Traditional luxury - the interior of Hengchi 1

Evergrande Auto wants to get the auto industry moving with the Hengchi brand. Expectations are high, but there is no revolution. But not the surprise. In the interior, Hengchi 1 is traditional and spoiled with luxury that is reminiscent of the heyday of the Empire. We rub our eyes in amazement.

Hengchi 1 with ultra-vision glass dome and displays for the rear passengers
Hengchi 1 with ultra-vision glass dome and displays for the rear passengers

There are always surprising things coming from China. Especially when it comes to cars, and in the variety of young Chinese brands, you can also discover futuristic ideas. So there was already some tension in relation to Hengchi 1. What would the interior look like?

And we discovered traditional luxury

Evergrande CEO and main shareholder Xu Jiayin inspected Hengchi 1 in the ultra-luxury version, and obviously thought it was good. First pictures show luxury - in a surprisingly traditional setting. The interior is reminiscent of a large Jaguar or a Mercedes. If you fancy English or European premium vehicles, you might be able to make friends with Hengchi 1. Of course, in our opinion it is one serving too much of everything, but one should be cautious about judgment.

This is about China and a variant for this market. And there is too much of everything just enough.

Three monitors form the dashboard, two more are available to passengers in the rear. The control as a three-way or five-way screen should be patented and a world first, which offers users a special driving or multimedia experience. Of course, Hengchi 1 is fully networked with dual 5G via Baidu and the Tencent Cloud.

The seats are lavishly covered with fine leather, 18-way electrically adjustable and equipped with a massage function. An ultra-vision glass dome arches over the heads of the passengers, which presumably holds a number of gadgets ready for use. Among other things, a high-end audio system from British production ensures well-being on board. It could be from Bowers & Wilkins.

Luxury in the D segment

You won't find anything exciting or visionary in the interior of Hengchi 1. Instead, you get a dish made from tradition and high-tech, which in a defused and perfected form would also be suitable for Europe or North America. That is surprising. A certain external elegance cannot be denied to the vehicle, with all the disadvantages this entails. Because the headroom in the rear seats does not seem to be too generous.

For the D segment, which also includes an Opel Insignia or a Saab 9-5 NG, Hengchi 1 offers many luxurious options. Before mass production, you will still have to work on the processing and the fits. There is plenty of room for perfection and some details do not yet fit into the envisaged luxury class.

10 thoughts on "Traditional luxury - the interior of Hengchi 1"

  • @ Hans S.,

    I am completely with you there. Politically and economically a lot is being forced upon us.
    Do we even want that or not? Who cares?

  • @ Volvaab Driver, it's really absurd what is being promoted. If I watch programs like Frontal21 on TV, I might throw up. The swarm of stupidity or audacity of the people cannot be beat. But it seems to me that we only have washcloths as politicians. (I'm a Swiss living in D, but it's not a bit better in CH).

    And as already written, I just fear that this will gradually be forced upon all of us, even though we don't want it at all!

  • The driver becomes a passenger… now an integral part of the new strategy of many manufacturers. Can you be convinced of it and follow the trend or simply continue to appreciate CONTROL of an analog vehicle or a vehicle that is not so crammed with technology. 😉 Due to my job, I move in both worlds, but I don't want to swap my beloved turbos for any smart and We-Love-to-Entertain-You vehicle.

  • Ecological waiver car

    Wonderful word creation by Bergsaab. That's exactly what I would wish for ...

    If we want to save the world, or at least no longer want to expect so much from it, we have to rethink things thoroughly.

    For me, one of the smartest cars ever built is the Duett (PV 445 / PV 210). The station wagon version of the humpback volvo was so useful that it outlived the humpback by several years and remained in production until 1969. Also at the request of the Swedish authorities.

    With a dead weight of only around 1.000 kg, up to 650 kg and two cubic meters of cargo and / or up to 5 people could be transported.

    The world has never had a car like this before and has never seen it again since. For me, this is still a benchmark today, especially in ecological terms.

    If the emission-free electric motor is only used as an excuse to rock entertainment, massage chairs and other electronic waste in units weighing almost 3 tons without any utility or necessity, then we A have no serious transport need, B unlimited space and resources and C apparently otherwise no environmental problems.

    I am not a denier of climate change or other environmental problems. On the contrary. And that's why it just disgusts me with all of this. Government funding and absurdly cheap flat rates included ...

  • Oh, how beautiful! 5G and a direct mobile connection to the Chinese surveillance dictatorship are also on board! Very practical, who or whose paths and contacts do not like, can be switched off or off forever (I don't mean the car). Very handy for the human rights criminals!

  • No thanks - China Trash with a minimum shelf life of 3 years and state surveillance by the great chairman ... then I prefer to take the bus 🙂
    In view of the fact that the GREENS and wind turbines want to be everywhere and that forests and meadows will fall victim to the new need for living space and solar panels, it is no longer justifiable for me from an ecological point of view to buy an e-car and choose my combustion engine (SAAB) to go further and further ... and further ... much further.
    It is possible that an "old-established brand" will at some point have the brains and continue the legacy of SAAB (fully including philosophy) as a vehicle manufacturer - similar to what BMW did with Mini, but this light has not yet dawned on them because of the Rover fiasco ... But SAAB is not a Rover ...

  • I have two questions:

    Who wants that?

    Who is still driving the car with all this distraction?

    I will drive analog as long as possible. My fear, however, is that this beautiful, new car world will be forced upon us by the “market” and by politics.

  • I think people are more likely to be persuaded that it has to be. Then that's how people want it

  • I am always amazed that so many people supposedly want that in their cars.
    (Or is that more the desire of the automotive & and also the "advertising / consumer" industry?)

  • Well, who knows the real estate people knows that everything must be high quality and luxurious. On the other hand, Tesla also worked to attack in the high price segment. Maybe it's really the attack on the German luxury brands, because you don't stand a chance with an eco-friendly car. Well, I'm curious how and if it goes on!

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