Hengchi 1 in the production version

Hengchi 1 is expected to begin mass production of Evergrande Auto in the second half of 2021. So far there have only been pictures of the concept car. New pictures show Hengchi 1 as he will run off the conveyor belt. The design is therefore close to the original Concept remained.

Hengchi 1 was drawn by Anders Warming
Hengchi 1 was drawn by Anders Warming

Hengchi 1 drew Anders Warming. The former BMW and Mini designer also presented an interesting Saab design. The X_Ray Vision anticipated what a Saab of the future might look like. Would the brand exist again. Hengchi 1 rolls forward more conventionally than the Saab.

If you didn't know about the authorship by Warming, you could mistake the design for a design by any Italian design studio. That might sound harsh, but it corresponds to reality. Because the first ever product from Evergrande Auto looks appealing, but it wears the usual fashion that all brands in Asia wear. If you were to stick Xpeng or Nio on the bow, what would be the difference? You could even write Lucid Motors, the hyped Tesla rival, on the body. Nobody would be surprised.

In general, this is exactly where the problem of the emerging electric car manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom could lie. Their products are visually as distinguishable as smartphones whose trademarks have been masked off. Maybe this is accepted in the corporate headquarters, maybe only the flat rate will soon count anyway and the design is a minor matter.

Even if you cannot discover any details that could somehow represent Hengchi specifically for a new brand, the result is pleasing. The viewer can decide for himself whether the rear or the front stands for the chocolate side. In any case, purely optically, the sedan would be suitable for the world market. So far, there has been no mention of the technology and performance data.

The design of the interior remains open. Evergrande Auto is releasing details in smaller portions in its home market, which is sure to be a smart decision. Whether Hengchi 1 will follow the trend towards many and large displays, or whether it will surprise here, remains open for the moment.

What is certain, however, is that there could be a bit of Sweden in Hengchi 1. NEVS sees itself more and more as a development location for Evergrande Auto and hopes to be able to play a bigger role in the future.

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    @ GP362

    Someone whose formerly tranquil living environment was ruined by tar sand mining, leaking oil pipelines, or fracking may have a different opinion.
    Or, to look at an even older energy source, through coal seams burning underground, of which there are also unexpectedly many.

    The bottom line is, industry always has an impact, more industry has more impact, and new industry has new impact. But that known industry is better than new industry, I don't see that.

    You're right, of course, it's mostly about business. But also with oil, coal, food, personal care products and what else I don't know. We have got used to what has been going on for years or decades, but I doubt that it was fundamentally better in the past.

    There used to be fewer people, but you can't blame the new industries for that. The classic ones are more responsible for the fact that we have become more.

    The fact that it is only about business is a problem of our economic system and not of the technology used. As long as environmental impacts are not sensibly priced in, we will always manage to turn the living conditions of a not inconsiderable part of the inhabitants of this planet, regardless of the technology, for the worse.

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    One hour 28 (@ StF),

    I don't even bother to look at this documentary. The idea of ​​doing without is valid per se. We have known that for a very, very long time.

    Vehicles of almost three tons, which perform about the same as an older car with half the weight and use of materials, cannot be the solution.

    One is not automatically catapulted into pre-industrial times if one is looking for sensible solutions.

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    Exactly these statements are made by several people in the end. The Chinese say the 5! other planets are not enough to enable the Chinese to live our way of life.

    Copper isn't evil, but it's finite. Just like other rare earths. Perhaps one should consider where to use such raw materials. Certainly not in mass consumer goods of questionable e-mobility with its excesses (e-scooters and other nonsense). A recycling of these raw materials does not take place to this day, as described with the example of wind generators. Whereby they are used comparatively sensibly there, energy generation, not consumption.

    Here an e-car with ZERO emissions is tax-exempt and coal-fired power plants are being built for it on the other side of the globe - it's still possible! I knew Tocopilla before this coal-fired power plant was built, a tranquil place where saltpeter was loaded onto large ships, partly for the country's own needs. For this purpose, German shipping companies built fast tall ships (Peking, Passat, ...) 100 years ago, but that is another topic.

    The Chinese are sitting on most of the raw materials they need and one day they will control this industry as well as solar energy, the shipbuilding industry, electronics - actually the train for Europe has already left.

    As always, it's all about business. Sorry, but again there is nothing sustainable about it, even if it has been painted green. A nasty "dirty" diesel is more efficient.

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    Whereby the report 'Umweltsünder E-Auto' is itself very tendentious and therefore sobering and exhausting.

    If you take their statements' Generators are bad ',' Copper is bad 'and' Coal electricity for lithium production is bad 'and evaluate them with the consistency warned (among other things, everyone should do without), then the statement of this report would be' Back in the pre-industrial era '!

    In my opinion, however, a lot of effort has been made not to make this statement, but instead only 'New energies are bad'! If that's not one-sided, then I don't know either.

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    The design is anything but exciting. It can be transferred to many other and western car brands, but as Franken Troll already writes, not an SUV - luckily!
    There are simply no more icons (DS or CX, E-Type, Alfa 159, individual Saab or Volvos, ...) Everything is sucked up smoothly with nasty LED gadgets and big wheels.

    But that doesn't really matter. The industry behind it and the lies that are being served to us are the real problem. There is also a sobering and "exhausting" report in the ARTE media library:


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    The design question ...

    of the hour, it is no longer a matter of whether a study, prototype or series product comes across as pleasing or even positively surprised.

    What does pleasant mean in relation to a series product? What's a positive surprise in a study?

    Even all Tesla could have a combustion engine under the hood. So far not a single EV provider has dared to break new ground in addition to propulsion. The Hengchi 1 also remains conventional and familiar in form and function. A limousine, so what?

    Studies? Its own laws have been in force here for many years. For so long that, strictly speaking, the most recent study of X or Y could and maybe should have been a traditional study ...

    Min. For a quarter of a century, the majority of all studies have been on grotesquely large rims and wheels with almost no air or rubber. Most of them also have a white or at least very bright interior. Why is that and why isn't it mainstream or at least a series?

    Because it's just a lot of crap and we're a lot further. The tire (an air-filled tire) has not caught on for no reason. So why studies that come back on 200-year-old carriage wheels?

    And who wants a white interior that is reflected in the windshield and quickly becomes unsightly?

    Right, nobody wants that and that's why nobody builds it. And that's exactly why we see these and other, long-traditional ingredients again in the most recent study. Last here and yesterday. And we reliably say "Oh" and "Ah" because it's very different from the series ...

    What we really need, however, is not study number three thousand four hundred and eighty-seven for the sedan, but a handful of fresh ideas for the car of the future.

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    There is a lot in the X-Ray, or vice versa. Even this car does not look like a single cut, I feel that way with many ... and I found it particularly with most of the SAAB: that was * a * comprehensibly designed piece of vehicle. Not “we have the front here” and “we do the side” and “we think of it for the rear”. And so it is again a product that I would not look at any longer, and where the reverse “form follows function” (if the design should not have come first) does not work, for example when I look at the rear end presumably horrific view and assessability to look backwards.

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    Oh, I think that's a little unfair, does a Porsche Taycan look fundamentally different, more specific, more distinctive?

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    Is nice. Tom once wrote that boring's little sister was nice. I don't find anything exciting about Hengchi 1, everything has been seen somewhere else in a similar way. Warming only delivers what Evergrande orders. So it's not up to the designer.

    After all, no SUV to start with. That alone is almost extraordinary.

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