Hardly a kilometer, first hand, rare - the charm of garage gold

The hunt for old cars is exciting. The garage gold everyone dreams of comes first-hand, is rare and has a few kilometers on the speedometer. Of course, there is always a certain risk lurking in the background. But isn't that what makes the matter so appealing?

Garage gold

I suspect almost everyone has experienced the situation before. You are looking for a car for months. A certain make, a certain color and engine. Of course, exactly what you are looking for is not often represented. If you are about to give up in frustration, you will find exactly that one car.

The price is right, so is the condition and you have already spoken to the seller on the phone. And then, when you are quite sure of your cause, something unexpected comes up. The car is gone. I once did this with an Alfa. An extremely rare color, a difficult search, and I had to turn around on the way to the car and cancel.

The matter follows me to this day.

The Saab 9000 CC Turbo has become quite rare. The first generation is rare. After being ignored by fans for many years, interest in the vehicles is now increasing noticeably. In principle hardly a miracle, because it was only the question of when it would finally be so far that was in the room. It was always clear that interest would increase.

Swedish garage gold in Belgium

In Belgium, a Saab 9000 CC Turbo wants to leave its garage. It is offered on a well-known platform and has the potential to become garage gold and is a typical private sale.


The pictures of the car are of poor quality and the seller is very careful with the number of photos. What you discover is at least one Saab 9000 CC Turbo, which could be in good or very good condition. The word “could” has some meaning because the Garagengold adventure leaves enough room for interpretation.

Otherwise it wouldn't be an adventure.

The mileage is seductively low, even if the image of the speedometer projects one or two thoughts into the room. In any case, it should be verifiable, which should be checked. Of course, to round off the story, this Saab has had a single owner since it left the factory in Sweden in 1987.

The equipment is very good, as far as the few pictures and the sparse description allow an assessment. Leather, automatic, sunroof but no automatic air conditioning. Maybe air conditioning, which is not clearly visible. The price idea would be okay if the description and what it suggests are correct.

The 9000 CC Turbo remains a garage gold adventure, of course. A treasure that you can raise if you have the courage to do so.

But precisely that, the imponderability, is what makes this story so attractive.

With images from Autoscout24

3 thoughts on "Hardly a kilometer, first hand, rare - the charm of garage gold"

  • Fast car, fast buyer

    With the mileage (<40.000) and this price (<9.000) even I would have pondered. I don't like the CC that much. The successor embodies the inner values ​​of the CC so wonderfully and beautifully that it is clearly my favorite.

    But apparently one shouldn't hesitate long with such an offer. And when you drive it, the external appearance and values ​​are not particularly itchy. Everything is right inside. Seats, fittings, engine - drivers can't fault much about this Saab ...

  • It's already gone ... One of them was really quick!

    • @Harro Wow - he was online for a little over 48 hours - that's fast.

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