRANDE don't exactly make optimism blossom. But I find this one remarkable. Assuming EVERGRANDE carries out its concept in China (the usual e-car design that was presented also fits there) the next step would be to serve old Europe and the western world. And that's even typical for SAAB! The evolution of the 9-5NG is recognizable, the glass is a design cracker that does not come in the series and the SAAB study grins friendly from the screen like my 9-7x and 9-5NG as well as the last 9-3 all in real life also do. If the black lines on the glass still serve as a safety cage, the glass may just be a placeholder for solar panels.
    Oh, there were worse reports, thank you Tom.

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    This warming, which I cannot warm to, seems to be guided by the idea that it is in danger from behind. And exclusively.

    How you want to implement side impact protection with this design is a mystery to me - one of many that this Warming gives me. I can't reconcile the vita of the creator with this design.

    A little NG copy (rear) + student-like over-motivation in front of the rear axle, do not make the Saab of tomorrow.

    Still, nice to know that Saab still moves designers.

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    It is unbelievable that Evergrande and formerly NEVS do not want to recognize the potential of the SAAB brand, they prefer to put together a Hatschi electric all-rounder.

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