Saab, Saab or Saab - the way back

For those of you who haven't read my previous posts, “What Happened So Far”. So my very first car was a used Saab 99 GL and consequently my second was a brand new Saab 900 GL. Of course, once Saab, always Saab. Almost. Both cars that I or my wife drove until it was unfortunately no longer possible with reasonable effort.

Saab 9-3 - of course in black
Saab 9-3 - of course in black

Then followed - because Saab was GM at the time - a brand-new Fiat Uno as a city car and a Volvo 1800 ES that was driven a little as a leisure activity and finally a brand new Alfa Romeo Giulia until its rusty end of life.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia 156 was a lot of driving fun for 155 kilometers until it went the way of almost all Italians and slowly crumbled under the bare bones.

Now what?

Especially since there were no more new Alfas in heavenly Celeste named Azzuro Tazio Nuvolari. I even called Turin because I once read in a brochure that all Alfas could be ordered in all corporate colors, and since the Fiat 500 was still available in this light blue at that time ...

As a copywriter at the time, I naively believed what one of my colleagues had written. In short, there wasn't. Niente da fare. And so there was no longer me as an Alfa driver. Because, if the color of my choice isn't even available to this day, I certainly won't take the risk of rusting.

Can you order an Alfa Romeo in a Fiat color? Unfortunately only an advertising promise. No reality.
Can you order an Alfa Romeo in a Fiat color? Unfortunately only an advertising promise. No reality.

But, as it is, as you get older you start to remember your youth. Where everything was supposedly better.

So back to Saab.

Fortunately, Saab had already broken away from GM and was thus an option again. Lo and behold, a used Saab sedan 9-3 II was there at the Saab dealer in front of the showroom at an interesting price. Color black, which always looks good on a Saab, and not yet metallized, which I have never liked. And since I always preferred 2-liter engines and front-wheel drive, I was a Saab driver again a day later, despite the unpopular automatic and leather interior.

By the way, I got 500 francs for the sad little group of Alfa.

The Saab 9-3 II turned out to be an extremely comfortable touring car with great seating comfort and all the trimmings. The automatic transmission was, as expected, a relief for the left leg in the city and in traffic jams, but the switchgear when you actually don't want it is rather annoying.

Of course, I could also use the steering wheel paddles to shift gears, but that's not quite the truth, even if that's how things are shifted in Formula 1. And the leather seats? Well, in summer you stick with your back soaking wet on the seat despite the air conditioning and in winter you freeze the first few kilometers. And when the seat heating really starts to work, you have to be careful that you turn it off in good time, otherwise there will be fried eggs, if you can write this here.

I never really understood why leather should be so much better.

Perhaps more elegant, but certainly not more functional.

But the 9-3 II wasn't exactly my dream car. Every time I saw a Saab convertible on the roadside, my heart rate increased and I configured the convertible I wanted on the Saab website. I would have loved to have had a dark blue convertible with black leather seats (there was no fabric) and a brown top.

Well, brown soft top was not actually intended in this color combination, but in my opinion it gives the Saab convertible a bold look like a Ford Mustang in the 70s. Respectively, because on the one hand the around 000 francs were not simply paid out of the postage and on the other hand in the meantime, you know, Saab unfortunately no longer existed.

But the thought didn't let me go ...

What's next on the way back? The final on Friday in part 2.

Text: Gigi

Pictures: Saab Automobile (1), FCA (1)

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  • I'm also curious how it goes on.

  • Thank you Gigi

    For me, the reader's contributions are the salt in the (but also otherwise and always tasty) soup ...

    And seeing you again is a pleasure. By the way, I almost mentioned the P1800 in one of my last comments. It was about the sonnet. In my opinion, the P1800 is clearly the better & more attractive car. But I wouldn't have aimed at that ...

    On the contrary, I would have used it as a (parade) example of how other brands also realized “sports cars” at the same time as Saab based on serially used engines, transmissions and Bremen. Because both have in common and it would have helped to save the honor of the sonnet if it was also attached to this beautiful example.

  • Written nicely.

  • I fully understand the desire for a dark blue convertible, but not at all for black leather seats. Back then I had been looking for a demonstration car for a long time to get hold of one with sand-colored leather.

    You only need to leave the open convertible in the sun for a quarter of an hour to get to the fried eggs mentioned above (- if you can write that here 😉

  • An active motorist's life with good taste! My Italian car passion lived out with Lancia, or is still alive.

    I'm looking forward to the sequel.

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