Surprise of the year - Saab 99 Turbo from DNA

There are model cars that are more or less eagerly awaited. The Saab 99 Turbo that DNA Collectibles launched this year did not belong to this category. My expectations were not particularly high, I was more interested in the Saab 9000 model. A mistake, it turns out.

A surprise - Saab 99 Turbo from DNA Collectibles
A surprise - Saab 99 Turbo from DNA Collectibles

Loyal readers know that I like to use family reactions as an indicator. Saab 99 and 9000 arrived here on the same shipment. The 9000 Spontaneously got a “good”, the 99 Turbo a “wow”. Why is that?

Saab 99 Turbo 1:18

It is worth taking a look, and it shows the charm of the 99. While the 9000 Aero is a youngtimer on the way to becoming a classic and still looks a bit modern and therefore bland, the 99 Turbo is a representative of the charming old days. As brutal as it sounds, that's the truth.

Then there are those nice, little details that only the 99 has to offer and that occupy the eye. The front spoiler seems to have been firmly pegged afterwards, as was done at Saab at that time. A signal horn peeks out from under the bumper, the air inlets are modeled on the original.

In the interior, the boost pressure indicator is enthroned on top of the dashboard and looks like wild hardware store tuning. Which it is not, but was placed there ex works. The colors of the interior are slightly sloping as they were at that time, the design of the seats is right and the headrests at the back and front are noticeable. In the sky you can see the sunroof, the interior lighting and many details of the original.

Give yourself something for Christmas

It is a pleasure to go on a voyage of discovery, also because a lot has been done very meticulously and with a good hand. The mud flap with Saab lettering hangs on the body as flexibly as on the real 99 Turbo, the Inka rims are just beautiful and the prominent Turbo lettering on the flanks is loved.

The limited edition Saab 99 Turbo models are still included DNA collectibles available. With the code "XMAS10" there should be a discount of 10% when ordering. If you feel like giving yourself something for Christmas, you should do it.

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    DNA Collectibles actually makes pretty nice models.
    But I hope that not only 1:18 but also 1:34 is offered. Otherwise I don't have enough space in my office :).

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    Just join me in Robert & Schwarzer Swede

    Without wanting to revive the rim discussion, it should be noted how cool I find the original, its model and the turbo tribute from NEVS ...

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    The car is awesome, both in 1: 1 and 1:18!
    Christmas greetings to all of you ...

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